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Hariwali and the wonderful tree120
The story of Haburi122
The adventures of Kororomanna126
The sun, the frog, and the firesticks (Warrau)130
The sun, the frog, and the firesticks (Carib)133
The sun, the frog, and the firesticks (Makusi)135
The origin of the Caribs (Warrau)143
The origin of the Caribs (Carib)144
The first fruit trees (Arawak)146
The first fruit trees (Carib)147
The man with a bad temper150
The sorcerer's daughter151
The idiot who wanted to fly166
The Maihisikiri changes the woman into a bush spirit172
The man who always hunted scrub-turkey173
The shrewd little boy and the hebu174
The spirit's brain and the goat-sucker175
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The mutilated husband is made whole177
How pain, misery, and death came into the world179
Why the drink turned sour180
Why children become sick and cry181
The woman killed by her husband's spirit182
The result of stealing other people's property183
The man changed into a beast184
The man who dined after dark184
How the haimara came to have such fine big eyes185
The wrong rattle, the bush-hog, and the baby186
The killing of the bush spirit and his wife188
The woman kills the hebu189
The bush spirit and the pregnant woman189
The contented and happy son-in-law190
The bush spirit tricked while hunting frogs191
Mawári and tobacco smoke192
The bush spirit with big ideas193
The woman who mimicked the bush spirit194
The danger of associating with spirits195
The rain-frog wife198
The honey-bee son-in-law199
The man who was changed into a powis201
The stolen child202
The tiger changed into a woman203
The woman in love with a sloth204
Why honey is so scarce now204
The man who claimed the tiger's meal205
The woman who battled with two tigers205
The man with a vulture wife206
The man with a baboon wife209
The disobedient son killed by a tiger210
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched211
The biter bit211
How alligator came to have his present shape212
How the birds obtained their distinctive markings212
The deer and the turtle212
Black tiger, wau-uta, and the broken arrow213
The story of Adaba215
Why the Indians killed Black Tiger215
Bravery rewarded with a wife216
Why Black Tiger killed the Indians217
Bá-mu [Bahmoo] and the frog218
How the man fooled the tiger218
The search for the stone ax220
The Huri Fish Nation220
How the ant-eater fooled the man220
How the Indians learned to paddle221
The big bats221
The magic boat222
The Amazons222
The country of the stone adzes223
How turtle fooled the Yawarri223
How the turtle tricked the tiger223
Tiger and ant-eater225
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How birds got their present plumage225
Hunting is no part of woman's work226
How the tapir punished the Indian226
The turtle and the aruresso bird226
Sisters bush-cow (tapir) and water-cow (manati)227
The first makuari whips228
The spirit of the rot saves the young woman231
The ite palm and the mora tree232
The piai in the water spirit's belly244
Sisters porpoise and sea-cow245
The fisherman's water-jug and potato245
How the water spirit got the man's wife from him247
How the water woman secured a landsman for husband248
The moon-sick girl and the water spirit (Carib)248
The moon-sick girl and the water spirit (Warrau)249
How sickness and death came into the world250
Amanna and her talkative husband251
The story of Okoó-hi255
How the moon got his dirty face256
The legend of Bat Mountain259
The babracote and camudi261
The legend of the Seven Stars262
The story of Nohi-abassi263
The legend of Serikoai265
The Woman of the Dawn266
The obstinate girl who refused the old man272
How the little boy escaped from the Caribs273
The night-owl and his bat brothers-in-law276
The candle-fly saved the lost hunter277
The wife teaches her husband to hunt279
The bina, the resurrected father, and the bad girl286
The baboon cough292
"Shut your eyes and wish"301
The lucky pot302
Honey-bee and the sweet drinks305
A warning to wives316
The broken egg323
The little bush child326
The hummingbird with tobacco for the first piai334
Komatari, the first medicine-man336
Saved by a dream342
The medicine-man and the carrion Crows343
The story of Koneso (Brer Rabbit)372
The woman and the serpent Oroli378
The piai and the Earthquake People378
How the lazy man was cured380
Always be content380
The old woman who died of shame381
The man who interfered with his brother's wife381
The old blind man who wanted a woman382
How we beat the Caribs383