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CHAPTER I.No evidence of belief in a Supreme Being117
II.Tribal heroes120
III.Traces of spirit, idol, and fetish cult137
IV.Creation of man, plants, and animals141
V.The body and its associated spirits149
VI.Dreams; idiocy165
VII.Familiar spirits167
VIII.The spirits of the bush: Natural history170
IX.The spirits of the bush: Animals as sentient human beings199
X.The spirits of the bush: Associated with particular plants228
XI.The spirits of the mountain235
XII.The spirits of the water241
XIII.The spirits of the sky254
XIV.Omens, charms, talismans271
XV.Restrictions on game and food, vision, arts and crafts, nomenclature292
XVI.Sexual life308
XVII.The medicine-man327
XVIII.Kanaima; the invisible or broken arrow354
XIX.Miscellaneous Indian beliefs concerning men and animals363
XX.Animism and folk-tales of recent introduction; mixed foreign and indigenous beliefs372
XXI.Miscellaneous folk-lore, independent of animism380