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Eighteen Treatises from the Mishna, by D. A. Sola and M. J. Raphall, [1843], at

p. 357


Contains regulations for purifying the hands from uncleanness. These regulations rest entirely on the authority of tradition, or the oral law, as no commandment of the Pentateuch is quoted or adduced in their support by the Mishna. In order to eat bread baked of Cholin, 1 the hands must undergo ablution up to the wrist; the quantity of water to be used for this purpose must not be less than a quarter of a lug. 2 In order to eat Teroomah 3 of any kind, the hands, in addition to this first ablution, must undergo another one: hence they are respectively called the first and second ablution: the last named does not absolutely require a quarter of a lug of water.

The third chapter of the Treatise points out certain objects that render the hands [legally] unclean. The last chapter treats of various subjects, and also mentions some objections advanced by the Sadducees, and how the Tanaim [sages of the Mishna] met these objections.


357:1 Non-consecrated food, used by any man.

357:2 The lug is equal to five eggs, a quarter-lug equals one and a quarter egg.

357:3 Consecrated food, used by the priests and their household.

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