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Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer. Index
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Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer.

Section 6

51. Inna lanansuru rusulana waallatheena amanoo fee alhayati alddunya wayawma yaqoomu al-ashhadu

51. We will, without doubt,
Help Our apostles and those
Who believe, (both)
In this world's life
And on the Day
When the Witnesses
Will stand forth,—

52. Yawma la yanfaAAu alththalimeena maAAthiratuhum walahumu allaAAnatu walahum soo-o alddari

52. The Day when no profit
Will it be to Wrong-doers
To present their excuses,
But they will (only) have
The Curse and the Home
Of Misery.

53. Walaqad atayna moosa alhuda waawrathna banee isra-eela alkitaba

53. We did aforetime give Moses
The (Book of) Guidance,
And We gave the Book
In inheritance to the Children
Of Israel,—

54. Hudan wathikra li-olee al-albabi

54. A Guide and a Message
To men of understanding.

55. Faisbir inna waAAda Allahi haqqun waistaghfir lithanbika wasabbih bihamdi rabbika bialAAashiyyi waal-ibkari

55. Patiently, then, persevere:
For the Promise of God
Is true: and ask forgiveness
For thy fault, and celebrate
The Praises of thy Lord
In the evening
And in the morning.

56. Inna allatheena yujadiloona fee ayati Allahi bighayri sultanin atahum in fee sudoorihim illa kibrun ma hum bibaligheehi faistaAAith biAllahi innahu huwa alssameeAAu albaseeru

56. Those who dispute
About the Signs of God
Without any authority
Bestowed on them,—there is
Nothing in their breasts
But (the quest of) greatness,
Which they shall never
Attain to: seek refuge,
Then, in God: it is He
Who hears and sees (all things).

57. Lakhalqu alssamawati waal-ardi akbaru min khalqi alnnasi walakinna akthara alnnasi la yaAAlamoona

57. Assuredly the creation
Of the heavens
And the earth
Is a greater (matter)
Than the creation of men:
Yet most men understand not.

58. Wama yastawee al-aAAma waalbaseeru waallatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati wala almusee-o qaleelan ma tatathakkaroona

58. Not equal are the blind
And those who (clearly) see:
Nor are (equal) those
Who believe and work
Deeds of righteousness, and
Those who do evil.
Little do ye learn
By admonition!

59. Inna alssaAAata laatiyatun la rayba feeha walakinna akthara alnnasi la yu/minoona

59. The Hour will certainly come:
Therein is no doubt:
Yet most men believe not.

60. Waqala rabbukumu odAAoonee astajib lakum inna allatheena yastakbiroona AAan AAibadatee sayadkhuloona jahannama dakhireena

60. And your Lord says:
"Call on Me; I
Will answer your (Prayer):
But those who are
Too arrogant to serve Me
Will surely find themselves
In Hell—in humiliation!"

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