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Sūra XXI.: Anbiyāa, or The Prophets

Section 5

76. Wanoohan ith nada min qablu faistajabna lahu fanajjaynahu waahlahu mina alkarbi alAAatheemi

76. (Remember) Noah, when
He cried (to Us) aforetime:
We listened to his (prayer)
And delivered him and his
Family from great distress.

77. Wanasarnahu mina alqawmi allatheena kaththaboo bi-ayatina innahum kanoo qawma saw-in faaghraqnahum ajmaAAeena

77. We helped him against
People who rejected Our Signs:
Truly they were a people
Given to Evil: so We
Drowned them (in the Flood)
All together.

78. Wadawooda wasulaymana ith yahkumani fee alharthi ith nafashat feehi ghanamu alqawmi wakunna lihukmihim shahideena

78. And remember David
And Solomon, when they
Gave judgment in the matter
Of the field into which
The sheep of certain people
Had strayed by night:
We did witness their judgment.

79. Fafahhamnaha sulaymana wakullan atayna hukman waAAilman wasakhkharna maAAa dawooda aljibala yusabbihna waalttayra wakunna faAAileena

79. To Solomon We inspired
The (right) understanding
Of the matter: to each
(Of them) We gave Judgment
And Knowledge; it was
Our power that made
The hills and the birds
Celebrate Our praises,
With David: it was We
Who did (all these things).

80. WaAAallamnahu sanAAata laboosin lakum lituhsinakum min ba/sikum fahal antum shakiroona

80. It was We Who taught him
The making of coats of mail
For your benefit, to guard
You from each other's violence:
Will ye then be grateful?

81. Walisulaymana alrreeha AAasifatan tajree bi-amrihi ila al-ardi allatee barakna feeha wakunna bikulli shay-in AAalimeena

81. (It was Our power that
Made) the violent (unruly)
Wind flow (tamely) for Solomon,
To his order, to the land
Which We had blessed:
For We do know all things.

82. Wamina alshshayateeni man yaghoosoona lahu wayaAAmaloona AAamalan doona thalika wakunna lahum hafitheena

82. And of the evil ones,
Were some who dived
For him, and did other work
Besides; and it was We
Who guarded them.

83. Waayyooba ith nada rabbahu annee massaniya alddurru waanta arhamu alrrahimeena

83. And (remember) Job, when
He cried to his Lord,
"Truly distress has seized me,
But Thou art the Most
Merciful of those that are

84. Faistajabna lahu fakashafna ma bihi min durrin waataynahu ahlahu wamithlahum maAAahum rahmatan min AAindina wathikra lilAAabideena

84. So We listened to him:
We removed the distress
That was on him,
And We restored his people
To him, and doubled
Their number,—as a Grace
From Ourselves, and a thing
For commemoration, for all
Who serve Us.

85. Wa-ismaAAeela wa-idreesa watha alkifli kullun mina alssabireena

85. And (remember) Ismā‘īl,
Idrīs, and Ẓul-kifl, all
(Men) of constancy and patience;

86. Waadkhalnahum fee rahmatina innahum mina alssaliheena

86. We admitted them to
Our Mercy: for they
Were of the Righteous ones.

87. Watha alnnooni ith thahaba mughadiban fathanna an lan naqdira AAalayhi fanada fee alththulumati an la ilaha illa anta subhanaka innee kuntu mina alththalimeena

87. And remember Ẓun-nūn,
When he departed in wrath:
He imagined that We
Had no power over him!
But he cried through the depths
Of darkness, "There is
No god but Thou:
Glory to Thee: I was
Indeed wrong!"

88. Faistajabna lahu wanajjaynahu mina alghammi wakathalika nunjee almu/mineena

88. So We listened to him:
And delivered him from
Distress: and thus do We
Deliver those who have faith.

89. Wazakariyya ith nada rabbahu rabbi la tatharnee fardan waanta khayru alwaritheena

89. And (remember) Zakarīyā,
When he cried to his Lord:
"O my Lord! leave me not
Without offspring, though Thou
Art the best of inheritors."

90. Faistajabna lahu wawahabna lahu yahya waaslahna lahu zawjahu innahum kanoo yusariAAoona fee alkhayrati wayadAAoonana raghaban warahaban wakanoo lana khashiAAeena

90. So We listened to him:
And We granted him
Yabya: We cured his wife's
(Barrenness) for him. These (three)
Were ever quick in emulation
In good works: they used
To call on Us with love
And reverence, and humble themselves
Before Us.

91. Waallatee ahsanat farjaha fanafakhna feeha min roohina wajaAAalnaha waibnaha ayatan lilAAalameena

91. And (remember) her who
Guarded her chastity:
We breathed into her
Of Our Spirit, and We
Made her and her son
A Sign for all peoples.

92. Inna hathihi ommatukum ommatan wahidatan waana rabbukum faoAAbudooni

92. Verily, this Brotherhood
Of yours is a single Brotherhood,
And I am your Lord
And Cherisher: therefore
Serve Me (and no other).

93. WataqattaAAoo amrahum baynahum kullun ilayna rajiAAoona

93. But (later generations) cut off
Their affair (of unity),
One from another: (yet)
Will they all return to Us.

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