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Consecration of FIRE.

AND likewise, in the consecration of fire, we are to commemorate that God hath created the fire to be an instrument to execute his justice, for punishment, vengeance, and the expiation of sins; also, when God comes to judge the world that he will command a conflagration of fire to go before him; likewise we are to mention that God appeared to Moses in a burning bush; and also how he went before the children of Israel in a pillar of fire; and that nothing can be duly offered, sanctified, or sacrificed, without fire; and how that God instituted fire to be kept in continually in the tabernacle of the covenant; and how miraculously he re-kindled the same, being extinct, and preserved it elsewhere from going out being hidden under the waters; and things of this sort; likewise the names of God are to be called upon which are consonant to this; as we read in the law and prophets, that God is a consuming fire; and likewise if there are any divine names which signify fire, as the glory of God, the light of God, the splendor and brightness of God,. &c.

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