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The Consecration of WATER.

SO in the consecration of water, we must commemorate that God has placed the firmament in the midst of the waters, and likewise that God placed the fountain of waters in the earthly paradise, from whence sprang four holy rivers that watered the whole earth; likewise we are to remember that God caused the waters to be an instrument of his justice in destroying the giants, by bringing on the deluge which covered the face of the whole earth; and in the overthrow of the host of Pharaoh in the Red Sea, and that God led the children of Israel through on dry land, and through the midst of the river Jordan, and likewise his marvellously drawing water out of the stony rock in the wilderness; and that, at the prayer of Samson, he caused water to flow out of the jaw-bone of an ass; and likewise that God has made water the instrument of his mercy and salvation for the expiation of original sin; also that Christ was baptized in the river Jordan, and hath thereby sanctified and cleansed the waters. Likewise certain divine names are to be invocated which are conformable hereto; as, that God is a living fountain, living water, the fountain of mercy, and names of the like sort.

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