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SOMETHING more we will add, before we dismiss the present subject, which is that if a nail, dart, knife, or sword, or any other iron instrument be thrust into the heart of a horse, it will bind and withhold the spirit of a witch, and conjoin it with the mummial spirit of the horse, whereby they may be burnt in the fire together, and by that the witch is tormented, as by a sting or burning, by which means she may be known so that she who is offensive to God, and destructive to mortal men, may be taken away from society according to the law of God "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live;" for if the work be limited to any outward object, that work the magical soul never attempts without a medium or mean: therefore it makes use of the nail, or sword, or knife, or any other thing as aforesaid.

Now this being proved, that man hath a power of acting, per nutum, or by his nod, or of moving any object remotely placed; it has also been sufficiently confirmed by the same natural example, that this efficacy was also given unto man by God.

And as every magical faculty lies dormant, and has need of excitement, or stirring up; which is always true, if the object whereon it is to act is not nearly disposed, if its internal phantasy doth not wholly confirm to the impression of the agent, or also if the patient be equal in strength, or superior to the agent therein.

But, on the contrary, where the object is plainly and nearly disposed, as steel is, for the receiving of magnetism, then the patient without much stirring up, the alone phantasy of the more outward man being drawn out to the work and bound up to any suitable mean, yields to the magnetism.

Therefore we repeat, the magician must always make use of a medium for then the words or forms of sacraments do always operate, because from

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the work performed. But the reason why exorcisms, conjurations, charms, incantations, &c. do sometimes fail of their desired effect, is because the unexcited mind, or spirit of the exorcist, renders the words dull or ineffectual.

Therefore no man can be a happy or successful magician, but him who knows how to stir up the magical virtue of his soul, or can do it practically without science.

And there can be no nearer medium of magnetism, than human blood with human blood.

And no sympathetic remedies, magnetical or attractive, but from the idea or phantasy of the operator impressing upon it a virtue and efficacy from the excited power in his own soul.

And now to bring our Magnetic Treatise to a total conclusion, we have to say, that whoever, through ignorance or obstinacy, will say there is no validity or reason, or reality in the science of magnetism, proves himself unworthy the sacred name of philosopher, because he condemns what he knows nothing at all about.

For those who will give themselves the leisure to examine the truth of those things which we have taught, will not find their expectation deceived, therefore will not condemn.

But whoever should be so superstitious as to attribute a natural effect so created by God, and bestowed on the creature, unto the power and craft of the devil, he filches the honour due to the Omnipotent Creator, and reproachfully applies the same unto Satan; the which (under favour) will be found to be express idolatry and blasphemy.

"There are three" (as says the Scripture) "who bear record in heaven; the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are only one."

There are three that bear record on earth; the blood, the spirit, and the water; and these three are only one.

We therefore, who have the like humanity, contain blood and spirit of a co-like unity; and the action of the blood is merely spiritual. Therefore, in

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[paragraph continues] Genesis, it is not called by the etymology of blood, but is made remarkable by the name of a red spirit.

Therefore, let those who would attain knowledge in these things, and be perfect in what we have set before them, constantly meditate and desire that the First Cause and Archetype of all things would graciously and mercifully illuminate their minds; without which, they grope but in darkness and uncertainty, and are subject to the delusions of impure spirits and devils, who are only to be put to flight by putting on the whole armour of God, in whom we all live, move, breathe, and have our being.


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