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BUT the celestial images, according to whose likeness images of this kind are framed, are many in the heavens; some visible arid conspicuous, others only imaginary, conceived and set down by the Egyptians, Indians, and Chaldeans; and their parts are so ordered, that even the figures of some of them are distinguished from others; for this reason they place in the circle of the Zodiac twelve general images, according to the number of the signs; of these, they constituting Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, for the fiery and oriental triplicity, report that it is profitable against fevers, palsy, dropsy, gout, and all cold and phlegmatic infirmities; and that it makes him who carries it to bc acceptable, eloquent, ingenious and honourable; because they are the houses of Mars, Sol, and Jupiter. They made, also, the image of a lion against melancholy phantasies, dropsy, plague and fevers, and to expel diseases; at the hour of the Sun, the first degree of the sign Leo ascending, which is the face and decanate of Jupiter; but against the stone, and diseases of the reins, and against hurts of beasts, they made the same image when Sol, in the heart of the lion, obtained the midst of heaven. And again, because Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, do constitute the ærial and occidental triplicity, and are the houses of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, they are said to put to flight diseases, to conduce to friendship and concord, to prevail against melancholy, and to cause health; and they report that Aquarius especially frees from the quartan. Also, that Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, because they constitute the watery and northern triplicity, do prevail against hot and dry fevers, also against the hectic, and all choleric passions; but Scorpio, because among the members it respects the privy parts, doth provoke to lust; but these did frame it for this purpose, his third face ascending, which belongs to Venus; and they made the same, against serpents and scorpions, poisons and evil spirits, his second face ascending, which is the face of the Sun, and decanate of


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Jupiter; and they report that it maketh him who carries it wise, of a good colour; and they say that the image of Cancer is most efficacious against serpents and poison, when Sol and Luna are in conjunction in it, and ascend in the first and third face; for this is the face of Venus, and the decanate of Luna; but the second face of Luna the decanate of Jupiter. They report, also, that serpents are tormented when the Sun is in Cancer; also, that Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, because they constitute the earthly and southern triplicity, do cure hot infirmities, and prevail against the synocal fever; it makes those who carry it grateful, acceptable, eloquent, devout and religious; because they are the houses of Venus, Mars, and Saturn, Capricorn also is reported to keep men in safety, and also places in security, because it is the exaltation of Mars.

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