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These advertisements were included at the end of the book, Cellular Cosmogony. They are included for completeness--JBH.

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The Immortal Manhood

Deals with the laws and processes of attainment of immortality in the flesh through the office and function of the Messiah. There can be no attainment of immortality without the God-appointed Messiah, the Messenger of the Covenant. The Messiah is the advance fruit, and it is through the raising up of this fruit, and its final absorption into the mental consciousness of the invisible Deities, that the eternal cycle is perpetuated, and the Sons of God are manifest. Perfect obedience to the laws which the Messiah enunciates is absolutely essential for the attainment of physical immortality. Therefore, the perusal of this work is that of the student who thinks and reasons along the line of Universology, as set forth by the Author (KORESH), and not according to preconceived notions. The climax of arch-natural being is physical immortality, and its goal eternal life.

Address, Guiding Star Publishing House, Estero, Fla.

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The Flaming Sword


Devoted to religio-scientific, sociological, political, and other pertinent subjects of vital interest to humanity. It discusses all the great issues of the day, and presents the doctrines of Koreshanity, termed by its illustrious Founder, the Science of Universology. THE FLAMING SWORD is the only exponent of the great truth that the universe is a comparatively stationary concave cell, about 8,000 miles in diameter, with the people, sun, moon, planets, and stars on the inside, the whole constituting the only physical universe in existence.

Subscription, $1.00 a year, published monthly; on the inside of the cover are given "Some of the Fundamental Principles of Koreshan Universology." Send 10 cents for a copy.

Address, Guiding Star Publishing House, Estero, Fla.