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Letter CCCXLI.

 Libanius to Basil.

You have not yet ceased to be offended with me, and so I tremble as I write.  If you p. 323 have cared, why, my dear sir, do you not write?  If you are still offended, a thing alien from any reasonable soul and from your own, why, while you are preaching to others, that they must not keep their anger till sundown, 3276 have you kept yours during many suns?  Peradventure you have meant to punish me by depriving me of the sound of your sweet voice?  Nay; excellent sir, be gentle, and let me enjoy your golden tongue.



cf. Eph. iv. 27, and the passage quoted by Alford from Plut., De Am. Frat. 488 B., to the effect that the Pythagoreans, whenever anger had caused unkindly words, shook hands before sundown, and were reconciled.

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