The Great Korana1 of Mother Goddess




Given graciously in     

the Name of Mother Goddess and Father God

but dedicated especially to Mother Goddess




1.1 Praise be to Goddess,

1.2 the Lady of all creatures;

1.3 the most gracious and merciful;

1.4 the Queen of the day of the resurrection.

1.5 We worship You, and pray to You for all our assistance.

1.6 Direct us to the perfect path of love and peace,

1.7 in the way of those to whom You have given grace;

and not in the way of those who have forgotten Your ways,

and have gone astray, into the dark and evil way.








The Cow. Sweet, Soulful and Tender2


In the name of the Goddess, the Compassionate, the Merciful, ruler of Heaven and Earth. Queen of all Creation


2.1 A.L.M.3

2.2 There is no doubt in this Good Book;

it is a direction to the pious,



2.3 the believers in the mysteries of faith;4

those who believe in prayer, and give freely to the poor,

and understand that this is a mere pittance of what was given before by Goddess to them;

2.4 those who believe in the revelations of Paradise, and of kindness and love,

and what has been sent down unto them by their foremothers,

and those who have firm assurance of this;

2.5 these are properly directed by their Lady of Light and they shall prosper.                                 

2.6 As for the nonbelievers, you will find there is not a reason to admonish them,

for they will not begin to believe from your admonishments,

but only through the plans of Goddess.

2.7 For now, they have sealed up their own hearts and hearing;

a dimness covers their seeing; and they shall suffer sadness, until they become faithful to Goddess.

2.8 There are some who will say, “We believe in Goddess and the last day;”

but they are not really believers;

2.9 they seek to deceive Goddess, and those who do believe, but they deceive only themselves,

for they have no common sense. For Goddess knows all your thoughts, your heart and your soul.

2.10 For their hearts are sick with darkness, and Goddess grieves for them,

and on the day of their resurrection, they will be greatly saddened,

when they see all the pain they caused to others, because they did not seek the light.

2.11 When they are told they should not do evil, they reply

“What are you talking about, we only want peace,”

2.12 But they do not want peace, and they only show a great desire for war and aggression.

2.13 When they are implored, “Believe as others do in Goddess,”

they respond, “Should we believe as fools believe?” Accordingly, they show themselves to be fools.

2.14 When they meet others who believe, they say, “Of course, I believe,” but in private,

they worship their devils and say they love the darkness and evil, and only mock Goddess.

2.15 Goddess only grieves for them in their impiety and they shall wander in confusion.

2.16 These are people who have purchased error at the price of true guidance;

but their endeavors will not be profitable, for they have not put their foot upon the right path.

2.17 They are like those women that kindle a fire to bring light all around them,

but when the wood burned out, they were left alone and in darkness.

2.18 The light of Goddess within burns forever and will extinguish but never.                                

2.19 Some are like those living in a great storm; when the lightening flashes, they move forward,

but when the lightening is gone, they will move backward,

2.20 and they will wander frightened, alone the dark, with all their deception, anxiety, fear and depression.

This will continue forever, or until they put their foot upon the path of light;

for the light of Goddess is from everlasting to everlasting and is always right.

2.21 As believers, you shall love and serve the Lady Your Goddess with all you heart, soul and mind.

Guard yourself against evil.

2.22 Your Goddess has made the earth a bed of roses for you and the sky a dome of silver,

and your rain shall be as liquid gold.

All that Goddess had made for you shall sustain you in elegance all the days of your life.

Set up no evil or dark entities with Goddess, for She is pure love and light;

She has no negative emotions, nor does She take any negative actions.

2.23 Have no doubt concerning this revelation, for there is nothing comparable to it.

See if there is any text, any religion which teaches Goddess is all love,

all compassion, all mercy, all kindness, and show this to others to see if they know

of any other book which teaches as much goodness and light as this one teaches.

You will find nothing comparable.

2.24 You should only fear the dark, the negative, the unbelief, until you turn to Her; but never fear Her.

See how this drains you and avoid it. Fear the unfaithful, the unbelievers, the dark and the negative;

for their world is like hell fire and jagged stones upon earth.

2.25 Bear good tidings, be kind and loving to those who believe and those who have yet to believe.

Those that do so and do good works, they shall have gardens watered by flowing rivers;

so often as they eat of fruit for sustenance, they shall say, this is what we have formerly eaten of;

and they shall be supplied with many kinds of fruit, all resembling one another.5

In Paradise, the faithful shall enjoy demure husbands of pure light, joy and love,

subject to no human impurities or base emotions.6

2.26 Goddess shall teach you with all types of parables,

even those which may be propounded in a creature as humble as a gnat,

or even a more despicable thing;7 for the believers will know

that their hearts will recognize truth from the Lady of Light as blessings from Paradise.

Parables teach on many levels; they are interesting to those that do not yet believe;

they are meaningful to those that just believe,

and they have great understanding for the highly spiritual among us.

Some would say that they might mislead, except they mislead only

the transgressors or those that do not believe in love from Goddess.

2.27 It is the transgressors that make void the covenants of Goddess,

and those who would cut asunder the entities that Goddess has commanded to be joined,8

and those who act corruptly while in the earth.

2.28 How is it that anyone does not believe in Goddess?

For She created you and gave you new life, She gave you earth to live upon,

but you know that all things on earth one day die.

Then She lovingly raises you up from the dead and gives you eternal life in Paradise.                                      

2.29 It is She who created you for whatsoever purpose is on earth

and then She created the heavens and formed them into seven heavens;

She is great and merciful and knows all things.

2.30 When your Lady said to the angels,

“I am going to create a companion for us to live on earth,”9 the angels questioned Her and said,

“Will this new creature do evil on earth and will it shed blood and make war? We are most concerned.”

But Goddess answered and said, “Certainly I know so very much more than you are aware of,

and this will indeed be a good thing.”

2.31 Then She taught Eve the names of all things on earth and presented Eve to the angels.

She then asked of Her new creation Eve,10 the names of all things,

and then proposed them to the angels and said, “Declare to me the names of all these things.”

2.32 The angels replied “Praise be unto Goddess;

but we have no knowledge but other than what You teach us,

for we recognize that you are all knowing and wise.”                                                                      

2.33 Goddess then said, “Eve, please tell us their names.”

And when She had said all their names, Goddess said,

“Understand it is just as I have told you, I know all the secrets of heaven and earth,

and I know that which you declare openly, and I know what you conceal.”                                   

2.34 And then the angels were told to worship11 the new creature, Eve,

and all obeyed, except Eblis who refused, and was puffed up with pride

and he became an outcast from Goddess.                                                                                          

2.35 We then instructed Eve and her husband to dwell in the garden of Eden

and eat of all the fruit they found within, whenever desired;

but never should they approach the one tree, otherwise they might fall from the grace of Goddess.12

Evil then caused them to forfeit paradise,

and turned them out of their state of happiness and joy which they had.13

2.36 When Goddess found out what had happened, and found that Her rules had been disobeyed,

She was not angry,  but knew that it was time to allow Eve and her husband to leave Eden;

so that they might be able to further perfect and grow in love;

She told them there would be discord between them within their species.

She created them a dwelling place for one season, and provisions for one season only.                  

2.37 Eve and Adam learned words of proper prayer from their Lady of Light,

so She could be close to guide them; and told them

She would nonetheless be easily reconciled and would always be merciful to them.                        

2.38 Although Eve and Adam were told to leave the Garden,

they were told by us14, “Hereafter you shall continue to receive direction from Goddess,15

and whoever shall follow Her direction, no fear shall come to them, nor shall they be grieved;

2.39 but as for those who do not follow what Goddess has directed them,

they shall be greatly grieved after they have passed over, and they shall not find Paradise thereafter,

but shall continue in grief until they choose the ways of Goddess.                                                   

2.40 O my dearest children, remember my favors which I have bestowed upon you,

and be faithful to your covenants with Me;

2.41 believe in the revelations which I have sent to you and love Me;

because the revelations which I have sent down confirm what is already known within you,

and be not the first to deny Me, and do not corrupt My signs for a small price.16

Love me with all your heart, soul and mind.                                                                                     

2.42 Do not clothe the truth with vain desires, nor conceal the truth against your own knowledge,

2.43 pray frequently, attend to the needy, devote yourself to Goddess, peace and love,

and to those that likewise devote themselves to Goddess,

and pray with those who would pray with you.                                                                               

2.44 Would you command others to do justice, but forget your own soul?

Yet you read the gospels and sacred writings; and some of you deceive yourselves and do not understand.

2.45 Ask Goddess for help with perseverance and prayer;

this indeed is of utmost importance to the humble,

2.46 and to those who seriously think they will one day meet their Lady and to Her they will return.

2.47 O my dearest children, remember I have favored you,

and I have preferred you as a chosen people, because you chose Me;

2.48 yet do not believe that one soul can make satisfaction for another soul,

nor is it possible to make intercession for another soul to change them from dark to light,

for they must do this themselves.

Still, pray for them and send them your love, for within those who are led astray, love is lacking. 

2.49 Remember that I delivered you from the people of Pharaoh,

who grievously oppressed you, they slew your young, sweet children,

so that as you experience injustice yourselves, you will learn to hate it

so that you might never allow others to do the same.

You must furthermore protest it and prevent it wherever it is found.                                               

2.50 And I divided the sea for you and delivered you,

and when Pharaoh’s people drown due to their own stubbornness, you looked on.                       

2.51 When I instructed Miriam to ascend the mountain for forty days and forty nights,

some took a mere calf and worshiped it,17 as if it were Goddess, which it clearly was not;

2.52 afterwards you were forgiven, and you gave thanks.

2.53 When I gave Miriam the book of the law and simple distinctions between good and evil,

again you were directed properly.                                                                                                     

2.54 When Miriam said to her people, “O my people, you have injured your own souls

by worshiping a gold calf in lieu of Goddess; therefore turn to your Goddess,

and properly instruct those among you who have done this,

and this will certainly be better for you in the sight of Goddess,

for She is easy to be reconciled and merciful.”

2.55 When you said, “O Miriam, we will not believe you, until we see Goddess ourselves;”

therefore when a natural disaster came to your people, no one was warned and many died,18

because the people demanded this until they would listen to their prophetess,

2.56 but in Her mercy, She brought you back to life thereafter so that you will know Her magnificent love and mercy, and once again She instructed you not to kill or harm one another.                                     

2.57 When I caused clouds to overshadow you and manna and quails to descend upon you, saying,

“Eat of the good things which have been provided for you,”

yet you grumbled and complained, thus injuring your own souls.                                                   

2.58 Then you were told “Enter into this city and eat of the provisions therein as you desire,

and enter the gates worshiping your Goddess, saying ‘Forgive Us!,’ so that I may pardon your sins,

and give increase to Children of the Light.”                                                                                       

2.59 But the ungoddessly changed the good expression into a joke,

different from what had been spoken to them.19 Instead of entering into the city in a humble position,

which was commanded of them, they entered upon their bottoms;

thus confusing the inhabitants of the city, making them afraid of you for no reason.

Accordingly, the ungoddessly were visited by immense soul pain on the day of their resurrection,

because they had transgressed and mocked the inhabitants of the city,

creating fear and confusion to the inhabitants of the city

when they should have begged forgiveness for invading this city.                                                    

2.60 When Miriam asked drink for her people, she was instructed to “strike the rock20 with her rod;”

and from this rock gushed twelve fountains21,

according to the number of tribes, and all the families knew their portal for water.                        

Miriam instructed the people to eat and drink of the bounty of Goddess,

and not commit evil or act unjustly.                                                                                                  

2.61 And when the people told Miriam, “We are not happy; we have only one kind of food to eat.

Please pray for us that Goddess can also send us

herbs, garlic, cucumbers and onions, which is what we were used to.”

Miriam replied, “But would you trade what you have now for that which could be worse?”         

You could go back to Egypt to seek what you desire to eat.”

And then those that grumbled and complained were visited by soul suffering and pain

on  the day of their resurrection, when they realized their mistake.                                                  

This they suffered because they did not believe in the goodness of Goddess,

and they continued evil and killed prophetesses unjustly; thus they rebelled and transgressed.

2.62 Surely those who believe in Goddess, and those of other religions, the Jews,

the Christians and even the Sabians and Pagans, whosoever believes in Goddess,

and their day of resurrection, and those that do what is right,

they shall have reward with the Lady of Light;

and there shall come to them no fear, and they shall not grieve.                                                                              

2.63 Remember when Mt. Sinai was lifted up over you,

and you were told to “Receive the Law given to you!”

You made a resolution to keep it and accordingly you should beware of forgetting this covenant.22         

2.64 After this, some of you again turned your backs on these Commandments,

but Goddess forgave you in Her infinite mercy and compassion.                                                     

2.65 Moreover, you knew what would befall your people who were want to transgress

on the Sabbath day; some were turned into apes by Evil;

yet they wept sorrowfully and Goddess again in Her mercy turned them human again.23                           

2.66 Hence, they were made an example to those living then and now,

as a warning to the pious, that Commandments are important and everyone needs a day of rest.  

2.67 And when Miriam said unto her people; Goddess commands that you sacrifice a cow,24

they answered, “Does Goddess jest with us?”

Miriam answered, “Goddess forbid that I should act like a fool.”                                                    

2.68 The people requested, “Pray for us to the Lady of Light that She should show us what kind of cow.”

Miriam answered, “She is neither young nor old, but of middle age;

now please go and do as you have been commanded.”

They requested of Miriam, “Pray for us to the Lady of Light that She can tell us the color of the cow.”

2.69 Miriam replied, “She is a red cow, bright red,

a color which is such that it gives immense joy to those that see her.”                                              

2.70 They requested, “Pray for us to the Lady of Light that She can better show us exactly which cow it is,

for we have found several which look similar to one another

and we would be most pleased to be directed to the proper cow.”                                                 

2.71 Miriam replied, “She is a cow that never plowed the earth, or watered a field; a healthy cow,

you will see no blemish upon her anywhere.” They replied, “Ah, that is sufficiently accurate.”

Then they found such a cow and sacrificed her, and burnt her as an offering to Goddess, and all portions were burnt, there was nothing left.25                                                                                                                                

2.72 When a man was murdered, and the people disagreed as to what had happened,

one day it will be brought to light, that he did not actually die.26                                                   

2.73 You were told to strike the murder victim with part of the sacrificed cow,

so Goddess raised the dead to life and showed you Her signs, that you may be brought closer to Her.

2.74 Nonetheless, some continue to suffer from hardened hearts;

their hearts are as hard as stone, or even a harder material.

Some stones are made smooth by running rivers and streams; others may be split by the forces of nature;

and in such a manner many will come to understand the Love of Goddess for them.

This is because Goddess is not unaware of what you do.

2.75 But there are some people that hear this Korana and then tamper with the words,

saying “Goddess is mean, Goddess is hateful, Goddess is jealous,” and they also relate that She has for them,

a wide variety of base human emotions. Yet they should know that this way is incorrect.

2.76 Then, when they meet the true believers, they say “We believe,”

but when they privately meet together, they say “Tell us what Goddess has revealed to you,”

but this is only to engage in disputes with you. They do not wish to hear; they do not wish to know.

2.77 They do not understand that Goddess knows what they conceal, as well as what they make public.

2.78 Unfortunately, there are many that are illiterate; they say they can read the Scriptures,

yet they cannot, and yet they expound on them, as if they had expertise.

They tell false stories, and it is incumbent upon you, the literate and studious,

to help those that cannot or will not know the Scriptures properly, in order to educate everyone. 

2.79 It is further seen that some people sell transcriptions

of the Scripture for a small price that are inaccurate, false and misleading.                                       

Thus, for a small price they may experience soul suffering.

Have compassion upon them for what little they have gained and at what expense it may have cost them.

2.80 Some say, the fires of hell shall only touch us for a certain limited number of days.27

But you should tell them that Goddess never threatened this. You know that She never threatens anyone.

For Goddess would never create a hell or grievously injure one of Her blessed children.

Goddess does not act in that base way. Instead, She and Her angels devise plans for those that have erred.

Goddess will not act contrary to Her promises of love, compassion and mercy.

Do not speak of things of which you do not know.

To speak of hell fire is injurious to the reputation of Goddess.                                                         

2.81 It is a certainty that those that do evil, and those that keep iniquity about them,

they shall have soul suffering on the day of their resurrection,

for their mistakes have kept them apart from the love of Goddess.

Until they learn Her ways, and walk on Her path of Goodness, they will not find eternal peace and rest.

2.82 Those persons that do good works shall have all Her bounty in Paradise,

from everlasting to everlasting.

2.83 Remember the covenants of the chosen people of Israel.

You should have no goddess except Mother Goddess;

and you shall also show kindness to parents, relatives, orphans, the poor, the imprisoned,

and speak of goodness and mercy for all; be frequent in prayer and meditation and give alms freely.

Many of you will hear these words and will not listen;

your hearts are hard, accordingly, you become distant from these commandments.

2.84 You were told, “Do not shed your neighbor’s28 blood,

do not dispossess others unlawfully of their dwellings.”

This you understand readily with your heart, and your heart makes an agreement to act justly.     

2.85 But then, not more than a few seconds later, your mind and your ego,

they decide to take someone’s life, shed another’s blood,

dispossess someone of her dwelling or property. All this is shameful.

Moreover, you shall redeem anyone who becomes a political or religious prisoner of another,

and you shall fight against slavery, wherever it exists in the world today.                                        

You should not believe in just some of the Scripture, and reject the other, which is more difficult to bear. Whoever among you does this, shall understand the shame in this mistake,

and you will experience soul suffering on the day of your resurrection,

when you see all the good you might have done.

Goddess is not regardless of what you have done during your lifetime.

She loves you and watches over you.                                                                                                

2.86 There are those who have purchased this present life, at the expense of their future;

their soul suffering will not be mitigated, but it can be helped by steadfast prayer and meditation.

2.87 Miriam was given a book of law, and many prophetesses have succeeded her.

Miracles came to Yeshua and his mother Mary, who were both strengthened by the Holy Spirit,

but only because they sought it in prayer and meditation.29                                                                         

2.88 Be aware that whenever your prophetess is present

and she speaks words that your mind and ego do not want to hear,

you should not reject her, you shall not falsely accuse her,

or have her unjustly killed by your actions as bearers of false witness.30                                                       

2.89 When additional Scripture came to you from Goddess, confirming Scripture sent before,

although many prayed for assistance with those who would not and did not understand this,

many of them knew that the Scripture was from Goddess by its kind tone and flowing love,

yet many ignored this and were not saved back into the fold.                                                                                 

For this they made mistakes regarding their own actions and cowardliness.                                     

2.90 For a sad small price, their souls are still lost,

because they would not believe in what Goddess has sent down to them.

Goddess sends many Scriptures and works and words to Her blessed ones.

Yet the others will suffer from their own frailties and ego and false mind sets.                                

2.91 When one said to them, “Believe in that which Goddess has sent down;”

they answered, “We do believe in that which has been sent down to us”31

yet, they steadfastly refuse to believe in that which has been revealed to them,

even though they know this truth, for it has been etched in their hearts, their egos would not allow it.

Ask those who would slay the prophetesses why they would do such a grievous thing.

They would not do such a thing if they were true believers.

2.92 Miriam formerly came to you with evident signs, but still many were the numbers of her people

who worshiped a golden calf in lieu of Goddess; which was an abhorrent thing to the Jews.32      

2.93 And when you accepted a new covenant with Goddess,

when Mount Sinai was lifted over you,33 you were told “Receive the law given to you by Miriam,

create a resolution to perform it,” yet many disregarded it and they were made to drink down the calf

into their hearts34 for their waywardness.

2.94 The unbelievers say that “If paradise rests entirely with Goddess,

then bring upon us our deaths right now, so we will know the truth.”

2.95 But they can never invoke it of their own accord;

for Goddess know the right time, and She is all gracious and all love.

2.96 And you will find that these are the greediest of all people,

because they set up negative idols to worship besides Goddess,

and even if they had a life of a thousand years, this is by no means assured

to avoid great amount of sadness on the day of their resurrection for what they have done.

2.97 Be assured that Goddess will prepare a mansion specially for those that believe and have faith,

and for those that do good works with their own hands,

and this is a special blessing and guidance for those that believe.                                                      

2.98 But those that reject Gabrielle and this wonderful Korana that has been sent to you,

they have also rejected the rose of Goddess, and their own gardens will not flourish without this rose.

For Gabrielle and Michael are with Her and in Her army of loving servants

which were sent to help you and not to condemn you.

2.99 You have been sent down evident signs so that all will believe in the love and mercy of Goddess.

But be forewarned, that the greater part of humanity will not believe in Goddess,

or they will believe in Goddess only with darkness and judgment.

They bring darkness on others, and in their afterlife they will be shown their true darkness and negativity.

2.100 And the dark entities seem to make agreements only to toss them away at their convenience;

as a result, most are faithless to Goddess.

2.101 When a prophetess was sent from Goddess to confirm the Scriptures which were with them,

some of them, to whom the Scriptures were given, put away these holy books, as if they knew them not,

2.102 and they used a device of Evil against the queendom of Salome.35

But Salome was faithful to Goddess and the devils did not know this,

so they set out to teach the people evil sorcery, hatred and fear,

and that which was sent down to the two angels at Babel,

Harut and Marut36 taught people a spell or charm by which

a person could cause division between a wife and her husband,

which could only be done by heaven’s permission,     

so one would learn that there is no benefit by such behavior.

They know that one who practices such despicable conjuring

gains only soul suffering on the day of her resurrection,

and it is a sad price to pay for a perceived need for evil or revenge.                                                

2.103 But if only the people had believed and loved Goddess, and had love within themselves,

they would not do such a horrid thing, and they would be much better off,

and they should have understood this at the outset.                                                                         

2.104 True believers call not to Rania,37, but to Odnhorna,

and they understand that those who do evil suffer sadly at the end of their lives, when they are

able to see the results of their poor behavior more clearly.                                                               

2.105 Those that do not believe in the love of Goddess,

or Her Scripture, or those that worship worldly idols of wealth, greed, power and self centeredness,

wander lost, without their true Protectress, who is almighty and merciful,

and they do not like to believe that any other nation would ever receive a prophetess as you have.

2.106 Whatever verse which is left out, or whatever verse is found to be corrupted;

to the faithful, when you are in need of a verse, we will send one either the same or

even one more beautiful and meaningful, if only you ask Goddess and the heavens in your faithful prayer.

2.107 Be assured that Goddess is almighty.

Everyone should understand that everything belongs to Her and Her Queendom of heaven and earth.

2.108 You should require of your prophetess all that was formerly required of Miriam.

But anyone who exchanges faith for infidelity, has erred from the correct path and is lost and bewildered.

2.109 Many persons who have been given the Scriptures,

will tease and taunt you to render you ineffective against the unbelievers,

and they will bring disbelief in Goddess and Her wonderful works, out of envy of their souls,

for they desire to corrupt and confuse you; but do not despair, merely turn away from them,

forgive them and avoid them, for Goddess will make plans for them to turn to Her. She is omnipotent.

2.110 Be steadfast in prayer and meditation, give alms freely, and the goodness you bestow onto others

will be multiplied upon you greatly, and it shall be written upon your heart and soul for evermore;

Goddess and the angels know all what you do.                                                                                

2.111 Some say that none will enter Paradise except Jews or Christians;

this is only their vain wish, it is not true;                                                                                           

2.112 and they cannot produce proof of such a statement. For the statement is utterly false;

all those that love Goddess and do what is right will have their reward with the Lady of Light;

they should not be afraid, nor should they grieve.38 

2.113 Some Jews denigrate the Christian religion; Some Christians denigrate the Jewish religion;

yet they both read the Scriptures and yet do not understand that this is a horrid practice.               

Accordingly, such people really do not know their own Scripture.39

But they shall come to understand this on the day of their resurrection,

and all issues which they both disagreed upon will be made clear to them.                                     

2.114 There are few that are more unjust than those who keep others from the temples of their Goddess,40

where their names could have been remembered eternally and written within;

yet they hasten to destroy all these houses of worship.                                                                     

Such a person would never enter in otherwise and they only have fear;

such activity is shameful and they shall suffer great soul pain and misery

on the day of their resurrection for such sad and mischievous deeds.                                               

2.115 To Goddess belongs the east and west; therefore whichever way you turn,

there is the face of your Goddess; for Goddess is omniscient and omnipresent.                               

2.116 Some say that Goddess bears children as a woman does;

however, Goddess does not incarnate and She has no reason to bear children;

but rest assured that you are all children of Goddess and

you all have the Goddess spark of divine within you.

The argument is not worth any discussion for a believer,

but allow those to believe what they will and be respectful towards them. 

There are many paths to the divine.                                                                                                  

2.117 To Her belongs all in Heaven and upon this earth; all is possible by Her and through Her,

the Creatress of heaven and earth; and when She decrees a desire or wish,

She only says “Be so!” And it immediately comes to pass.                                                                

2.118 Some people say, unless Goddess speaks to us or shows us a sign, we will not or cannot believe.

2.119 But as said before, their hearts are closed and cannot find love just yet;

but Goddess will provide for them in Her own way and time.                                                        

You should note the magnificent and obvious signs of the wonders of Goddess abound all around them; those that firmly believe readily perceive them;

there have been sent already many prophetesses, bearers of good tidings and preachers;

and you need not worry about those still living in their own personal hell;

for they created their hell and shall live within it until they desire the grace and beauty of Goddess.

2.120 But some Jews will not be pleased with you;

nor may some Christians be friendly until you follow their religions;

but they know in their heart that Goddess is not Christian or Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Pagan;

She is simply the direction of light for all of you.                                                                              

Unfortunately, if they follow their desires to be free from Goddess,

they will have no Patroness for them in this life,  and life on earth is most difficult, lonely and dangerous.

2.121 Those to whom are given this book of Korana,

and who faithfully read it with true reading will flourish;

but those who will not believe it are truly without hope and understanding.                                  

2.122 The Children of Israel should remember always the favors bestowed upon them and that,

because they chose Goddess, they were exalted above their contemporaries.

2.123 Understand that on the day of your resurrection, one soul cannot make satisfaction for another soul, nor is any earthly compensation accepted by Goddess or Her angels for error,

nor shall any intercession avail to provide soul growth for another; it is an entirely personal experience.

2.124 When the Lady tried Sarah with certain tasks41 which she promptly and graciously performed,

and Goddess said, “I will made you a model of religion for all generations;”

Sarah asked, “and also of my children?” But Goddess replied,

“This covenant is just for you only, each child must come to Me of her own accord and in her own time, this you cannot do for her.”

2.125 When Mecca was designated a holy place and a place of security,

you were all told to use the “Station of Sarah”42 as a place for inspired prayer and meditation;

when Sarah and Emma agreed to cleanse the temple for those that came there,

and for those that were devoutly religious there,

and for those that bowed down and worshiped there,

2.126 Sarah requested that the Lady of Light make this a place one of peace and security for all,

and she gave the bounty of Her grace to all inhabitants and to all those that believe in Goddess

and the day of resurrection to Paradise; Goddess answered, “For those who do not believe,

I will devise plans for them to draw them nearer to Me; though the journey may be difficult,

in Paradise they will be glad they took it.”

2.127 When Sarah and Emma raised the foundations of the house,

they said to the Lady of Light, “Accept this from us, for You hear and know all;”

2.128 “Lady of Light, dedicate our hearts and souls to You,

and make our posterity dedicated to You; please show us holy ceremonies, pleasing to You,

and have us turn to You, for you are most forgiving, compassionate and merciful;”

2.129 “Lady of Light, send us a prophetess from You, who may declare special

signs to us; teach us the book of the Korana, and Your wisdom and light;

purify our hearts, for You, our Lady of Light are mighty and wise.”

2.130 And no one would ever show aversion to the religion of Sarah, except a fool.

We did make her our prophetess in this world, and in the afterlife, she will be among the righteous.

2.131 When the Lady of Light said to her, “Dedicate yourself to Me,”

she replied, “I have dedicated myself unto the Lady of all creatures.”

2.132 And Sarah bequeathed her religion to her progeny,

and Jacklyn did likewise, saying, “My children, the Lady of Light has chosen this religion for you,

and you will have everlasting life if you believe in Her and do good works.”

2.133 If you were present at the death of Jacklyn, you would have heard her say to her daughters,

“Whom will you worship after me?”

They all replied, “We will worship our Goddess, and the Goddess of our mothers, Sarah, Isabell and Iris,

for She is the One True Goddess, and to Her we will dedicate ourselves.”

2.134 Those mothers have now all passed away, but they have what they have gained,

and you shall have what you gain, and you need not worry about what your mothers before you did.

2.135 Some will tell you that you must become Jewish, Christian,

Buddhist, Pagan or whatever to be properly directed,

Say, “But we follow the faith of Sarah, and certainly she never worshiped false negative idols of hate,

wealth, greed, jealousy, self centeredness or nastiness.”

2.136 Say to the people, “We believe in Goddess and the Korana,

which was revealed to us, and what was revealed to Eve, Sarah, Isabell, Iris, Jacklyn,

Deborah,43 Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and all the great prophetesses,

and we know that they did not worship false worldly idols such as wealth, greed and power,

but they worshiped Goddess with great and amazing faith,

and so you should submit to Goddess, with great and amazing faith.

2.137 There is no true distinction between the many prophetesses and ascended mistresses sent before

and those that are to come. If people are true believers, they would understand this,

otherwise they create a schism within themselves.

In which case, Goddess will certainly advise you regarding this, for She is the All Hearing, the All Knowing.

2.138 Goddess shall support you against all others, for She hears and She understands you.

And who has more positive personality traits than any other entity? Goddess does!

We worship Her forever! The baptism of Goddess is received by the believers,

and there is none better to baptize you than your Goddess. To Her we give all our love and praise.44

2.139 Others should not dispute with you concerning Goddess,

who is your Lady of Light and the Queen of Angels.

We have our work and you have yours, and we both should be completely devoted to Her.

2.140 Remember that Eve and Adam were not Jewish,

nor was Yeshua or Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene Christian,

yet they were devoted prophets and prophetesses of Goddess.

It is indeed sad that when one feels the need to hide or obscure the testimony of Goddess.45

But Goddess is never regardless of what you do, for She loves and cares for you dearly.

2.141 Each of these prophetesses came from a righteous community that is long gone;

for they will all receive the reward of all the good deeds they have performed.

When people pass away, they have what they have gained in this life,

and you shall have what you have gained in this life,

and it makes no sense to question or answer those who question the gains

that are made during any woman’s lifetime; to gain during your life is to learn new paths of love.

2.142 The foolish person would say, “What could possibly direct a true prophetess to

turn to the opposite direction to pray?” But know this, that Goddess owns the east and west

and She directs Her prophetesses as She pleases.46

Thus you have been directed by Goddess so that you may be

a stellar example to humanity and to your prophetess,

and know that you are one that promptly does whatever Goddess desires is best for you.

2.143 We have made you a nation exalted and just, so that you may be a guiding example

for all womankind, and the perfect prophetess will be a guiding example to you.

You were told to pray to Keblah, so Goddess could readily see who followed Her favored apostle,

and then back again to determine who can completely turn around on her heels for Goddess.

2.144 We see you, O prophetess turn your head toward heaven in prayer,

but we believe you will like to turn your head towards the direction of your pleasing,

and certainly, Goddess will not disregard prayers in any direction,

for all prayers are turned towards heaven, out of love for Goddess,

and certainly the scholars know that this would be a good direction to pray in,

and this is a direction from Goddess, for She is gracious and merciful, compassionate and kind.

2.145 Therefore, turn your heads toward Mecca, or turn towards any pious shrine,

as your heart and love of Goddess directs you. For the faithful that receive these Scriptures

know this to be the truth that directly descends from their Lady of Light.

As for the unbelievers, they would not follow your prayers or your directions,

no matter what you made them to be. So turn your heads and hearts as what best pleases you.

Goddess is not regardless of at you do; for She loves you and cares for you with a tender heart.

Many have been given the Scriptures and signs of Goddess, and Her love surrounds them,

yet they do not follow their Keblah, be it Jewish or Arabian or of another religion.

2.146 But if they follow vain and empty worldly desires, after the Scripture has been given them,

then they are the ungoddessly, lost and without true help and protection,

and so they waiver and are full of doubt.

2.147 But this is the truth from Goddess, so do not be one of those that doubt and waver.

2.148 And everyone has an ideal for which is the best direction, and for the performance of good deeds.

Wherever you may be, Goddess brings the believers together.

Goddess is the possessor of full power to do these things as is best for you.

2.149 From any place you leave from, turn your face towards any shrine, church,

temple or house of worship, which is special to you, if you desire,

or turn to different directions each time you pray, because Goddess is all around you.

2.150 And for any place you leave, turn your face toward your heartfelt shrine as you remember Her,

for this is the truth, directly descendent from the Lady of Light, for She is aware of all that you do for Her.

2.151 Just as Mecca is a means for guidance, we have sent the prophetess from among yourselves,

to be a messenger to you, to purify you and teach you a book of wisdom and things

which you previously did not know.

2.152 So glorify Goddess so that She may bestow all Her grace upon you

and teach you the great book of the Korana and wisdom; and teach you things you never knew before.

2.153 The true believers should seek the assistance of Goddess for perfect patience and prayer,

for Goddess is with those that persevere patiently.

2.154 O my dearest, devoted children, request that your Lady assist you in prayer and patience,

all the days of your lives, for Goddess loves the patient and kind.

As for those that die in the name of the Lady of Light,

you might not know it yet, but they are not dead, they live with Her in Heaven, peace and glory.47

2.155 O believers, you may be tested by your being afflicted with some manner of fear and hunger

and poverty; death may surround you, scarcity of good food may come, but nonetheless,

all good things are born in abundance to the patient, who, when misfortune comes their way, says,

“I am a child of the Lady of Light, and to Her I desire to return.”

2.156 Unto such a child, the Lady of Light shall bring Her blessings,

love and mercy and those have been rightly directed will say,

“Certainly I belong to Goddess, and to Goddess I desire to return.”

2.157 Safa and Merwah are two sacred monuments of Goddess

and whosoever goes on pilgrimage to Mecca or visits it,

shall be filled everlasting with the Holy Spirit of Goddess.

2.158 As for any person that voluntarily performs a good work in the name of Goddess,

it will forever be written upon the records of Goddess.

2.159 But as for those who conceal signs from Heaven and make

amends and then make known what was wrongfully concealed,

Goddess will forgive them, after prayer and repentance, for She is all forgiving and merciful,

2.160 But those that do not repent and turn their hearts to Goddess,

they will indeed suffer much sadness on the day of their resurrection.

2.161 Those who never believe in Goddess while on this earth,

and then die in their unbelief shall be greatly surprised

upon the day of their resurrection and shall be saddened,

2.162 for their failures to help others and for their evil works

because they were not drawn closer to Goddess and Her angels,

and accordingly they suffered unnecessarily without a lifetime of Her love and support.

2.163 Your Mother God is but one Goddess and there is no Goddess but Her,

and She is most kind, forgiving and merciful.

2.164 Now, in the creation of day and night, and in the separation of night

and in the ships which sail the sea, laden with most profitable cargo,

and in the rain which Goddess sends down from the skies, enlivening the dead, parched earth,

Goddess replenishes the earth with many breeds of cattle, and in the changing of the winds,

and the clouds that are compelled to serve all humanity, there are many obvious signs and miracles.             

2.165 Yet despite all of this solid evidence,

some of you take worldly vain idols of wealth, greed, self centeredness, rage and power beside Goddess;

and they all love such things with all their emotions due Goddess,

but if they could only see the sadness which will assuredly befall them,

they would repent and turn towards Her,

but the true believers are feverent in their love, which they always give freely to Goddess.

2.166 Yet those who were unjust, when they later see their actions

on their day of resurrection and judgment, they will see all  power lies in Goddess and the Heavens,

yet She is merciful and kind and will devise plans for them to return to Her and Her ways;

for She is severe in loving all of you!

2.167 On the day of their resurrection, the unbelievers will say,

“If only we could return to the earth for another life, then we would disown our false negative idols,

and sever themselves from us,” and they will have their wish and return to earth,

but it will seem like hell fire to them until they turn to Her and Her angels,

for the earth is a dangerous place, and they will be born again as innocent babies,

without a memory, and without Her protection and guidance.

2.168 Eat of what is healthy and good for you out of the gardens which Goddess has provided for you, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts preferred; then lean meats and dairy; avoid unhealthy foods.48

And follow not evil desires in choosing foods, for evil is your enemy which does not serve Goddess.

2.169 For the dark entities command evil and wickedness;

for those times, remember all the loving words of Your Goddess.

2.170 When it said to the unbelievers, “Follow only what Goddess has commanded you,”

they say, “No, we will only do what our mothers before us did.”

What? Even though they worshiped evil and darkness

and therefore were utterly devoid of wisdom and guidance which only comes from love?

2.171 And their shouts are like those that are loud, yet no one around them hears anything,

other than a garbled call for nothing. These people are deaf, dumb and blind,

and do not use common sense at all.

2.172 O believers, eat of all the good healthy things which we have

abundantly bestowed upon you for food, and return all your thanks to your Goddess,

whom you should serve devoutly.

2.173 Certainly you should not eat diseased or tainted meat,

or the flesh of meat high in fat, and prior to eating,

thank any animal and Goddess for what they have given to you.49

But if it is necessary, it is not a mistake to eat other things,

or foods of poorer or of lesser quality, if it cannot be helped,

for Goddess is ever gracious, forgiving and merciful

and She does not desire to make Her religion an unnecessary burden to you.

2.174 Moreover, anyone who conceals a portion of Scripture and sells it for a paltry price,

they bring onto their souls needless suffering; but the heart of Goddess is immense,

and burns only love for them;  and She speaks to everyone with love,

no matter how much and how many times a person has made mistakes,

She is all powerful and can and will purify those that ask Her.                                                         

2.175 The unbelievers prefer error to guidance and protection.

And the sadness they will experience on the day of their resurrection may be very intense indeed.

2.176 This they shall know because Goddess brought down the Korana

with Her truth and those that disagree and do not see or understand

are highly nearsighted and cannot see truth and beauty.

2.177 It is not just for righteousness that you turn toward a shrine

or place of worship or one another in prayer,

but it is for the love of Goddess, and belief in the day of your resurrection,

and the angels and the Scriptures and the prophetesses,

those that give money in the name of Goddess for the sake of kindred,

and to orphans and the poor, and the stranger,

and the travelers, and those that are political and religious prisoners,

and those unjustly imprisoned, and she who is faithful in prayer,

and gives alms, and those that keep their covenants with Goddess,

when they shall so covenant, and those who behave patiently

in the face of adversity and hardship and violence;

these are the people who are true and those that love Goddess deeply.

2.178 O true believers, the law of violent retaliation for the slain is no law of Goddess at all;

no longer shall the free die for the free, or a servant for a servant, or a woman for a woman;

but the kin of the murder victim shall take their grievance to a court of law for trial by jury,50

and the convicted shall only serve a just and reasonable term of imprisonment,

commensurate with the crime committed and no punishment shall ever be cruel or unusual.

The kindred of any criminal victim may also be recompensed in a civil court of law,

with a trial by jury,51 so that a fair value should be assessed for the loss of life to the victim’s kin,

although no amount of money can ever replace a human being’s life;

however, purely accidental deaths need only be forgiven.52

2.179 This is the indulgence of wisdom from your Lady of Light,

that you show mercy and love to one another.

But any person who shall kill a killer is no better than a murderer herself.

For the law of retaliation is wrong and it creates fear and negativity in one another and not love;

you are commanded to love one another as deeply as Goddess loves you all.

This is a duty incumbent on those that love Goddess;

but anyone that changes this legacy, after you have heard it said by the dying person,

this is clearly a grave mistake,53 in those that change or attempt to change it;

for Goddess is She that hears and know all that you do.

But anyone that hears testimony given freely from any victim that there was no crime committed,

the injury was accidental, or was not done by a certain person at all, then it should forever be

deemed certain that no crime was ever committed;54 for Goddess is gracious and merciful.

2.180 If you know you have a considerable amount of wealth,

that you should make a will and leave an equitable amount to your parents, children and next of kin,

and no person should take more or less on account of her gender.

This is a duty for those that desire to keep themselves from evil ways.

2.181 Anyone that desires to abrogate these precepts should know that this is clearly a mistake,

for Goddess sees and hears all.

2.182 If anyone knows that a decedent has not returned stolen money or property,

or a testatrix or adminstratrix has followed a course of error so that a spouse or child was left in poverty,

there is no blame upon her to set things right, to the extent she is able under law,

and by agreement of the parties, for certainly Goddess is a great protectress and is the merciful one.

2.183 For the true believers, a short period of fasting may be undertaken

for the healthy, non-pregnant or possibly pregnant woman,

that she might undertake long periods of prayer or meditation,

so that you all might become closer to Goddess.55

2.184 But do not exceed ten hours in any one day or fast at all if you are sick or debilitated.

If one is sick or on a journey or must undertake strenuous activity,

she may fast an equal number of days at another time,

convenient to her, but it is still better to help the needy every day instead.

And those who can keep it, but wish not to do so,

should instead do good works for the poor, the elderly, or young;

she should feed the poor; build or repair housing for the poor or for a house of worship;

care for young children so a parent might rest; care for the elderly;

visit the sick and imprisoned, or otherwise do good things for a place of worship,

the poor, the elderly, the unjustly imprisoned and the young.

A person that does the foregoing faithfully for a prescribed number of days per year,

either during or after a prescribed “fast” period is better off than if she fasts.

2.185 The month of Ramadan is a traditional holy month for fasting, prayer and meditation,

sent from Heaven, as a direction to women and declarations of direction will be made to you

so that you may know the difference between good and evil.

Therefore, it is best during Ramadan to be at home or in a place where

you can pray and fast or do good works;56

but if you cannot be there, then do Ramadan an equal number of days

when it is possible and convenient to you.

If you pray, then Goddess will make this task easy for you and not at all a burden;

so that you can complete this commitment to Goddess and glorify Her as She has directed you,

and you should give Her your thanks and praise,

for it is right for you to give Her your thanks and praise.

2.186 When any servant of Goddess asks for Her, She draws nearer to her;

when a woman prays to Goddess, She draws nearer to Her;

let the people come to Her and believe in Goddess, that they may be rightly directed.

2.187 It is lawful for you during Ramadan to show love to your husband;

for you are a garment to him, and he is a garment to you,

Goddess knows that you have defrauded yourself

anytime you fail to turn to Her for forgiveness after you have erred.

You should love your spouse freely during the evenings during Ramadan,

and earnestly desire the love that Goddess has provided for you,

which is a comfort to you while you are here on earth;

eat and drink until an hour or two before daybreak when you can plainly

distinguish between a white and dark thread;

then begin again sometime during the day to fast for no more than ten hours, if desired;

otherwise be in prayer or meditation as much as you are able;

and adopt a pleasant demeanor at all times to others; and love not your spouse again until sundown.

These are the commandments of Your Goddess, who is all loving and wise

and do not break your covenants with Her.

Thus, Goddess declares Her signs to all women, that many can and will come to love Her,

and draw closer to Her.

2.188 Do not use all of your wealth for vain desires; nor present it to the unjust,

that they will devour part of it for groundless pursuits, against your own conscience.

2.189 Some people might ask you about the phases of the moon,

and you can tell them that the moon determines the best time

to draw nearer to Goddess and the heavens and when to make a pilgrimage to sacred sites,

but it is not by the moon that you attain righteousness, it is only by the love of Goddess that you do.

Some people have had a custom to make a new doorway in the rear of their houses

when they returned from a sacred journey;

but righteousness is not acquired by the way that you enter into a doorway,

it is only by the love of Goddess that you gain righteousness.

Therefore, enter your homes by any door you choose; and love Goddess greatly, that you may be happy.

2.190 Further, you should fight for goodness and love for the religion of Goddess,

but not by physical violence or harm. Never err by attacking someone first;

for Goddess does not care for aggression; She does not appreciate the aggressor,

yet She loves the peacemaker. Never kill anyone unless it is absolutely necessary;

to imprison is far better than to physically harm another person.

2.191 Temptation to worship the worldly idols of power, greed and wealth is a great mistake;

but it is clearly greater error to kill someone who worships these instead of Goddess.

Never fight or commit a violent act in a house of worship;

but if someone attacks you there, you may act reasonably in necessary self defense,

for Goddess is the Great Protectress and the Merciful One.

2.192 But if anyone refuses to work towards peace, and they attack or threaten to attack you,

then you are allowed to defend yourselves against imminent harm;

for Goddess is the Great Protectress, and the Merciful One.

2.193 And you are allowed to peacefully evangelize them,

until their religion is free from the worship of violence, hate, aggression, oppression and rage.

But if they desist from being hostile, recall that while the unjust will have no reward,

you will have a great reward, for blessed are the peacemakers.

2.194 A sacred month for a sacred month, and blessed are the holy limits of Mecca,

if you are attacked therein, defend yourself only as necessary;

it is wrongful to attack first, but if someone does,

Goddess is with those that love Her and She will know if you did not intend to harm your sister.

2.195 Contribute out of your own wealth to defend your religion of a loving and Merciful Goddess;

and do not take any action that would unnecessarily put you in harm’s way;

and do good, for Goddess loves those that do good things.

2.196 Perform a holy sacred pilgrimage, to Mecca or another holy site as you are able,

and look for the visitation of Goddess, and if you are besieged along the way,

send along an offering that is the easiest; and Goddess knows

that you need not shave your head afterwards,57 for Her mark is upon you and glows in your aura.

But if anyone is sick or ill with fever, these persons may redeem the shaving of the head,

if it is desirable, by fasting, alms or another offering, because Goddess is always pleased by charitable acts.

But, if you do not find anything to offer, then offer yourself in actions of kindness and helpfulness to others; acts of charity are more beneficial to society than mere fasting.

This duty is more important for those that have no family, no sick, elderly or disabled person with them;

and love Goddess and know that She is quick to forgive you.

2.197 A pilgrimage should be performed when it is convenient for your work and family,58

and during that time you should not make love to another person,

unless they are your wedded spouse, or you are both committed in your love to one another.

You should avoid mistakes and quarrels with one another while on pilgrimage;

instead focus on loving and helping one another;

for all the good things you do are faithfully recorded and kept by Goddess and the angels

in their book of love, and these deeds are never forgotten, but are cherished and appreciated greatly.

The best provision you should take with you on pilgrimage is piety and a pure heart;

and love your Goddess, O people of understanding.

2.198 It is never a crime to seek a reasonable profit to sustain yourself and others and your family,

should you engage in commerce while on pilgrimage;

but do not forget that pure greediness is a mistake also.

2.199 And should you process from Arafat,59 remember Goddess watches you near the holy monument; and remember Her directions, although some have erred at that point.60                                               

Therefore, go in solemn procession and prayer, unless there are young children with you;

then running and noise is permitted, but not encouraged.

Should anyone err in this regard, ask Mother Goddess for pardon and She will pardon,

for She is all loving, kind and forgiving.

2.200 And when you have finished your worship, remember Goddess,

as you remember your loving mothers before you,

or be even more reverent and loving to those around you, for this pleases Goddess greatly.

There are some people that say, “O Lady of Light, give us wealth and power in this world,

and not in the next;” but this does not assure one of any wealth in this life.

2.201 Then there are those that say, “O Lady of Light, let us have wealth now

in our goodness and kindness to one another today;

and also the same goodness and kindness in the afterlife;

and do not let our lives dwindle into a personal hell of negativity and despair that we create,

for that burns, worse than hell fire.”

2.202 All persons shall have a portion of the goodness that She had bestowed on others less fortunate, during her lifetime. There are some people that demand their reward during this lifetime,

but this may be false, and there is no assurance that merely demanding a reward

shall guarantee it in the after life; others request that they be spared from hell fire,

not knowing there is no such thing and they only create their own soul torment

by their own mistakes and poor choices.

2.203 But those that do good works, shall have a portion of what they have gained

in the name of Goddess; for She is swift and generous in rendering Her accounting;

but do not forget that Goddess has set forth particular days and tasks for pilgrimage;

but if one does tarry in the Valley of Mina, or cuts a duty short;

there is no error in this or any other such action.

And those that linger longer during pilgrimage or other sacrifice to Goddess,

there shall be no error, for those that love Goddess, and keep Her in their hearts;

they already know that one day we will all return to Her.

2.204 There may be some “prophetesses” in life that cause you to marvel by their speech

concerning this present life; one has called upon Goddess to bear witness to her good heart;

yet she was only intent upon opposing our blessed prophetess and she promoted hate, aggression and fear.

2.205 When she turned away from the prophetess, she quickly began to act corruptly and unjustly,

and she tried to destroy what beauty had been planted, and what had begun to sprout;

but Goddess anguishes over such erroneous actions.

2.206 And when she was told to love Goddess and choose only goodness and light;

her own pride and ego seized her because she would not believe this;

and she will only find unhappiness and grief on the day of her resurrection,

and an unhappy couch it will be.

2.207 There is also a woman who exchanged her comfortable life

for a life of hard work and sacrifice to Goddess, which was most pleasing to Goddess,61

and know that Goddess is gracious and bountiful in returning goodness to her Children of Light.

2.208 O true believers, enter into a religion of goodness and light completely,

and follow not darkness and negativity; for this is your avowed enemy.

2.209 If you have slipped in the covenants of Goddess,

Goddess understands, and is mighty and wise and knows what you keep in your heart.

2.210 Certainly the unbelievers do not believe that Goddess will come to them

from within the clouds and cut through their darkness and negativity when requested,

as She does for the angels who adore Her;

but She has decreed the specific plan that all Her children would return to Her one day.

2.211 Ask the children of Israel how many signs of Goddess were shown to them;

and there is no one that can change the grace of Goddess after it has come to them;

and know that Goddess is severe and strong in Her love for all Her children.

2.212 Though the present life is made beautiful and wondrous for all,

the unbelievers scoff at it and the faithful to Goddess;

but those who love Goddess are above all else are true believers,

and they will be so very joyous on their day of resurrection;

for Goddess is abundant with Her blessings, without measure.

2.213 For at one time humanity was all of one faith,

and Goddess has sent many prophetesses out bearing good tidings, and She has denounced the darkness, and She lovingly sent down her prophetesses, angels, and ascended mistresses bearing Scriptures in truth, that women might learn and be wise and make good choices; the only people making poor choices

are those that do not believe that Goddess loves them always,

and they ignore true meaning of the Scriptures, out of their envy and love for their own ego.

And Goddess has directed that those who believe and do good works love Her,

Her truth was evident to those that had formerly disagreed, by Her will;

for Goddess directs all to the right path, although only some will follow.

2.214 You should understand that all true believers will enter paradise,

even though this has not been revealed to you before,

as this has happened to your ancestors before you.

Many before you suffered hardships and difficulties and sickness,

so that your prophetesses and ascended mistresses would come to you,

and you would then believe them and become closer to Goddess;

and in fact you asked, “When will help come from Goddess?”

“Is the help of Goddess near to us?” But they were right before you, living with you, both then and now.

2.215 They ask who should receive alms and you should reply,

“Let it be given to parents, kindred, orphans, the poor and the stranger;

those unjustly imprisoned, and those in need, those that are refugees,

and for all the good things you do because Goddess knows and remembers.”

2.216 War is prohibited, but you and those you think are your enemies earnestly desire it,

nonetheless, you must refrain from it, except when in self defense; and even then, always attempt peace,

and only defend yourselves to the extent necessary to what you need.

This is the case, even though this is difficult for you;

at first you will hate it, but then you will grow to understand it;

but Goddess knows this even though you do not know it yet.

2.217 Some may ask you whether it is permissible to make war during a holy month,

holy week or holy day; and you must answer,

“To make war is a great mistake, yet it is even a greater mistake not to defend oneself,

or to defend an oppressed people, or to defend a place of worship,

or to defend those who would be unjustly driven from their homes,

and it creates in the people a temptation to worship the negative earthly idols of wealth,

power and greed and not Goddess, who loves and adores you all.”

Many will not cease to fight you until you turn from your religion

or from Goddess if they are able to convince you of this;

but if you turn from Goddess and then become corrupt and unjust,

you heart will become hardened and all your life will have been in vain in this world and in the next,

and on the day of your resurrection, your soul will grieve for such a loss,

when you could have done so much good here on earth, with guidance from Goddess;

2.218 But those who believe and defend others and keep the peace or make peace,

and do so in the name of Goddess, they shall have abundant mercy and love from Goddess;

for Goddess is loving and gracious.

2.219 You may be asked concerning certain vices62 such as gambling, recreational drugs and alcohol,

and you should answer that it is not the vice that is the issue,

but whether it hurts anyone else that depends upon you,

and there are many who depend upon your in your lifetime.

Certainly avoid anything that is illegal, and anything that is addictive to you.

What is left is something that does not hurt others, and is done in a moderate fashion.

2.220 You may also be asked concerning orphans and children,

and you should answer that to deal righteously with them is best;

and if you become their financial guardian, do not steal from them in any manner for your own

or another’s benefit, for they are your children also and Goddess knows

the corrupt dealer from the righteous; and you will find great distress on the day of your resurrection

for unjust dealing; for this is the plan of Goddess; for She is almighty and wise.

2.221 Do not marry men that idolize wealth and power over love and kindness;

or those that scoff at Goddess, the angels and heaven;

for such a marriage is likely to be quite miserable and most difficult for you;

it is better to marry a lowly believing servant;

for a loving servant is better than a man that idolizes wealth and power;63

he is likely to have a cold, hard heart, despite the fact you love him much.

And do not encourage any woman to love such a man, unless and until he becomes kind and loving,

for a poor but good Goddess-loving man is far better than one that cares only for wealth and power,

or one that loves drugs, alcohol, power, violence, aggression and material things over

love, kindness, mercy, decency and womankind, even though you find you love him much.

For those men that have such evil earthy idols and create their own personal hell around them,

and others here on earth; they will not advance either here or in the afterlife,

but Goddess will forgive those that ask and repent and She will invite them into Paradise

to show Her great signs to women.

2.222 Some men may ask regarding women’s menstruation,

and you should answer that menstruation is a blessing from Goddess and the promise of new life;

therefore, be kind to women during menstruation, especially if they do not feel well;

pray for them and care for them and love them gently,

and you may be rewarded with the blessings of their uterus,

for you were once a blessing of your mother’s uterus.

When their menstruation has ceased, they will feel better again and you can love them easily again,

for Goddess loves each of us always, when we are not feeling well,

as well as when and we gain health;  She is there for us.

2.223 Spouses should be like fertile fields to one another and you should love one another freely

and in whatever manner you both desire and both agree upon;64

and one of you should do first some act which is profitable to you souls;

and you should love Goddess and know that you came from Her world

and you will one day return to Her world; for Goddess is omniscient;

She is the One that hears you and knows you all completely;

you should bear good will to all your neighbors.

2.224 You need not make Goddess the object of your oaths;

rather always deal justly with one another always, and be devout and always be a peacemaker;

for Goddess hears you and knows you completely.

2.225 Goddess does not punish anyone for inadvertent swearing;

yet this is a definite mistake because some people might be offended,

and it shows intentional disrespect for Goddess; yet ask Her for forgiveness and it will be granted,

Goddess is merciful and full of grace for you.

2.226 Those that have decided to divorce a spouse should wait a minimum of four months to make it final, whenever possible, but if during that time, the parties obtain professional counseling and they reconcile,

all the better for them; but if they cannot work out their differences

and they no longer love one another; by prayer and meditation,

Goddess is merciful and will allow them release if this is a burden, from an unhappy marriage.

2.227 Those that divorce, both women and men, should wait at least three months before dating again;

if a woman is pregnant by her former husband, it is generally best for her to inform him accordingly,

if he is not abusive to her,65 and the couple may consider reconciling for the sake of the child,

and this would be best, but if this is not possible;

then through prayer and meditation Goddess will relieve them of this burden.

2.228 Women should behave toward their husbands in a kindly, patient manner,

as their husbands should behave toward them, according to the same;

and no partner should have superiority over the other,

but the two should work as a team for two have been joined as one in marriage.

2.229 For Goddess is almighty and wise. You may divorce your spouse once,

but after that it is best to seek a period of professional counseling prior to a second divorce;

when you and your spouse are parted through divorce,

you should treat your ex-spouse humanely and with all kindness and respect.

It is not right, upon divorce, to take back any gifts you have given a spouse during the marriage,

unless it becomes necessary to liquidate an item or thing to provide necessaries

for children or a disabled or elderly person dependent on one of the parties,66

but this should never be used as a means to hurt a former spouse.

2.230 It should not be right for any spouse to require that the other pay an amount

from the property that she or he brought to the marriage as a precursor to divorce.

These are the commandments of Goddess and you should keep them faithfully

to become and remain closer to Goddess.

2.231 But when you are both divorced, if either party desires to contact the other,

this should be done on the basis of mutual consent and with kindness,

and neither party should prevent or take any action to obstruct the remarriage of the other party.

And this is one of the commandments of Goddess; She declares them to Her understanding children.

This is given as a direction to all people that love Goddess

and believe in the day of their resurrection and Paradise;

2.232 It matters not how many times a person is involved with a divorce;

each time, proper professional counseling should be sought,

as well as prayer and meditation prior to any divorce or any remarriage.

It is never an issue to remarry a former spouse,

as long as professional counseling is sought prior to any remarriage,

especially if the couple can observe the commandments of Goddess and are committed to Her.

2.233 Generally, mothers should nurse a child for at least two years after birth,67

and even thereafter, as the mother decides, yet both are liable to the child for food,

clothing, necessaries, and an education, according to the abilities of the parents.

And no child should receive less or more of these items due to her gender.

A mother shall not be compelled to do what is unreasonable on account of her child, nor should the father.

And any heir of the parents is not obligated in a like manner,

that is, to do what is unreasonable or what simply cannot be done;

but parents that chose to wean an infant prior to two years of age,

upon the mother’s request, or upon mutual consideration, there is no mistake in this.

And those that hire a nurse or a nanny for the child, there is no error in this,

as long as you pay the nanny fairly and at the rate which you have promised her, according to what is just;

and love Goddess and know that Goddess sees all that you do.

2.234 Should any person divorce or die and leave a spouse,

then the spouse should wait at least four months before remarrying, if possible;

but there is no true error in any earlier remarriage; provided that the new couple is ready;

only Goddess knows what is in your hearts.

2.235 And it is not error to make public overtures of love or marriage to any suitable unmarried person; but wait a reasonable mourning period or four months in the case of death of a spouse;

It matters not whether you keep such desires in your own mind;

Goddess knows you will later remember them.

But make no promises to a beloved privately, unless you speak the honorable truth regarding your love;

and wait a reasonable period before marriage, whenever possible;

and know that Goddess knows what is in your minds,

therefore be careful, but know that Goddess is all gracious and merciful.

2.236 It is not acceptable to attain an annulment

purely for the reason that you have not coupled with your spouse,

nor have you obtained shared assets in both your names;

rather, seek professional counseling, prayer and a reasonable period of time prior to annulment,

and annul the marriage then only if you do not love them and cannot get along with them.

2.237 Always provide for an ex-spouse that is indigent,

according to your abilities to provide such support;

and if you are indigent yourself also, then from that what you can share;

this is a duty incumbent on the righteous.

If you divorce a spouse that you have not touched,

and you have accepted any property from them or purchased jointly held property,

you should nonetheless give them back any property they gave you,

unless it was a gift, and you should split equally any jointly held property;

but if you give them back all they gave you and half of all jointly held property,

this will nearer approach piety.

And strive to be liberal regarding others, for Goddess loves the person who is nonjudgmental in all things.

2.238 Carefully observe your daily prayers, in the morning and in the evening,

and be assiduous with devotion clearly directed toward Goddess.

2.239 But if you face danger, pray while on foot or horseback, or wherever you are,

no matter what you are doing or not doing, Goddess always hears and listens to your prayers.

2.240 And if you die, your will should provide adequately for your spouse and your dependent children,

and if your finances are limited, you should make provisions for them to the extent that you can,68

and leave at least a life tenancy for your spouse in your main residence,

although joint tenancy is preferable, together with a minimum of one third of your estate,

but if your spouse should leave your house and give it to your children

or other dependent prior to the expiry of her life tenancy, that is also acceptable; for Goddess is all wise.

2.241 For those that are divorced, a reasonable provision to an indigent former spouse is directed,

for Goddess directs kindness to others always.

2.242 Goddess has directed many signs to you; that you may understand and learn.

2.243 You should consider the assembly of the Children of Israel, after the time of Sarah and Miriam;

for those people were near death; and then they wandered in the wilderness for forty years.

Then, from the next generation, She revived them and they inherited the promised land.

Goddess is benevolent to Her people, but most do not give Her any thanks.69       

2.244 Fight the good nonviolent fight in words and deeds and actions of grace in the name of Goddess

and know that She hears and knows and remembers all of what you do for Her.

2.245 You should consider that to lend one’s life to Goddess

bears one an excellent interest rate or rate of return on investment,

and when you do good deeds in the name of Goddess,

your return will be greatly increased many times over.

2.246 You should consider the high priestess of the children of Israel,

during the time of Miriam, when they said to their prophetess,

“Appoint for us a Queen that we may evangelize others to the true religion of Goddess.”

The prophetess answered, “If you are willing to engage in a struggle

for good religion, then are you prepared for the hardship involved?”

And the people answered, “There is nothing holding us back that we should

not strenuously evangelize all in order to have a peaceful religion and society,

we have already lost our homes and are deprived of our children through war and violence.

2.247 But when many actually had to engage in a great strenuous mission to improve society and religion, many did not have the stamina that they thought they did;

and they turned their back on this promise, except for a few,

and Goddess was pleased to see a few strong souls that would endure such a long mission on Her account.

And their prophetess said to them, Goddess has sent you a Queen Taluta

to rise from among you; and they answered, “How can she rule over us,

for many are more worthy of this queendom than she, nor does she possess great riches?”

But Samantha70 said “Goddess has chosen her to rule over you

and has provided her with great knowledge, wisdom and stature,

for Goddess gives Her Queendom to those which She knows best to rule;

for Goddess is courteous, kind and wise.”

2.248 And the prophetess further related, “And the sign of Her Queendom shall be on an ark

which shall come to you,71 and within the ark you will find tranquility72 from you Lady of Light;

and you shall find sacred relics73 left by Miriam and Moses,

and the family of Mother Mary, and the angels shall bring them to you.”

All of this should be a sign to you, if you believe.

2.249 And when Queen Taluta departed with the peacekeepers on a mission of evangelization,

she said, “To show your faith in Goddess, go down by the river and watch,

those that drink of the river will not be on my side, and those that do not drink of the river,

will be on my side, except those that only drink from their hands.”

And they all drank from the river, except for a very few.74

And when they had passed the river, Queen Taluta and those who believed with her said,

“We have no strength today, to evangelize against the

forces of darkness and negativity of Jalut or Goliath.”

2.250 But those who remembered that they would meet Goddess on the day of their resurrection said, “Remember that many times even a small group of missionaries can evangelize multitudes,

by the will of Goddess; She is with those who patiently and kindly persevere.”

And when they went forth to evangelize Jalut and his people, they said,

“O Lady of Light, pour on us patience and kindness and confirm our beliefs,

and help us against those that would harm us and live a life of war and are not for peace or Goddess.”

2.251 Thereafter, Dana,75 a mere shepardess, then slew Goliath,

and Goddess gave her a queendom and wisdom and great knowledge,76

and Goddess showed humanity that a battle only between two people

is much preferred to save the lives of many, and to prevent the corruption of the people

to love war and not Goddess, thereby creating earthly idols of hate, war and violence.

2.252 These are the signs of Goddess; you have been shown this is the truth,

and surely these were signs sent out only by Her.

2.253 There are many prophetesses sent by Goddess, there will be many more to come;

the angels do not prefer some over others; some Goddess has spoken to directly

and you may want to exalt some over the others;

but the angels and Goddess do not do this; they consider all good entities to be wonderful.

We gave to Yeshua and Mother Mary obvious signs and strengthened them both

with the Holy Spirit of Goddess. And if Goddess had desired so,

those who came after the prophetesses would not have turned from Goddess,

after seeing multiple signs shown to them.

But they fell into disagreements over minutiae of theology and ritual,

and some came to lose faith; but if Goddess could have shown them that peace and harmony I

n all things is preferred, then they would not have quarreled, but many people do what they want.

2.254 A true believer will give alms freely, before the day comes wherein there will be no commerce,

nor friendships, nor family intercession; you will have only the good will purchased from Goddess

which you acquired during your lifetime.

2.255 Those that have no faith in Goddess or kindness have a darkness within their souls.

Goddess! There is no Goddess but She, the living, the self-sustaining;

She needs neither dreams nor sleep, and to Her belongs everythin in the heavens and on earth.

None can change what Goddess will do, except through petition and prayer and Her infinite mercy,

which is always bestowed freely upon you all.

For Goddess knows all the past, the present and the future,

and no person has such knowledge, except as it is granted unto her by the grace of Goddess,

Who is most gracious, generous and kind.

For the throne of Goddess extends over all the heaven and earth,

and the maintenance of both is no burden to Her and Her angels;

for She is the High One and the Almighty One.

2.256 Let there be no violence or compulsion in religion;77 let the people worship freely,

and now you have been given true religion over prior deceit;

whosoever shall deny the darkness78 and believe in Goddess,

surely she shall have a strong heart, which will not be broken; for Goddess hears and sees all.

2.257 Goddess is the Patroness of all who believe;

She shall lead Her children out of the darkness and into the light;

but as to those who do not believe in Her, their patrons are Evil or darkness and negativity,

and they will remain in the state of darkness and dankness until their hearts are changed.

2.258 When Sarah said, “it is only by my Goddess who gives or takes away life that I find love,”

her persecutor replied, “I give life and I can kill.”79

Sarah replied, “Goddess directs the sun to rise from the east;

so if you are greater than Her, now bring it up from the west.”

Whereupon, the persecutor became confused and confounded,

for Goddess will not assist a violent religious persecutor.

2.259 Or consider the behavior of a certain woman80 named Esma

that passed a city that had been destroyed to its foundations.

This woman said, “How could Goddess possibly bring this city back to life?”

Just then, Goddess caused the woman to sleep for one hundred years, as if she were dead,

and then she came back to life. And Goddess asked the woman,

“Now how long do you think you have been here?”

And the woman replied, “A day, or part of a day.”

Goddess said, “No, you have been here a hundred years.”

“Look at your food and your wine, they are still fresh and delectable.”

“But now gaze upon your poor donkey, she was all bones before I brought her back to life just for you.” When this was all shown to Esma, she said, “I know that Goddess is able to do anything.”

2.260 Recall when Sarah said, “Please, dear Lady of Light, show me how you can raise the dead,”

and Goddess replied, “Do you not believe that I can do such a thing?”81

She answered, “Yes, I do, but please show me so that my mind will be put at ease.”

Goddess told her to then take four dead birds and divide them and lay a piece on every mountain,

then she could just call them, and they would arrive swiftly to her,

and then she would know that Goddess is almighty and wise.

And Sarah did as she was told, and all the birds immediately returned to her alive.

2.261 The synergy of those that lay out their wealth and capabilities for Goddess,

and in the advancement of the true religion of Goddess for love and kindness to all

is like a grain of corn that produces seven ears of corn, and in every ear a hundred grains;

for Goddess gives many times over Her bounty to those that give to Her by doing good things;

Goddess is bounteous, generous and wise.

2.262 Those that adhere to their religion which Goddess and the prophetess has taught them,

and afterwards no longer follow the negative idols that they had worshiped before,

even despite the fact they suffered reproaches or mischief at the hands of others,

they shall have their abundant reward with the Lady of Light,

and upon them shall come no fear, nor shall they be grieved.

2.263 A fair speech and forgiveness for all is better than alms followed by mischief,

for Goddess is wealthy and powerful in spirit.

2.264 Please, believers, do not make your alms ineffective by judgment or mischief,

as she who gives only to show off to others, and who does not truly believe in charity or in Goddess,

2.265 the likeness of such a person is like a match covered with dirt,

upon which a drenching rain has fallen, and leaves it soggy and worthless.

They do not truly prosper in any of their endeavors, for Goddess does not

direct souls that do not want Her to come to them.

2.266 If you all desire to have a garden of palm trees and grape vines through which clear rivers flow, wherein you may have all kinds of fruits, and may attain an advanced age, then you must pray,

because without Her you may attain only sickly children, and multiple severe storms

with plague after plague following thereafter, and your life will be burdened and without direction.

Thus, Goddess shows Her signs to you, that you might ponder and understand.

2.267 All true believers, bestow alms out of the good you have gained only by the grace of Goddess,

and from the bounty of the earth, which is Hers, and thus do not choose darkness and negativity,

so give freely in alms, such that you would desire to receive yourselves, should you ever be in need;

otherwise alms become but a contrivance;

you should know that Goddess is exceedingly wealthy and worthy of all your praise.

2.268 Those that are dark and negative threaten you with poverty,

and entice you with nasty greediness; but Goddess promises refuge from all this

together with Her forgiveness and abundance; for Goddess is bounteous and wise.

2.269 She will give wisdom to all that seek it from Her, and for those that receive Her wisdom,

there is great goodness, but none will receive this, except the wise and kind of heart that believe in Her.

2.270 And whatever alms you give, and the promises you make;

Goddess knows all of this; but those who act unjustly and will not believe will have no Protectress.

2.271 If you make your charitable acts known, that is well;

but if you conceal them and still give to the poor, this is better for you;

and you will gather much good will about you;

and Goddess knows well of all you do and She will be very pleased.

2.272 You will not know what direction your life will take;

but Goddess knows all about your direction in life.

The good deeds that you give in charity to others less fortunate will be multiplied upon yourself;

and you should not give except from a sincere and loving heart and in honor of Goddess.

2.273 And the goodness you give in alms shall be repaid many times over back to you;

you shall not be treated unjustly; for the poor that are wholly engaged

in endeavoring to maintain a loving religion of Goddess do well;                                                   

yet many cannot travel freely; there are those who know that true wealth lies in modest attire,

and they are blessed, you shall know them by their mark of kindness,

for they do not command women regarding what they should wear;

and Goddess will know all the good you do when you give alms.

2.274 People who distribute alms from their own property by day and night,

in public and in private, shall have their reward from the Lady of Light;

no fear shall come to them, nor shall they grieve.

2.275 Those that promote usury and charge clearly excessive fees to lend money,

shall be most grieved on the day of their resurrection, for all the harm they caused others,

for darkness has infected them with an evil touch, this will happen to those that make the excuse,

“Usury is the same as selling merchandise for a large profit,”

and yet Goddess does not permit selling for unreasonable profits either, especially to the poor and needy, nor does She permit the lending of money for large profits to the poor and needy.

But those that continue excessive usury after hearing Her Word,

shall indeed be saddened on the day of their resurrection, when they see the troubles they have caused.

2.276 Nonetheless, Goddess cannot give blessings to you from your usury,

but She will allow others to receive the blessings and increase alms;

still, Goddess does not understand the avarice inherent in the unbelievers.

2.277 O true believers, love Goddess, and abandon usury and unreasonable profits, if you really believe; but if you do not, know that a battle rages within yourself,

for Goddess is within you and your ego will fight with Her, until She changes you into the light.

2.278 However, if you change and repent usury and unreasonable profits,

then Goddess will forgive you, and you will have all your money back and an even higher profit.

2.279 If you do not deal unjustly with others, then you will not suffer unjustness yourself.

2.280 If you have a debtor with difficulty in paying you, then give the debtor extra time to pay,

but it would clearly be best for you to simply forgive the debt entirely,

if only you knew what Goddess and the angels already know.

2.281 And love the day that you will see the face of Goddess;

and every soul will be paid according to what she or he has gained; and you will not be treated unjustly.

2.282 O true believers, when you incur a debt over a period of time, write it down,

and let the writer and the parties write down just and fair repayment terms;

and do not allow the writer to propound any injustice that Goddess has not taught;

but let the writer write freely, and let the debtor dictate the terms,

and let the debtor’s terms be fair, out of her love for Goddess and truth.                                        

But if the debtor is incapacitated, weak or disabled, let his agent82 do so in equity;

and call two witnesses or female neighbors; but if there are not two women,

then a man and a woman will do; if one should make a mistake, then the other can refresh his recollection.

And the witnesses should not refuse, when they are called; whether it is a large or small debt or contract;

and do not wait until the time to collect or to perform your contractual obligations to do this;

for there is a greater chance for quarrels and misunderstandings among you.

For this method is better in the sight of Goddess, and for the witnesses, and more easy,

such that doubts will not be increased among you.

But if it is a present transaction between those you know well and trust,

it is not clearly a mistake to fail to write it down.

And take witnesses with you, whenever possible, when you sell to one another,

and let no harm come to the witnesses or any lawyer, which if you do, is your mistake,

but if you love Goddess, She will instruct you properly, for Goddess knows all things.

2.283 And if you are on a journey, and a scribe or lawyer is not available to you,

or you cannot write out a contract, you may simply agree between yourselves,

and if one of you trusts the other, then let she who is trustworthy retain what she was trusted with,

out of your love for Goddess. And do not conceal any testimony,

for this breeds injustice and darkness of the heart; Goddess knows what you do;

2.284 Whatever is in heaven and on earth belongs to Goddess,

and whether you make known what is in your mind, or whether you conceal it,

Goddess will call you to account for it, and She will forgive all who ask,

and She will devise plans to correct those that do not, for Goddess is merciful and almighty.         

2.285 The prophetesses believe in all that has been sent down from the Lady of Light,

and the faithful do also. Everyone of them believes in Goddess, Her angels, and Her Scripture,

and Her alms, and the angels make no distinction between any of them.                                        

They say, “We have heard you Goddess and we obey,

we petition for your mercy, O Lady of Light, for we know we will one day return to You.”

2.286 Goddess will not force anyone beyond her capacity;

you will all have the good which you have gained during life,

and the soul will see and grieve for all the suffering you have caused also.                                      

O Lady of Light, forgive us for our wrongful ways, and do not punish us if we forget or act wrongfully;

O Lady of Light do not burden us as those in the past were burdened83,

nor make us bear that which we do not have the strength to bear,

but be favorable to us, spare us, and be merciful to us.

You are our Patroness, please help us against unjust nations

that violate basic human rights and do not tolerate all religions.








3.1 A.L.M84. Alif Lam Mim.

3.2 There is no Goddess but Goddess, the living, the self sustaining.

3.3 She has sent down the book of the Korana full of truth,

3.4 confirming that which was revealed before;

for She had lovingly sent down her Law and Her Gospels as a direction to all humanity,

and She has given Her direction between good and evil.

Certainly those that do not believe in the signs of Goddess

shall be deeply saddened on the day of their resurrection

for all the good they might have accomplished with Her help;

and rest assured that Goddess has no need for revenge against anyone, She is pure Love.

3.5 Nothing on earth can ever be hidden from Goddess;

3.6 for She Herself formed you lovingly in your mother’s uterus,

and She was most happy to do this for you; there is no Goddess but She, the mighty and the wise.

3.7 It is She who has sent this Book to you, where some verses will be obvious and clear to you,

while others are told in parable form. Those that have a dark heart and are full of negativity will

interpret these parables darkly and with great pessimism,

and they will create schism and doubt, yet none will know the true interpretation

except Goddess and Her angels and the believers who are liberal and full of love in their interpretations.

Those persons that have great knowledge will say,

we believe that all this Scripture is from the Lady of Light;

and none will consider and ponder this well, except those that are prudent.

3.8 O Lady of Light, do not allow our hearts to swerve away from Your truths,

as You have set them forth, and after You have directed us;

and we ask for Your mercy as You are generous and abundant in mercy.

3.9 O Lady of Light, we believe You will provide us

with a day of resurrection at our death, and clear direction at that time;

there is no doubt in this, for you have promised it, and Goddess is never contrary to Her promises.

3.10 As for those that do not desire Goddess at this time;

their wealth is not a true profit, nor can their children intercede for them;

their souls will continue to suffer torment and wander aimlessly on the earth until they turn to Goddess;

this torment shall feel as though they were serving as fuel for hell fire.

3.11 Some of the people of Pharaoh, and some of their ancestors had told others that this religion is a lie;

but Goddess knew their wickedness and was saddened,

and She devised plans to lead them back to the correct path

through trials and tribulations; for Goddess does not punish.                                                                           

3.12 Tell others that do not believe that they are lost and without a protectress;

and their lives are like hell fire until they ask for guidance from Goddess and the angels;

for they will have an unnecessarily unhappy couch to sleep upon.

3.13 You have already been shown many miracles85 wherein two armies fight against one another,

both in the names of different goddesses; they fight to their deaths.

and then all that are left are the peacemakers,

and civilians whose souls cry out for peace after living through the carnage of war-hell;

the blessed will know that Goddess gives you strength in the fight for peace

by experiencing such horrendous scenarios.

Certainly, this was an example of a miracle for people of understanding.

3.14 The love and eager desires of handsome young husbands,

many loving children, and heaping sums of gold and silver,

excellent horses, cattle and land, is only prepared for people that worship these earthly idols;

this is a provision only for the present life; but Goddess truly provides the most excellent return hereafter.

3.15 You could not possibly be told of anything better than this,

for those who are devout are given by the Lady of Light beautiful gardens through which rivers flow,

therein they shall live forever in contentment;

and they shall enjoy husbands handsome and free from impurities, full of the grace of Goddess;

3.16 for Goddess loves Her servants who say, “O Lady of Light we do sincerely believe in You;

forgive us our mistakes and deliver us from soul suffering;”

3.17 this is for the devout and the patient, and those that love truth and light,

and the charitable and those that ask pardon from Her regularly.86

3.18 Goddess has given witness that there is no Goddess but She,

and the  angels and those that are endowed with wisdom profess the same;

they are the ones that bring forth righteousness;

there is no Goddess but She; for She is the Mighty, the Wise One.

3.19 Certainly, the true religion in the sight of Goddess is Islama and other kind and loving religions,

and Islama is a religion by and for women,87 children and enlightened men,

and those who receive the Scriptures and do not depart therefrom are blessed,

until the knowledge of unity was brought forth, some people departed,

but only out of expediency or jealousy; but those who do not believe in the signs of Goddess

may find their accounting poor for all the good they might have done,

and all the happiness they might have accomplished, had they only known and believed in Her.

3.20 If anyone disputes this, then say, “I have resigned myself to Goddess,

and She who follows goodness and light does likewise;”

and tell those who have received this Scripture and the unknowing persons among you,

“Do you profess the religion of Mother Goddess?”

Now, if they embrace Her religion, then they are rightly directed;

but if they turn their backs on Her, then they have learned vain preaching only,

for Goddess knows and regards Her servants greatly.

3.21 And, as for those that do not believe in the signs of Goddess;

and they slay prophetesses without just cause,

and put women to death that have done nothing wrong and only teach justice, peace and love;

they will have a most grievous soul suffering experience on the day of their resurrection

when their eyes are opened and they see the injustice they have caused others.

3.22 Some people only have works that will perish and die in this world

and in the world to come they will need much help with their failings.

3.23 All of womenkind have been called to the good book of Goddess,

to understand that judgment is to be tempered with mercy,

and many have turned their backs,88 and have wandered far away into error.

3.24 This they did because they believed in hell fire and thought that it would only touch them

for a certain number of days; but this is a false deception on their part;

for Goddess does not make or use hell fire on anyone;

She has far more sophisticated methods of discipline,

She is pure love and does not harm any soul. It is safe to trust in Her.

3.25 But then they will find out differently on their day of resurrection,

and souls that have made mistakes will see their mistakes clearly,

and many will suffer soul grief for the wrong they have done,

and those that have gained will ascend higher and closer to Goddess, but no soul will be treated unjustly.

3.26 Tell us, O Goddess who possesses the Queendom?

You bring into Your Queendom only those that desire to enter therein;

and many souls desire some work to make them ascend closer to You,

while others tarry into mistakes and falsehoods and their souls fall further from You;

but the hands of Goddess bear only goodness, for Goddess is almighty.

3.27 Goddess made the night to follow the day;

She brings forth the living from the dead, and the living will one day die,

and She provides food for all Her beloved children in abundance.

3.28 And any believer should be very cautious if she selects a dark entity for a friend,

she must carefully guard against evil, and not be tempted to do evil herself.

Goddess now cautions you regarding this.

3.29 Know that whether you conceal your true heart or make it known to Goddess,

this makes no difference to Goddess, for She knows all and knows what is exactly in your hearts,

Goddess knows all that is in heaven and all that is on earth; Goddess is almighty.

3.30 On your last day, the day of your resurrection,

every soul will find out the good it created, and it will also clearly see any error;

she will then have true hope to be as close as possible to Goddess and Her angels;

Goddess has given you signs of this; for Goddess is gracious to all Her servants.

3.31 Tell others that if you love Goddess, then follow me,

and then Goddess will love you greatly and forgive your mistakes in this life,

for Goddess is gracious and merciful.

3.32 Tell others, “Obey Goddess and the prophetesses, but if you go back then to your old ways after this,

Goddess will assist you no longer, for She will not violate your free will.”

3.33 “Goddess has surely chosen Eve, Nora, Sara and the family of Mother Mary,89

and all the Holy Women above all entities,

3.34 to be a people descended from one another; for Goddess knows and hears all.”

3.35 Remember when Anna90, the mother of Mother Mary said, “O Lady of Light,

this child within me will be dedicated to your service; please accept Her service;

for you hear and know all.”                                         

3.36 And when Her daughter Mary was born, she said, “O Lady of Light,

I am blessed and thankful to have this beautiful daughter which You have graciously sent me

(and Goddess knows what entity She had sent),

and I am most thankful for a female and not a male,

for a daughter is a great comfort to her mother and to other women.

I have called her Mary, and I pray that You protect her from harm always, and her children also,

and keep Evil or darkness and negativity driven away with stones.”91

3.37 Thus, the Lady of Light accepted Mary with a gracious acceptance92

and caused her to bear superior and loving and kind offspring.

And Anna took care of the child, but when Anna and her sister Elizabeth went into her room93 one day,

she saw her daughter had luscious fruits with her. She asked her, “Mary, where did this fruit come from?”

Mary replied, “These are from Goddess and Her angels,

for Goddess loves me and is very pleased with me.”

3.38 Then Elizabeth called upon the Lady of Light and said, “O Lady of Light,

give me an excellent child, for I know you hear my prayers.”

3.39 And the angels called to her and her husband during their prayers

and said, “Goddess has promised you a daughter and

you will name her Jane, and she will bear witness to the words of Goddess;

she will be an honorable person, chaste94 and a blessed prophetess.”

3.40 Elizabeth said, “Lady of Light, how could I possibly have a daughter

when I am so old and my husband has not been able to love me for years?”

The angel replied, “Goddess can do anything for you.”

3.41 Zacharias then requested, “Lady of Light, please give me a sign this is true,”

for Zacharias was a doubter. The angel replied, “The sign will be

that you will not be able to speak for three days and you will have to gesture;

remember the Lady of Light often and praise Her evening and morning, as you are able.”

3.42 The angels also told Mary, “Goddess has chosen you for a holy purpose and

She has purified you and has chosen you over all the other women in the world,

3.43 so that you might worship Her and bow down and others will also worship Her and bow down.”

3.44 This is a secret herstory, and it is only revealed to your prophetess,

although your prophetess was not present with them when the priestesses threw in their rods to cast lots

as to which one of them would have the education of Mary,95

nor was your prophetess with them when they discussed this between themselves.

3.45 When the angels said to Mary, “Goddess has sent you good tidings,

that you shall give birth to the Word directly from Goddess and his name shall be Christ Yeshua,96

son of Mary, honorable in this world and in the world to come;

3.46 and he shall speak to women while in the cradle,97 and when he is grown up

he shall be one of the righteous,”

3.47 she replied, “O Lady of Light, how could I possibly have a son since a man has not touched me?”

3.48 The angel responded, “Goddess creates according to Her plan;

and when She decrees something, whatever it is, it will come to pass; She only says, ‘Be!’ And it is!”

3.49 Goddess teaches Her prophetesses the Scriptures, the wisdom and the Law and the gospel;

and Goddess appoints these as mistresses over the world, and over the Children of Israel.

And then the child Yeshua shall say, “I come to you with signs

from the Lady of Light, for I make before you clay as in the form of a bird,98

then I will breathe on it, and it shall become alive, by the grace of Goddess,

and I will heal those persons that have been blind from birth; and the leper,

and I will raise the dead back to life99 by mercy and devotion of Goddess;

and I will give you guidance from Heaven above as to what you can eat

and what you should keep for provisions when you are in need.

This is all a sign to you if you believe in Goddess,”

3.50 “and I come to confirm the Law which was revealed before me,

and to allow things that you thought were previously forbidden you,100

and I come to you with signs from your Lady of Light, therefore, love your Goddess, and hear me.”

3.51 “Certainly, Goddess is your Lady of Light, therefore serve Her. This is the right way.”

3.52 But when Yeshua saw that still some did not believe him,

he said, “Who will be my helpers to guide me, Mother Goddess?”

The holy women and apostles101 answered, “We will be the helpers of Goddess,

and we believe in Goddess and we will bear witness, for we are true believers.”

3.53 “O Lady of Light, we do believe in what you have sent down to us

and we follow Yeshua, therefore record us as disciples of Yeshua.”

3.54 And some of his peers102 devised an evil plan against him,

but Goddess did not allow Yeshua to die, but he was resurrected to Her after death on earth,

in to Paradise, for Goddess makes glorious plans.103

3.55 Whereupon the Lady of Light said, “O Yeshua, I will allow you to die,

but then I will take you home to Me and away from all the darkness and negativity of life,

and you shall be with Me and I will show you the truth regarding those who squabble among themselves.”

3.56 “Moreover, as for the dark souls, they will continue to suffer soul grief and they will

wander in the world without a protectress both here and in the world to come,

despite the fact there are plenty on earth who would help them see Me and see My light.”

3.57 “But as for those that believe and do what is right, they will have abundant reward;”

Goddess sends Her beloved assistance primarily to the believers and not

to those that do not want Her or have not asked for Her assistance.

3.58 These signs and understandings are sent to you all that walk the earth.

3.59 Certainly the likeness of Yeshua is similar to that of Adam104;

and the likeness of Mary Magdalene is similar to that of Eve,105

Goddess created Eve from the divine spark, water and minerals of the earth,

and said “live!” and then she lived.

3.60 This is the truth from Goddess; do not be one of those that doubt.

3.61 Anyone that will dispute this with you concerning Yeshua,

after the knowledge that has been given to you, tell them,

“Come, let us call together our daughters and your daughters and

our husbands and your husbands and ourselves and yourselves

and let us beg of those who make improper implications and let

Goddess devise plans to set straight those that do not understand.”

3.62 Certainly, this is a true herstory; and there is no divine ruler but Goddess,

and Goddess is mighty and wise.

3.63 Those that repent and become righteous will be forgiven by Goddess.

3.64 Tell those that have received the Scriptures, that we have all come to justice,

and we all truly worship no goddess except Goddess,

and we associate no negative emotions or actions with Her.

But if anyone turns back, say to Goddess, “You are witness that we are true believers.”

3.65 If you have been given the Scriptures, then do not dispute what Sarah taught you,

since you are now allowed more information from Her,

as we have advanced and perfected more.

3.66 Try to understand it makes little sense to dispute things you have limited knowledge about,

however; it makes no sense to dispute things that you know nothing about.

Goddess knows everything, but you all do not.

3.67 Sarah was neither a Jew or a Christian; but she did follow a true and good and kind religion,

one that was based on Goddess worship and not on worship of earthly idols

of wealth, greed, self centeredness and power.

3.68 Certainly those who are close to Sarah in kindred spirit

are those that follow her and her true and good and kind religion,

and also the prophetesses who came after her are blessed; Goddess is patroness of the faithful.

3.69 Some people who have received the Scriptures may try to seduce you

away to darkness and  negativity; but they only seduce themselves,

but they do not perceive this as being the case.

3.70 If you have received the Scriptures, you should believe in the signs of Goddess;

as you are witness to them.

3.71 If you have received the Scriptures, then you should not clothe truth with vain desires,

nor must you knowingly hide the truth.

3.72 And some of you who have received the Scriptures

believe in what has been sent down for the believers in the beginning of the day,

but then deny it by the end of the day,106 and they lose their faith,

and in doing so they follow a different religion, not one of love, peace or kindness.

3.73 Tell others that the true direction to pray is the direction of Goddess

and know that She is within you and all around you, and this is given to you as a wonderful revelation,

for She is well pleased to relieve any excessive religious duties and make Her religion a blessing upon you.

Do some people dispute with you regarding your Lady of Light?

3.74 Tell them that “Everything excellent lies in the hands of Goddess,

and She gives it to those loyal to Her, Goddess is bounteous and wise; She gives mercy to her followers;

Goddess is imbued with abundant benevolence.

3.75 For those who have received the Scriptures, if you trust her with a talent,107

she will return it promptly to you; but there are those that if you trust them with a talent,

they will not pay it back until you hound them with great urgency.108

3.76 Their excuse is that they are not obliged to be just with a “heathen,”

but this is a falsehood against Goddess, for we are all Her children,

and we are commanded to do no injustice to any person, so as to be an example and a light to the world.

Those that keep the covenants of Goddess and love Goddess, She will love them greatly and bless them.

3.77 But those who must be paid extra to keep their agreements, contracts and oaths to others,

or those that sell out on their agreements, contracts and oaths to others for a small price,

darken their hearts and souls and reduce their advancement in the next world;

further they shall not see Goddess on the day of their resurrection, unless they repent and turn to Her,

but even if they do not repent, Goddess will devise plans for them to set them straight.

3.78 Then there are also those that read the Scripture perversely and darkly,

with negativity and sourness in their hearts,

they try to convince you that there is a darkness in the Scriptures that you should follow;

when clearly it is not there and it is only in their own fearful minds,

so then they speak falsely regarding Goddess; but all of this is not from Her,

for She is only peace and love and harmony; and only this was written in their own  hearts.

3.79 It is not appropriate for any person to be given revelations from Goddess,

and Her wisdom and prophecy, and then the person should tell others

“Worship me and not Goddess,” but what that person ought to say is,

“Be good in your knowledge and works since you know the Scriptures, and exercise kindness to all.109       

3.80 Goddess does not tell you to take the angels and prophetesses as goddesses instead of Her,

but you should be thankful to them for all they do and remember them in your prayers to Her,

because this is what a true believer does.

3.81 When Goddess accepts a covenant or agreement with the prophetesses,

She says “This is the Scripture and wisdom that I have given to you;

more apostles and prophetesses will come, confirming true Scripture

and revealing even more from Goddess than what you have now,

and you should believe in what they say and assist them.

Goddess has asked many if they would accept Her covenants and agreements

and many have agreed to do so, out of love for Her.

3.82 Those that agree to the covenants and agreements with Goddess are firmly resolved,

with Her assistance, and thus they become witnesses to their Lady of Light,

and they are unlikely to turn back and become unbelievers.

3.83 Thus, there is no reason to seek anything other than the true religion of Goddess

that teaches love, kindness and charity,

for She controls everything in heaven and on earth and to Her you shall all return.

3.84 Tell others that you believe in Goddess, and in Sarah, Isabell, Iris and Jacklyn and their good children,

and in that which was given to Miriam and Mother Mary and Yeshua,

and all the other ascended mistresses and masters, from their Lady of Light.

The angels make no distinction among any of them, and we are dedicated to our Goddess.

3.85 Whoever follows any other untrue religion, that is, one that teaches darkness and negativity,

which is completely unacceptable, they are likely to darken their hearts,

refuse Goddess on the day of their resurrection, act corruptly and unjustly,

and they will not enter Paradise on the day of their resurrection,

but they will suffer soul grief instead, until they repent and turn to Her;

yet no one shall perish for Goddess does not destroy souls.

3.86 Know that Goddess does not further direct those that do not love Her,

or do not believe in Her anymore, including those that once believed in Her and Her Holy Women,

good works and prophetesses.

They will no longer be guided in the differences between right and wrong.

3.87 They shall not see Paradise in the next life,

but shall suffer sadness when they see what they have done on their day of judgment.

3.88 And they shall continue to be reborn upon the earth, never seeing paradise,

until they repent and turn to Her.

3.89 But those who repent and turn to Goddess and ask forgiveness for their errors and mistakes,

they will see Paradise; for She is the Most Forgiving and Most Merciful one.

3.90 As for the others, Goddess and the angels will devise plans to set them on the right path,

lovingly and kindly, for Goddess is all love, grace and mercy.

Those who do not believe after they once believed, will be gently urged back to the right path to Goddess.

3.91 Those who die in unbelief, can still seek Goddess,

and She will love them and welcome them into Paradise, if they will only ask for Her;

but not even mountains of gold will not be accepted for ransom if they deny Her,

and they shall see how their unbelief did not allow them to reach out in love to others.

3.92 You cannot ascend into the higher levels of Heaven until you understand

that you must give freely in alms of your resources that you love,

and all that you give, Goddess knows and appreciates.

3.93 All food was permitted to the Children of Israel, but they forbade certain foods themselves

after the Pentateuch was sent down, and even after this,

they added in additional food restrictions themselves, but none of these were from Goddess.

3.94 Anyone who forges lies against Goddess are certainly unjust to Her, and in doing so,

they only injure their own souls.

Say to those that do not believe this, “Bring me a copy of the Pentateuch and read it,”

and know this,110 whosoever says this after reading it claims that it is not so,

creates a darkness in their heart and they are indeed unbelievers.

3.95 Tell others that Goddess has the truth and you should follow Sarah’s religion,

for she worshiped Goddess and not earthly idols of wealth, greed and power.111

3.96 A first house of worship was built in Mecca, and it was blessed,

and a good direction was given to all,112 but you should know Goddess is within you,

and in all directions surrounding you.

3.97 There are salient signs113 that the place Sarah stood is indeed sacred and with whomever is present, there is absolute safety. It is a good thing that Goddess believes women should visit this place,114

if desired, to see if this is true; Goddess does not understand disbelief in Her,

for She is gracious and merciful.

3.98 If you believe in the Scripture, then you should believe in the signs of Goddess;

if you have received the Scripture, then there is no reason to stay away from Goddess,

and you should become a believer.

3.99 You all seem to make the path to Goddess crooked, but it is straight and simple;

the believers are witnesses that this is right; for Goddess knows all of what you do.

3.100 O true believers, if you only believe a portion of the Scripture, and not the rest,

then the unbelievers can easily turn you back into a disbeliever, because you will not be properly guided.

3.101 O true believers, if you do not obey people who received the Scriptures,

others will attempt to render you hostile to the believers after the signs of Goddess are upon you,

and Her angels and prophetesses are with you.115

3.102 But anyone that clings to Goddess is already on the right path;

O believers, love Goddess with true love and tenderness of heart,

and do not die until you become a true believer.

3.103 And cling to all of the laws of Goddess, and do not depart from them,

and remember that Goddess favors those who love Her, and since you were enemies,

and now are reconciled in your hearts, and now you are sisters and brothers and neighbors in peace;

before you were strongly divided, and Goddess delivered you from all of this.                              

3.104 Then Goddess declared signs to you so you would be rightfully directed;

so let all the believers invite others to the truest, most loving, giving and forgiving religion,

and command what is just and forbid all evil, and everyone will be happy.

3.105 And do not be divided, and debate theology to anger, after you have shown to be loving,

and then you are not, this is indeed torment to your own soul.

3.106 On the day of the final resurrection, there will be some faces full of joy,

but others will be dour and downcast, then Goddess will ask the dark entities,

“Did you return to corruption and injustice after you believed?” Then you will feel the love of Goddess,

for She will cleanse them of their sins and errors and fill them up again with only peace and joy.

3.107 As for the light souls that are already in the mercy of Goddess, they already have peace and joy,

but theirs will be multiplied even more greatly, and all will enter paradise and be there together forever.

3.108 These are the signs of Goddess, they are related to you as absolute truth.

For Goddess does not deal unjustly with any of Her children;

3.109 To Goddess belongs whatever is in heaven and upon the earth;

and to Goddess shall all people and creatures return.

3.110 You all are the best nations that have ever been introduced to humanity and womankind;

many of you already know what is just, and may already prohibit what is unjust,

and you will all believe eventually in Goddess, truth and light.

And those who have received the Scriptures have believed; and surely this was better for them;

there are many believers among womankind, yet the better part still have dark souls.

3.111 The dark souls do not hurt you other than with a slight hurt;

and if they are hostile toward you, you may defend yourselves against them116

and you will see they are cowards and will not be helped by Goddess.

3.112 Those who are hostile and violent are smitten with vileness wherever they are,

and until they ask Goddess for help in eliminating this condition, they will not be helped by Her,

and they are likely to suffer indignation and poverty of the soul of their own accord.

This they suffer because they do not believe in the signs and miracles of Goddess,

and they kill the prophetesses unjustly who come from Goddess,

and they continue to rebel and act unjustly and corruptly.

3.113 Yet they are not all alike, and some who receive the Scriptures of love, kindness and gentleness

are with the righteous, they meditate and pray on the signs of Goddess during the day and evening,

privately and quietly, they worship Her and Her Angels;

3.114 they believe in Goddess and the day of their resurrection;

they command what is just and forbid what is unjust;

they are zealous in good works and helping others, these are the righteous ones.

3.115 And you will not be denied the benefits of what you do by Goddess,

for She knows the pious, kind and loving.

3.116 As for the unbelievers, their wealth will not profit them; good progeny will not save them,

and as against Goddess, they will suffer soul torment and grief when they understand

all the joy and caring they might have shared during their lifetime,

yet in Her infinite mercy, Goddess will make plans for them.                                                                           

3.117 Yet any alms and kindness they have given to others is never forgotten by Goddess,

but hatefulness and fear is like a scorching hot wind that falls on healthy corn plants,

and it spreads and darkens the souls of others and destroys joy and peace in the world.                                 

3.118 And Goddess does not deal unjustly with unbelievers,

but they injure only their own souls and darken themselves;

O true believers, be careful of people that do not appear to be kind and gentle, for others can hurt you,

and they may even corrupt you away from Goddess.

Those with dark souls may wish you to perish spiritually and physically;

their darkness and negativity appears clearly from out from their nasty mouths;

but the darkness of their souls is even more dire to you.                                                                                   

You have already been shown signs of their ill will towards you, if you want to understand all of this.

3.119 Behold, you will love them, but they cannot love you yet,

because they do not love themselves; they have a lack of love inside themselves.

And when they meet you they say, “We believe,” and when they are alone they bite their fingertips

out of rage over you. They desire that you should perish in their rage. You will need to pray for them;

pray love, peace and joy to them out of your love for Mother Goddess,

for She knows the innermost parts of your heart and theirs.

3.120 You will notice that if something good happens to you, it grieves them,

and if evil happens to you, it will make them joyous.

These are the greatest signs of a sad and darkened soul. But Goddess knows all that they do.

3.121 Remember that when you left your families to do the work of Mother Goddess,

and made preparations to evangelize the staunch disbelievers117 against darkness and negativity

by sending out love into the world, and then you made a covenant of love,

Goddess heard all of it and knew well what you had done.

3.122 When two companies were anxious yet thoughtful,

Goddess knew it and She also knows those that become faint hearted,

but do not hesitate to pray to Her for strength and courage,

because She supports all that believe in Her, and let the faithful trust in Goddess.

3.123 And Goddess has given you many victories each day against the dark side,

even though you are fewer in number; 

therefore love Goddess, that you may be completely thankful to Her.

3.124 You should note that some do not remember the times

when Goddess sent down three thousand angels to help you love one another

and to keep peace amongst the warmongering nations.118

3.125 Assuredly, if you persevere, and love Goddess, and darkness and negativity come upon you suddenly, your Lady of Light will assist you with five thousand angels,

distinguished by their horses and attire, you shall know them.119

3.126 And this Goddess does as good tidings to you, that your hearts may rest assured,

for victory in life comes only from Goddess, for She is the Almighty and Wizened One.

3.127 For She does not help the person that does not want Her,

or the person that does not believe in Her, they may be cut down by darkness and evil,

or that they may be overthrown and unsuccessfully endeavor in fruitless pursuits,

while it grieves Her heart if one of Her precious children is hurt,

She will generally not assist unless assistance is previously requested of Her.

3.128 And if you would be helpful, you would pray to restrain those who are the darker entities,

to keep them from doing evil on the earth and from harming others,

but She does not punish any soul necessarily, even the unjust and corrupt,

but She devises plans and strategies for them to turn back to Her.

3.129 To Goddess belongs whatever is in heaven and upon the earth;

She helps all who ask, and She punishes no one, for darkness abounds only on earth and not in heaven,

and to understand all this in and of itself is a test or difficulty for Her children.

3.130 Further, a true believer will not engage in usury120 or unfair profiteering;

avoid this out of your love of Goddess, so that you might prosper;

and know that Goddess does not create fearful fires of Hell for those that go astray,

but lovingly creates plans for them; so obey Her and Her prophetesses,

and Her angels so that you will forever receive Her mercy.

3.131 Take care against the unbelievers who lead you into error.

3.132 Obey Goddess and Her prophetess, so that you will find mercy.

3.133 And run with enthusiasm to obtain forgiveness from Goddess, and seek Paradise,

whose magnitude equals the size of the heavens and earth combined, which is prepared for you,

3.134 The believer who cares for and believes in Goddess; who gives alms in prosperity and adversity;

who has an even temper, and who forgives others readily is blessed;

for Goddess loves those full of the mercy, love and compassion that She shows you.121

3.135 And the believers, after they have committed a crime or have dealt unjustly with their own souls,

remember Goddess and ask Her for pardon of these mistakes,

and Goddess is the only true forgiver of error,

3.136 Because for those who do not persevere in making intentional mistakes,

their reward shall be lovely gardens wherein beautiful rivers flow,

and they shall remain therein forever if they desire, and the reward of those that labor for Goddess

and show love and gentle kindness towards others is most excellent.

3.137 You have already seen how those that do not love Goddess suffer,

for they are perpetually lonely, scared and often live in poverty of the soul and intellect,

you should look on those around you closely, and those that criticize Goddess and Her prophetesses.

3.138 This book is a declaration to women, and a direction and guide to the pious,

3.139 You should not be dismayed or grieved, for your lives will be far superior in so many ways

to those that do not believe and those live in darkness and negativity.

3.140 If a wound happens to you, as it may happen to an unbeliever,

Goddess will help heal your wound, but this is not the case for an unbeliever,

these slight changes occur so that some might notice and believe;

and Goddess will know those who believe, and those that are martyrs and dedicate their entire lives

to good works and making peace, because Goddess pays no attention to workers of injustice;

3.141 and Goddess shows these signs to others that might believe in order to prove it,

while unbelievers are left to their own devices.

3.142 Those who enter Paradise quickest will be those that Goddess knew fought for love,

kindness, justice, mercy and caring to be spread throughout the world

and those who persevered in such work with utmost patience.

3.143 Moreover, do not be discouraged when sometimes in your life

you have wished for death before you met it, for life is so very hard and sorrowful,

and yet you decided not to meet death intentionally, because this would be a grievous mistake.122

3.144 Your prophetess is no more a prophetess than the others,

and other prophetesses came before Her and have died, and others will come after Her to help you,

but will your turn your back on any of these? Anyone who turns her back

when life becomes too difficult does not hurt Goddess at all, for She is self sufficient,

and Goddess surely rewards the thankful and the faithful.

3.145 No soul may die, except upon prior agreement with Goddess for a determined time and place,

and according to what has already been written in the heavenly records.123

And those who chose the reward of this world will be given the reward of this world,

which is little or nothing compared with paradise,

but those who chose the world to come shall see Paradise,

and the thankful will have abundance undreamed of in this world.

3.146 Many prophetesses have encountered situations with myriads of dark souls,

and they did not despair in evangelizing for the true religion of love and Goddess;

and they were never weakened, nor did they behave poorly,

for Goddess loves those that persevere patiently.

3.147 And when they prayed, they said “O Lady of Light, forgive us our mistakes

and our transgressions in business and our private lives and confirm our paths back to You,

and help us against inhumane nations, to bring freedom and human rights to all people in Your world.”

3.148 And Goddess gave them great return in their world, and in the world to come,

for Goddess loves those that do good deeds.

3.149 O true believers, if you believe the dark and negative souls,

they will cause you to regress in this life, and your souls will suffer greatly;

3.150 but Goddess is your Lady of Light, and She is your best helper and protectress.

3.151 We shall certainly attempt to strike love into the hearts of those that are unbelievers,

because they have associated negative actions and emotions with Goddess,

for which there is no authority, and they will suffer great sadness on the day of their resurrection.

3.152 And Goddess will most certainly make good Her promise to you,

when you were evangelizing so many people, yet you disobeyed one of the leaders and left to plunder.

There were some among you that desired the present life, over the life to come,

and the dark entities turned you towards the idols of greed and wealth,

so that She would reveal your true selves.

However, your prophetess pardoned you all, because Goddess is merciful to the believers.

3.153 Then later when you were in a difficult situation evangelizing another large gathering,

the prophetess gave a signal that you were to leave, but most of you missed it,

and there were some hardships because of it,

but in the end you were victorious in evangelizing hundreds of unbelievers.

Goddess is well aware of what you have done and what you can do.

3.154 After this seeming affliction, Goddess then caused you to fall into a soft sleep124,

which fell on some of you very deep, but some others were troubled by their own souls,

and to them sleep would not come; they began to think falsely of Goddess,

and they imagined the foolish thought–“Has anything good happened to us now?”

But most assuredly, the issue and resolution is not with anyone but Goddess.

They concealed in their own minds what they would not say to the others,

“Well, if anything serious should happen to us, at least we were not killed here.”

Answer them, “If you had been in your houses,

you still would have left them to go out and encounter danger and face death,

for death is preordained, and you must go to the place where you would die,

and this will come to pass so that Goddess can try what is in your hearts,

so She might discern a true spirit that will do Her work of peace and love;

for Goddess knows the innermost parts of women and men.125

3.155 Certainly, those that turn their backs on others that do good works,

it is because the dark entities entice them to do so,

and they engage in the commission of crimes and mistakes,

but Goddess will forgive them if they ask Her; for Goddess is gracious and merciful to all.

3.156 O true believers, be not as the darkened souls that told others

when they traveled in the land, or had been on a difficult mission,

“If they had been with us, then they would not have died, nor would they have been slain,”

but tell them “What befell you was preordained,

so that Goddess might test you for the strength of your heart in enduring adversity.”

Goddess gives life; and by your agreement with Goddess,

your life shall cease at a time preordained by both of you; for Goddess sees what you do,

yet be not afraid for She is with you always.

3.157 And if you die or are slain while doing good deeds,

you will immediately pass to Goddess and Paradise;

but as to the mercy granted to the disobedient from Goddess,

the prophetesses are often kind to them, but if anyone has been particularly evil and hard hearted,

they separate themselves from their Goddess.

3.158 But whether you die or you are killed, certainly you will experience your day of resurrection,

for this is a promise and blessing from Goddess.

3.159 Therefore, forgive them, and ask pardon for them,

and consult with them in the affairs of kindness and gentleness; and after you have become debilitated,

then trust solely in Goddess, for Goddess loves those that trust in Her.

3.160 If Goddess helps you, then none shall conquer you in any manner;

but She is never deprived simply because you have not dedicated yourself to Her.

Understand that your assistance is limited to only what you can do,

and life on earth is indeed a dangerous situation.

3.161 It has been decreed that no prophetess will ever be guilty of a breach of trust,

for they are carefully selected for you and obey what Goddess has commanded,

as for others, anyone that is guilty of a breach of trust, will feel the pain and the humiliation

that breach has caused others on the day of her resurrection.

3.162 Do you think that a true believer will be considered the same as one that does not obey Goddess;

or one that does as she pleases and is expedient? Of course not!

These people shall have additional trials and tribulations until they turn to Her,

and they will be bound to the earth over and over again.

3.163 As to the prophetesses and the believers, they are exalted about the rest,

in degrees of rank and grace. Goddess sees all that you do.

3.164 Goddess bestows great blessings upon a believer when She raises them to be a great prophetess;

for then she is cleansed and purified, and she is taught the Scriptures and she is taught wisdom,

even though before this she may have been steeped in great error.

3.165 So when you suffer a loss, as when you recently did,

and you were unable to evangelize a majority of the unbelievers, you should be aware that before this

you were successful in a great many conversions to the true religion of Goddess;

in fact twice as much more so than at this recent loss.

3.166 And what happened recently was that these people were extraordinary stubborn and arrogant,

yet Goddess did this so that She would know the believers from the unbelievers.

3.167 And She also desired to distinguish the hypocrites from the believers. For it was said to them,

“Come out and evangelize for the true religion, or at least help the others.”

They replied, “If we knew the people were so nasty and the land so poor,

and you needed so much help, we certainly would have come along had we known

this would help so many people believe and turn to Her.”126

At this point, they were closer too disbelief than belief.

They were saying things which their minds did not believe. But Goddess knows all they conceal.

3.168 But some of you said to their sisters, “If they had all come with us,

then many people would not have been killed.” But know that this is not the case,

for no entity on earth can avert death; this is the sole prerogative of Goddess.

3.169 You need not even think that those who died during a difficult mission are even truly dead.

Certainly not. They are alive and in the glory of the company of Goddess and Her angels,

and they are well provided for in a glorious place.

3.170 They are joyous because of what Goddess has bestowed upon them.

They received a glad welcoming, and they watch over those that are upon the earth,

and those that have not yet joined them; and they have no cause to fear, nor are they grieved.

3.171 They receive glad tidings out of the goodness that they accomplished during their lives;

and Goddess does not suffer any reward owed to the righteous to perish.

3.172 Those who have responded to the call of Goddess and Her prophetess,

even after they had been injured and suffered on a prior mission,

and those that had done their duty well, and had guarded against evil by avoiding violence,

hate and rage in the land and only brought peace and love, will have a great reward with Goddess.

3.173 For those that suffered through several missions, they were told,

“Soldiers have assembled against you, for what you preach, so fear them.”

But this only increased their faith in Goddess, and they replied,

“Goddess is the best protectress for us, and She is an Excellent Provider.”

3.174 Then they returned with a great blessing from Goddess, and many souls were saved.

They suffered no harm whatsoever, and they followed the commands of Goddess.

Indeed Goddess is the best provider of abounding bounty.

3.175 You should be aware that it is Evil that tells you that you should have fear,

and it is Evil that exhorts others to incite fear in you and around you,

and Evil tells you worst of all, to fear Me.

But you should never fear Me, for I am all love, and you should love Me deeply instead.

3.176 And do not let those who compete for evil works grieve you.

Certainly they cannot harm Goddess one iota.

Those that have not helped others and never did any good works,

will have no share of blessings in the afterlife;

rather they will be deeply saddened on the day of their resurrection

when they see all the good they might have done,

and all the pain they caused others, because they were never guided by Her.

3.177 Those who prefer disbelief to belief do not in any manner harm Goddess,

but a very sad day of resurrection awaits them.

3.178 But those who are unbelievers should not think that their long lives on earth

entitles them to permanent respite for all the evil works they have done.

For they are granted a period of respite,

but this is only to increase the chance that they will repent and turn to Her.

The longer they persist in disbelief and evil works,

the more sadness they will encounter on the day of their resurrection.

3.179 And Goddess will not leave the believers until She has distinguished the evil doers from the good.

Nor will Goddess reveal all the secrets of heaven and earth at this time,

but She chooses from among you prophetesses to reveal what is best for you at the time it is revealed.

Therefore, believe in Goddess and Her prophetesses and you will be assured of a great reward.

3.180 And do not let the stingy persons among you think that Goddess has increased her bounty

because she refuses to help others, rather this is very grievous for her, if only she knew it.

On the day of her resurrection, she will feel and experience all the pain that she caused others

because she would not believe in Goddess and give reasonably out of her bounty, to those in need.

This error will seem as if it is heavily hung about her neck,

as she reviews her life on the day of  her resurrection.

And all things will return to Goddess. Goddess knows all that you have done.

3.181 Goddess hears when you say, “Goddess is poor and we are rich.”127

This has been recorded, all that you do, as well as any effort to harm or even kill a prophetess unjustly.

And you will be reminded this was grievous error on the day of your resurrection.

3.182 The unbelievers and the prophetess slayers will suffer greatly on the day of their resurrection,

they will have immense sadness, for all that their hands have wrought.

And on that day, you will also note that Goddess is not unjust to any of her servants;

you will see that some will be joyous and happy with their reward.

3.183 Some of the people say, “Goddess has said that we should not believe in any prophetess,

unless She brings us a miracle wherein she is consumed by fire and still lives.”

You should reply to them, “Certainly prophetesses have come before that did not live through fire,

and you will note they brought clear signs and Scriptures of love, and you would still not believe.

Why then, would you demand that a prophetess needs to live through raining fire?”128

3.184 If you accuse the prophetesses as being imposters by your standards,

then all prior prophetesses were imposters, when they only brought only evident demonstrations,

plain miracles, Scriptures and books that enlighten your understanding.

3.185 Understand that every soul on this earth shall taste death; none of you will leave this earth alive,

and you shall have your reward or your grief on the day of your resurrection;

and no one will burn from hell fire or be tortured, for that is only a tall tale told by the dark entities.

all will eventually enter into Paradise and will be happy together forever;

and your human life is only a test and a school for you.129

3.186 You will be proved in your possessions and in your person,

and you shall bear grief for poor religious practices taken up by you,

and for those that idolize only wealth, greed and power; again, there will be much soul grief for this;

but if you are patient and love Goddess, your happiness in the afterlife is predetermined absolutely,

and in this you should have faith.

3.187 And when Goddess made this agreement with those whom She gives Her book of Law to,

She said, “Make this published to the entire world, and you shall not hide it,”

yet some threw it behind their backs, and they sold it for a small price;

but this is a sad and grievous price for which they sold it for130.

3.188 You should not think that those who rejoice at what they have done

should expect to be praised for what they have not done,

for they shall suffer soul grief for being wrongfully disrespectful to the prophetesses,

3.189 for unto Goddess belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth; for Goddess is almighty.131

3.190 Now in the creation of heaven and earth, and in the ever changing of night to day and day to night,

there are the signs of those who are imbued with understanding,

3.191 who remember Goddess at all times, while standing, sitting and lying on their sides,132

and those who meditate on the wonder of the creation of heaven and earth, saying:

3.192 “O Lady of Light, You have not created all this in vain, far be it from You to do so;

therefore deliver us into the light of Your love.

O Lady of Light, surely whomever You love is most blessed,

and You give Your love to those who love You.”

3.193 “O Lady of Light, we have heard many prophetesses who have invited us into the faith for You saying, ‘Believe in your Lady of Light’, and we believed.

O Lady of Light, forgive us for our mistakes, and our evil deeds, and let us die among the righteous.”

3.194 “O Lady of Light, give us the reward we have been promised by Your prophetesses;

and let us not be grieved on the day of our resurrection for the sadness we have caused other people;

for we know You are not contrary to Your promises.”

3.195 Know that the Lady of Light will answer you saying,

“I will not allow any of your good works to be lost, whether female or male,

the one of you is the same as the other.”

Therefore, those who have left their country and have been turned out of their homes,

and have suffered for their belief in Goddess, or have even been slain,

She will surely forgive their evil deeds, and She will bring them into gardens watered by rivers;

as a reward from Goddess, and being with Goddess in eternity is surely the best reward.

3.196 Let not the prosperous dealing by unbelievers in the land deceive you,

3.197 this is but a slender provision, and their eyes will be opened on the day of their resurrection

and they will understand the grief and sadness they have caused others,

and an unhappy couch it will be for them.

3.198 But those who love the Lady of Light shall have gardens through which rivers flow,

they shall continue therein forever; for this is the greatest gift of Goddess,

for what is from Goddess shall be better for the righteous than short lived worldly prosperity.

3.199 There are some people who have received the Scriptures who believe in Goddess,

and that which was revealed to you, and it was revealed to those who dedicated themselves to Goddess,

that no one should ever sell the messages of Goddess for a small price;

these people shall have their reward with the Lady of Light, for Goddess is swift in taking Her account.

3.200 O true believers, be patient and strive to excel in patience,

and be constantly mindful of your faith, and love Goddess so that you may be eternally happy.








In the name of the Most Merciful Goddess

4.1 O people, love your Lady of Light, for you were created out of one soul,

and from this single soul was cleaved a female and a male entity;

then a woman and a man were placed upon the earth, and from them multiplied many women and men;

and love Goddess by showing love, care and concern for one another;

and respect women who have given birth to you, for Goddess is watching over you.

4.2 And give orphans, when they come into adulthood, all their property,

together with an accounting, and do not switch bad property for good,

and do not misuse their property by adding it to your own;

for this is indeed grievous error for both women and men.

4.3 And if you fear that you cannot act with equity towards orphans,

then marry a spouse appropriate to your situation;133 and no person should marry before she is full grown;

and do not marry more than one spouse at a time;

because to marry two, three, four or more spouses at a time is grievous error.134

But if you feel you cannot act equitably toward a spouse,

or toward an employee, then do not marry one or do not hire one until you can do so.135                            

This will be easier to prevent you from swerving from righteousness;

4.4 Let your spouse use or spend any separate property brought to the marriage freely;

but if they voluntarily make it joint property, enjoy it together with satisfaction and advantage,

as you shall decide together.                                                                                                                               

4.5 Be certain not to allow minors or those not yet of full understanding

to freely spend their property vainly and waste it when Goddess has entrusted you with their property,

but maintain them and clothe them and speak kindly to them,

and provide a full accounting when they attain adulthood.                                                                              

4.6 And test the orphans136 until they reach the age of majority;137

but if you perceive that they manage their affairs well, allow them more latitude

in directing their own affairs; and do not waste their funds extravagantly or hastily,

when you see they will soon be an adult.                                                                                                           

And when you distribute their property to them, do so in front of witnesses,

whenever possible, and obtain a written receipt; Goddess will take account of your actions.                          

4.7 Women should have a part of what their parents and kin leave behind when their kin dies,

the same as men;138

and men ought to have a part of what their parents and kin leave behind when their kin dies,

the same as women, whether it be little, or whether it is much, a determinative part is due them.

And no one should take more or less on account of her or his gender; the division should be equal.              

4.8 And when those persons who are also kin are present at the distribution of an estate;

and also the orphans and the poor;

always distribute some part to them if you have the discretion to do so,

and if the estate is too small, at least speak comfortably to each of them.                                                        

4.9 And should any parents worry about the orphan they will leave,

or if they leave behind young children, speak to them gently;

love Goddess and from Her love, speak only comforting words.                                                                     

4.10 Surely, those persons that devour the possessions of orphans unjustly

will be most grieved on the day of their resurrection when their eyes are opened

and they see the harm they have caused the innocent and young,

and they will face these orphans on the day of their resurrection

and feel the suffering they had caused them.                                                                                                      

4.11 For Goddess has commanded you regarding your children;

if you leave no valid will, and there is no law to the contrary;

generally females and males shall share inheritances equally,

two or more females shall also share equally of what the decedent had.139

If there is one female, she shall have the whole.140                                                                                             

And the parents of the decedent shall have each a one sixth share in the estate,

where possible and needed, and if there are children but no other spouse; and the parents are alive,

each parent shall have a one sixth share in the estate and the children shall share the rest,

or if there is a single child, then the spouse shall have a full half.141                                                                    

And if the decedent has sisters and brothers, but no descendant,

then each parent shall have a one sixth part,

after the legacies142 or bequests are paid and the debts are paid.                                                                       

You may not know whether your parents or you children will be of greater value to you;

this is an ordinance from Goddess, and Goddess is knowing and wise.

4.12 Moreover, you should always be able to claim a minimum of half of what your spouse143 might leave, if they have no descendants;144 but if they have descendants,

then you may claim one third of what they leave,

after legacies and bequests are paid and debtors are paid.                                                                                 

Or the spouse may take the whole,  but be charged to provide for the descendants of both spouses

upon the death of the surviving spouse.                                                                                                             

And if a woman or man’s property is inherited by a distant relative,

and there is a brother or sister living, each shall have at least a sixth share of the estate.145                                

But if there is more than this number, they shall inherit equal shares in a one third part,

after payment of legacies, bequests, and debts of the estate, without prejudice to other heirs.                         

4.13 This is an ordinance from Goddess; and Goddess is knowing and gracious;

and these are statutes of Goddess.                                                                                                                      

And whoever obeys Goddess and Her prophetesses,

Goddess will lead them into gardens where rivers flow, and they shall continue therein forever,

and there they shall have great happiness.                                                                                                          

4.14 But whoever disobeys Goddess and Her prophetesses;

Goddess will one day show them their mistakes, and then devise plans for them

so that they might one day be set on the right path and thereby return to Her.                                                

4.15 If any person is guilty of prostitution, and he or she is convicted of such crime

beyond a reasonable doubt, (and four witnesses are not needed), they shall not be imprisoned,

but they shall only be fined an appropriate fine, according to their means,

and they should not be harmed in any manner;

but then again it is best to allow them to repent and let them alone

or provide services to alleviate the desperation for prostitution;

for Goddess is easy to be reconciled and She is most merciful.146                                                                      

4.16 If two or more of you commit sexual wickedness,147 the people may set a punishment

of a reasonable fine only for them both, but no punishment or harm should come to either;

it is best if they repent and then you let them alone,

for Goddess is easy to be reconciled and is merciful.                                                                                          

4.17 Certainly repentance will be accepted by Goddess for those that have erred ignorantly

and then repent speedily; Goddess will turn to them, for Goddess is knowing and wise.                                

4.18 But if one does not repent and does evil up until the time of death,

the issues unresolved at the time of their resurrection will be more difficult

than one who waits until just before the time of death and says “I repent” and “I believe,”

and to those who die unrepentant, dark and evil,

for them are prepared special plans and treatments that involve

recognizing mistakes and intense soul sadness,

and seeing and feeling the suffering they have caused others.                                                                            

4.19 O true believers, it is not lawful for you to be heirs of women against their will;148

nor should you hinder any widow or widower from marrying again,

nor should you take any property of a widow or widower that is not yours;

but always converse kindly with one that has lost a spouse, through death or divorce.

And if you hate a person, understand that Goddess created all people

and She cares for all people lovingly,

so you are hating a person that Goddess has put much goodness in,  and one that She already loves.

4.20 If you desire to exchange a spouse for another

and they have brought substantial property to the marriage,

take nothing from them, for you would slander them and do them injustice,

but it is best not to divorce them all, but to repent and reconcile with them.                                                   

4.21 And how could you do such a thing, when you have already loved them in your heart

and made them a special agreement and by that act you should do them no harm.                                         

4.22 Avoid marrying a spouse that you parents have had as a spouse,

except what is already past, for this sets up a most difficult family situation.                                                    

4.23 Likewise, it is forbidden to marry close blood relations

that are your lineal ascendents and descendants, including your parents, your grandparents,

your children, as well as your siblings, your nieces and nephews, your cousins,

your aunts and uncles, and it is best to avoid marrying any women that have nursed you,

your lineal ascendents and descents by marriage; including step children and step parents;

further you should avoid marrying two siblings, one after the other,149 except what is already past;

and the chastity of a woman should never be required as part of any marriage contract;

nor should it ever be inquired into prior to any marriage;

for Goddess forgives you, as you should forgive others; for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                       

4.24 You are further forbidden to marry any person that is already married but not yet divorced,

and it is best not to marry any servant or employee150 of yours,

less you be tempted to act unfairly with them. This is an ordinance from Goddess.                                         

All other persons are allowed you that you might, with your property,

support a spouse, and you should only marry only one person at a time,

acting in a righteous and honorable manner, and avoid prostitution and promiscuity,

and if unmarried, avoid uncommitted relationships.                                                                                         

And for the love you receive from them, give them gifts151 to show your appreciation,

according to what is appropriate, but there is no error in making any agreement

among yourselves respecting the use of both of your property,

including use and disposition upon death, divorce or otherwise; for Goddess is knowing and wise.               

4.25 If anyone among you does not have sufficient means to marry a nonservant,

then do not disregard marrying a servant, for there is no disgrace in hard or manual labor;

you may marry servants that work for you; it is better to marry a true believer of Goddess;

for She knows your steadfast faith in Her.

No dowry is required, except that separate property brought to a marriage,

which is kept separate, shall continue to belong to that spouse only. However, a spouse shall not keep

any separate property when it is required for the necessaries of any family member,

including a spouse or elderly dependent person.

It is better for a person to marry, rather than take a secret lover.

If after marriage a spouse commits adultery, whether male or female,

no physical punishment is permitted, except that you may divorce them,

and the aggrieved party may received a favorable division with respect to property and children;

however, if possible, it is best to split both property and child custody.

Goddess is the Best Protectress and the Merciful One.

4.26 Goddess accordingly desires to make clear Her ordinances to you,

and to direct you to the right path, and to turn to you with Her mercy.

Certainly Goddess is all knowing and all wise.                                                                                                   

4.27 Goddess desires to be gracious to you and you should not simply follow your lusts152

and turn away from truth.                                                                                                                                  

4.28 Goddess desires to make Her religion a light unto you;

people are born knowing few things, and they are weak in flesh.153                                                                 

4.29 O true believers, consume not your wealth for things of vanity,154

except in commercial and business activities, nor commit suicide,155 for Goddess is merciful to you;

4.30 and whoever does anything maliciously and wickedly

will suffer great soul agony when they understand how this action has hurt many people,

for Goddess is all loving and She wants you to learn and grow and perfect in your love for others.                

4.31 If you turn away from grievous error156 of those ordinances which you are forbidden to commit,

you will be readily cleansed from your lesser mistakes,

and you will be brought into Paradise with an honorable entry.                                                                       

4.32 Do not envy what things others possess in preference to what you have;

for unto women shall be given a portion of what they have gained,

and unto men shall be given a portion of what they have gained;

therefore seek Goddess’ bounty, for Goddess is omniscient.                                                                             

4.33 You should be able to inherit some portion of what your parents and kin leave upon their death.         

And if you have made an agreement to leave a portion of your estate to a friend,

then honor this commitment; for Goddess is witness to all things.157                                                                

4.34 Neither women nor men should have pre-eminence or authority over the other

because each of them has advantages in different areas of life and they should complement one another;

and Goddess has caused them to excel in different areas,

and for that reason, spouses should expend their resources to care for

and maintain one another in all things necessary.                                                                                               

Honest women and men are obedient, careful in the absence of their spouse;

for Goddess commits them both to the care and protection of the other.                                                        

But those that are unfaithful, are verbally or physically abusive, or those who do drugs or drink excessively, they should be told by the other spouse to leave the home and family

until such grievous behavior ceases entirely.

And if that does not occur, then freely divorce them. But a spouse that does not do these things,

seek not to quarrel with her or him, and be conciliatory with them, for Goddess is high and great.

4.35 And if you fear divorce, seek professional counseling and prayer;

if a reconciliation is possible, Goddess will help them bothto agree; for Goddess is knowing and wise.          

4.36 Serve Goddess and associate no other negative emotion or action with Her;

show kindness to your parents, relations, orphans, the poor and your neighbor,158

and your neighbor that is a stranger to you and your friends, and the traveler,

and the prisoner, because Goddess does not take note of the proud or the seeker of vain glory,

those that are envious, and those who preach envy to others,

4.37 and those that conceal the bounty Goddess has given them,

and who practice stinginess and greediness, and do not have compassion for others

such that they are unable to give alms in a reasonable manner,

there will be immense soul grief upon death for all the good that these entities might have done,

4.38 and those that give their wealth in charity, but only out of a desire for vain recognition,

and those that do not believe in Goddess or the last day upon which they will be resurrected,

and those that have darkness or negativity159 for their companion,

that is indeed error and lack of love for themselves.                                                                                          

4.39 But then again, what harm would come to anyone if you should believe in Goddess, and the last day, and in the resurrection, and give alms to the poor

out of the bounty that Goddess has bestowed upon you?  You should know that Goddess is aware of everyone that does these things.                                                                                                                                                

4.40 Certainly, Goddess would not harm anyone, even with only the weight of a gnat,

if only that person had done some good in their lifetime, Goddess will multiply the good deed

back to that person many times over, and with great appreciation.                                                                  

4.41 How will it be for the unbelievers when witnesses will be called out from every nation,

and the prophetesses will be witnesses against darkness and negativity and give testimony for light and love.      

4.42 On the day that the unbelievers shall cease to rebel against the prophetesses,

they will truly be sorry and they will understand that they cannot hide at all from Goddess.

4.43 And do not pray or preach while inebriated,160

until you are sober enough to understand what you say,

nor shall you preach while you are polluted with thoughts of darkness and negativity,161

until you cleanse your minds and auras into lightness, kindness and goodness and love of others.                  

But if you are sick or on a journey, or if you come back from the washroom,

or have made love to one another, and find no water, take what you may find162 and cleanse with this,

for Goddess is merciful and inclined to forgive. But do not use dust or dirt,

or make your uncleanliness worse; Goddess will understand and forgive.                                                        

4.44 Observe those who were given some of the Scripture and see how they proffered error instead,163

and this may cause you to wander from the path of light;

but Goddess sees and knows all about the unbelievers.                                                                                      

4.45 Goddess knows all those that are against you very well;

She is a most Sufficient Patroness and Assistant to you.

4.46 Goddess is a Sufficient Patroness and Goddess is a Sufficient Helper;

but some dark entities pervert words from their proper places and they say,

“We have heard, but we still disobey, we think you hear without understanding,”

“We are truly being derisive, look upon us,”164 they perplex others with a malicious tongue

and they revile a wonderful religion, with evil intention.                                                                                  

But if they had said, “We hear, and we obey; and you hear and we respect you,”

certainly this is much better for them, and more correct for them.                                                                    

But Goddess does not love anyone for their darkness and negativity,

therefore only a few of them are indeed true believers.                                                                                     

4.47 O, you to whom the Scriptures have been given,

believe in the revelations which we have sent down, before you see that without Goddess,

you are faceless and have no countenance or special identifying features,

and you are like the back of your head; and you will feel you are cursed,

as those who err on the Sabbath will assuredly grieve for their mistakes on their day of resurrection,

but Goddess curses no one, and Her commands are always fulfilled.

4.48 Surely Goddess will forgive your idolatry of wealth, greed, power and self centeredness,

if only you would only believe in Her, and She will pardon any other errors and mistakes

that anyone on this earth has ever committed, but you must believe and you must love.165

4.49 Have you not observed those that justify themselves?166 But Goddess only accepts repentance

from those that forever foreswear darkness and negativity167 in lieu of goodness,

kindness and light, and they shall not be wronged or harmed a single hair.168                                                  

4.50 Behold how the unbelievers create myriad falsehoods against Goddess,

and they further create abundant injustices and inhumanity against others;

4.51 There are those that have received a portion of the Scripture,

yet they say nonsensical things, and they follow others that do evil,

and they say to the people, "We are better guided in the right way than those who practice Islama."

4.52 These people will not receive the blessings of Goddess, because they have not asked for them,

nor will She ever assist them.

4.53 They will have no share in Her Queendom. Even if they did, they would not even give a person

the smallest dent on the back of a date stone when asked, 169 because they are so self centered.

You should observe those children of darkness and negativity;

they believe in the false gods of wealth,170 greed, self centeredness and power over love and faith,

and they say to true believers that this is the true way;

but they love these false goddesses more than they love Mother Goddess, the One True Goddess.                

4.54 Do they envy other people that Goddess has bestowed great bounty upon?

Formerly, all people and the family of Sarah were given a book of revelations and wisdom;

and they were also given unto them a great and vast queendom.                                                                     

4.55 There are some people on earth who believe in Her,

and there are those on earth that turn away from Her;

but sadness on their judgment day should be a sufficient deterrent to those that turn away.                            

4.56 Certainly, those who disobey signs from Goddess are likely to have

great sadness on the day of their resurrection;

and their hearts will mourn and grieve, until they make amends and repent,

for Goddess is mighty and wise.                                                                                                                         

4.57 But those who believe and do what is right will enter into beautiful gardens watered by rivers,

therein they shall remain forever, and there they shall enjoy demure husbands free from any impurity;

and there will be perpetual shade.                                                                                                                      

4.58 Moreover, Goddess commands you to return what you are entrusted with

to the owners of any property that you do not own,171 and if you must judge between people,

then do so with gentleness and equity; for this is an excellent virtue to which Goddess exhorts everyone;

for Goddess sees and hears all.                                                                                                                            

4.59 O true believers, obey Goddess and your prophetesses,

and those in authority over you, and if you differ, refer to Goddess and your prophetesses or pray,

for if you believe in Goddess and the last day,

this is a better and fairer method of determination for you.                                                                              

4.60 You should observe those that pretend to believe in the present and past revelations of Goddess,

but do not actually believe in them.                                                                                                                   

They desire to have their last day of judgment before other goddesses,172

as if there were others, but there are none, for in fact they are just the myriad of names that the people use

for One True Goddess. For those that worship a multitude of good and loving deities,

are only worshiping only a facet of the immense personality of Goddess.                                                        

4.61 And when it is said to the people, “Come and see the good book and what

the One True Goddess has sent down to you and hear the prophetesses,”

the dark entities turn away, with great aversion, because they do not want to hear the kind,

nonjudgmental words of Mother God; they desire darkness and negativity.                                                    

4.62 But then how will they behave when misfortune befalls them, and they have no Protectress?                 

Then they will want to come to Goddess and they will swear to Her, saying

“If we intended to do anything but good, then reconcile us.”173                                                                       

4.63 Goddess knows what is in the hearts of such people and therefore let them alone,

and admonish them gently by showing kindness, peace and love or words

that will affect their souls when they show hate and negativity.                                                                        

4.64 You have not been sent any prophetesses,

except those that should be obeyed by the permission and approval of Goddess;

but should anyone come to you after She has injured her soul,174 go to them and ask pardon of Goddess,

and ask of your prophetesses to seek pardon for them,

for surely they shall find Goddess easy to be reconciled and merciful.                                                              

4.65 And by Mother Goddess, they shall not perfectly believe

until they settle controversies with others fairly and make peace;

and they will not in their own minds see they have a life of hardships

because this is only what Goddess has determined was best for them,

instead they must acquiesce to Her with complete submissiveness.                                                                   

4.66 And if heaven told them, dedicate your entire life to Goddess,

or depart from your houses, to help those in need, only a few good souls would do this,

and the dark entities would not believe that this is at all possible.175                                                                 

4.67 And if they had done what they were admonished for,

it would have been better and more efficacious for confirming their faith;

and if even if they had received an excellent reward,

4.68 there is no guarantee that they would have been directed in the right way.                                             

4.69 Whoever obeys Goddess and Her prophetesses,

they will be with those that Goddess has been gracious to,

and they will be with the prophetesses, and the sincere, and the martyrs,

and the righteous; and these are the most excellent company for all eternity.                                                  

4.70 This is the greatest bounty from Goddess, and Goddess is sufficiently knowing;

4.71 O true believers, take necessary precautions against darkness and negativity,

and either go evangelize the dark entities separately,

or go together in one body, but in all respects, do not be violent against any person or thing.176                    

4.72 However, some of you always seem to want to tarry behind,

and if misfortune befalls one of you on the forefront,

the lackey will say, “Certainly Goddess was gracious with me

because I was not present with them;”

4.73 but if there is success attendant with Goddess’ presence,

(as if there is not a bond between you and Her on the forefront),

the they say, “I would have been glad to be with them

for I would have gained great merit and recognition.”                                                                                      

4.74 Let every one fight the good fight for the loving religion of Goddess,

that is, to establish peace and joy throughout the world,

let all forsake this world for the next which is to come,

for whosoever fights without violence for the religion of Goddess

that is pure love and harmony for all,

if you are slain or victorious, heaven will provide you with a great reward.                                                     

4.75 And whatever ails you, that you cannot fight for the religion of Goddess!?

This is truly a loving, nonviolent fight for a religion of joy and freedom and human rights,

and in defense of the weak among, women, children and men,

including those that say,

“O Lady of Light, deliver us from cities where the inhabitants are dark and wicked;

grant to us Yourself as our protectress, and grant to us Yourself as our defender.”                                            

4.76 They who believe can effectively evangelize for the religion of Goddess

that is pure kindness and gentleness, showing their religion as an example through pure love,

but those people who do not evangelize for Goddess,

are then a part of those that organize to promote darkness and evil,177 their one true deity.

Fight therefore against darkness and negativity,

for darkness is weak because it is easily dispelled by the light.                                                                           

4.77 Observe those who were told, “Withhold your hands from engaging in war,

be frequent at prayer, and pay your alms.”

But when they are told to fight a peaceable war for the one true religion of Goddess,

they begin to fear humanity instead and forget to love Goddess more than their fears,

and they say, “O Lady of Light, why have You commanded us to go

to dangerous places to help the poor and the oppressed and the unjustly imprisoned,

for then how will we be able to have long peaceful lives?”178                                                                           

But you should tell them, “The provision of this life is indeed very small,

but the future life has bounteous provisions for those that love Goddess,179

and you shall not have soul sadness or suffering on your day of judgment,

should you choose to work for the goodness of others.”                                                                                  

4.78 When it is your time, wherever you are, death will find you and overtake you,

even if you are in lofty towers. If good befalls them, they say, “This is from Goddess,”

but if evil befalls them, they say “This is due to a bad prophetess,” but you should tell them that

“All that happens to you is by the grace and concern of Goddess,” but what is wrong with these people, that they are so far from understanding all that has been told to them?                                                                                 

4.79 Whatever goodness befalls humanity, this is from Goddess, and whatever evil befalls a person,

this is from the darkness and negativity of the world

and the dark souls of this world have created such an environment.                                                                 

4.80 We have sent you numerous prophetesses and Goddess is a sufficient witness thereof;

whoever obeys their prophetesses, obeys Goddess,

and whoever turns away from such goodness and light,

there is no help for them, they are on their own, for they have no Protectress.                                                 

4.81 They say “We are obedient,” yet when they go out forth from you all,

some of them meditate by night in a wholly different manner from what their prophetess has spoken,

yet Goddess pays no attention to dark meditations,

nor will She remember a person or help a person that ruminates on

darkness, hate, war, negativity and jealousy,

therefore let them alone and trust in Goddess for She is a sufficient Protectress.                                                

4.82 Could not they attentively consider this good Book instead?

If it had been provided by anyone but Goddess

it would have contained many contradictions and inconsistencies.                                                                    

4.83 When any news comes to them, either security or fear, they immediately divulge it;

but if any loving and kind news comes from a prophetess or those in authority over them,

they treat it as if it were meant to be a secret only for a queen or prophetess.                                                  

And if the favor of Goddess and Her mercy had not been upon you,

you would most certainly have followed the dark entities to do wickedness,

except for only a very few of you.                                                                                                                     

4.84 Therefore fight for the kind and loving religion of Goddess and harm no one,

but do not oblige anyone in a mission when it is difficult,180 except for yourself;

however, you may inspire the faithful to fight against darkness and evil,

but harm no one, and perhaps Goddess will restrain the courage of the unbeliever;

for Goddess is stronger than they and more able to correct misbehavior.

4.85 She who intercedes between women with a good intercession181

shall have a portion thereof in the next world, but she who intercedes with evil intentions,

has wasted her time, for the effort is not noted, or appreciated by Goddess

and She is not pleased with such mistakes.                                                                                                         

4.86 When you are greeted with a greeting,

it is highly recommended that you return the salutation

with a greeting that is the same or better, for Goddess takes an accounting of such things,182

and this is certainly a nice thing to do and it spreads love and joy.                                                                   

4.87 Goddess! There is no goddess but She; She will surely gather together all people

to Her Queendom on the day of their resurrection; there is no doubt of it;

and none is more true to you than the Goddess that has announced it for you and to you.                             

4.88 There is no reason to think you are divided into different sects,183

since Goddess only has one true good religion, and all loving religions are actually Hers,

and they act together as many facets of one universal religion.

4.89 You should merely direct gently those that go astray,

because they will see if the path is untrue;

they may desire for you to become unbelievers, because they are unbelievers,

and they may want you to be wicked and mean and nasty to others, but you need not do this;

Goddess does not want you to do this.

Therefore, it is best not to be close friends with those that are dark and negative and judgmental,

until they change their minds and their religion184 of worshiping nastiness,

and not the religion of Goddess,

and if they turn from faith and love, talk to them and pray for them,

and take no friend, nor a helper from among the dark entities, unless you guard against their evil,

and especially beware of those people who have formed an alliance with the darkness,

4.90 but you may make an exception for those who come to you and will not fight you

because their hearts have forbidden fighting against anyone,

or those that only fight for truth and love in a nonviolent manner.185                                                              

4.91 But if anyone has left you and does not want to fight against you,

and they have offered you peace, you must accept their kind offer,

for Goddess does not allow you to take or kill any peaceable person.

You should only find peaceable persons to enter into confidences with,

and they should encourage their people in peaceful and nonviolent manners,

because those that return to hate, violence and sedition

will be subverted by Goddess and Her angels in many ways,

but those that do not leave without offering peace

may not restrain their hands from warmongering,

but you may defend yourself at all times against any warrior,

but use only minimal necessary force until they leave.

Yet trust and know that you will in the end have the ultimate power over all,

just as Goddess does, merely through the use of love and nonviolence.                                                           

4.92 It is not lawful for one person186to kill another person,

unless this occurs by mistake,187 and take care not to act recklessly or negligently less you do this;

and the penalty for killing another person when no mistake was made

shall be an appropriate compensation for her life paid to her next of kin

for the damages they have sustained, and you shall further either pay to free a slave,

or you should aide in the fight to end slavery, until there are no more slaves left on earth,188

and if the slain person was one whom you believed to be an enemy,

the damages shall be the same; and if the slain person was your friend,

the damages are still the same, for you should have integrity in all that you do.189                                          

And anyone that does not have the wealth to do this,

they should purchase adequate insurance for negligent or reckless death cases,

or they should pay at least a reasonable tithe to the kin

until the renumeration is paid in full from whatever funds they receive in the future;

and it is not necessary to fast, unless the heart desires it;

Goddess does not command people to do what they hate, for it is of no effect to the soul;

but better than a fast is to help or love someone, for this is the true desire of your Lady of Light.                   

4.93 But anyone that kills another person with intent or with an evil design,

not only shall they pay a fine for the loss of life,

plus they should be tried for murder by a jury of their peers,

and if the murder is proven beyond a reasonable doubt,

they should face a reasonable term of imprisonment if convicted;

yet they must not be cruelly or inhumanely imprisoned;

and they should not fear that Goddess will punish them with hell fire,

but She will devise certain plans and strategies for those that murder,

and further they will find on their day of resurrection that they must

meet and feel and understand all of what their victims felt, and their soul suffering will be immense.             

4.94 And do not march to defend your religion only to ask those you meet,

“Do you believe as I do?,” or accuse them of heresy or apostasy and then slay them,

for Goddess does not permit this, and She is greatly grieved by this;

and never say to anyone “You are not a true believer as I am,”

and never use a religious difference as an excuse to kill, maim or torture anyone or plunder them,190

for if you truly believe, then you know Goddess already has much more wealth

than any person on Her earth, and She could give it to you,

if this were in Her plans for you to advance and perfect.                                                                                   

Before this, many people have acted in a base way because their hearts were hard

and they were ignorant of true Scripture, but Goddess is gracious to you;

and She has now given you great discernment to use in your dealings with others.                                          

4.95 Those who sit at home and do not risk anything to help and counsel others in need,

and those who do not employ their provisions and person for the religion of Goddess

have not attained equal soul advancement as those who have done so,

and heaven is well aware of this and will make plans to correct the situation.                                                  

For Goddess loves and notices those who employ their fortunes and their personal talents and abilities

in good causes to a degree of esteem well above those that idly sit at home and are self centered

and do not care for helping the young, the poor, the sick the imprisoned, or helpless animals;

still Goddess has promised every good person Paradise,

but those that fight for love, peace, joy and compassion and are not violent

shall soon have a great reward in Paradise for all their efforts and they will be readily granted mercy, comfort and forgiveness by Goddess; for Goddess is indulgent and merciful.

4.96 Paradise does consist of exalted ranks which are bestowed by Goddess

for those that have done good works, for Goddess is the Best Protectress and the Most Merciful One.           

4.97 Moreover, you should know that the angels put no one to death,

nor do they cause any harm to any creature on earth,

for soul injury is remedied in other manners;

further, if the angels ask “What religion were you?” You need not fear to answer them,

for all religions that teach love, kindness, goodness and tolerance of the rights and religions of others

are esteemed by them all.191

But if you were not of a good religion, or you supported intolerance, hate and violence,

then the angels will ask you,

"Was not the earth sufficiently large that you could have gone elsewhere to find good religion,

or you could have fought against intolerance, hate and violence?"                                                                    

4.98 The angels may say those to those who are persecuted,

“Goddess’ earth is indeed spacious enough that you could have escaped to a place of refuge

when threatened, and She would have protected you there, and helped you in your quest for peace;”

but the final habitation, for those that are persecuted,

shall be love in Paradise and a wonderful journey it shall be there;

and this shall be the same for the weak among you also,

the women, children and men who have no power but are directed only by love and peace;

these Goddess will love and assist for Goddess is always ready to forgive, and She is gracious.

4.99 But as for those that truly had no method or means to move themselves

from a place of religious intolerance to one of peace and love, Goddess will forgive them,

and likewise you should show religious tolerance to others.                                                                             

4.100 And whoever departs from her house and flees to her prophetess and her Goddess,

she will find a better land and plenty of resources;

however, if death overtakes her on her way and she is tired, she will immediately pass into Paradise,

and can review her life later, after some rest, for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                                          

4.101 When you march to your mission against darkness and negativity in the earth,

if you must shorten your prayers to accomplish your tasks set before you,

there is no error in this, for darkness and negativity are your declared enemy.                                                 

4.102 But when your prophetesses are with you,

and someone desires to pray, then a prophetess or ascended mistress should pray with them,

and let them take their belongings with them192 and after they have worshiped,

let them stay behind, and then let another party that has not prayed come forward to pray

with the ascended mistress or prophetess and let them be concerned also,

and take their belongings with them.                                                                                                                 

Those that are dark and negative would like you to forget your belongings while you pray,

that they may turn on you and take whatever you have;

there is no error if you are sick or it is raining, that you must put away your belongings to pray,

you are allowed to take necessary precautions;

Goddess will prepare additional trials and tribulations for the dark entities,

and She will lead them back to Her correct path of love and righteousness.                                                     

4.103 And when you have ended your prayers, remember Goddess standing,

sitting or lying on your side, whichever is more convenient;193

Goddess does not desire that Her religion be a burden to you.                                                                         

When you are secure from danger, complete your prayers,

for prayer is a blessing to the faithful and it is best done frequently, as suits your schedule,

for the religion of Goddess should not be a burden to you.                                                                              

4.104 Be not negligent in seeking out unbelieving people to tell them of the glory of Goddess,

and show them your own love, peace and joy, even though this may be an inconvenience to you,

for remember that they suffer as you do, and they hope for a reward, as you do,

and Goddess is knowing and wise.                                                                                                                     

4.105 We have revealed to you the perfect and loving Book, a message of truth,

so that you will know discernment in affairs, by the knowledge of Goddess

which has been bestowed upon you, and do not become favorable to the dishonest ones.

4.106 And always seek Goddess as the Perfect Protectress and the Ever Merciful Lady.

4.107 Do not dispute theology and issues to the extent you become angry or hate one another,

for Goddess does not appreciate those that are full of rage, or violent, anxious,

deceptive or unjust,194 and a true believer shows love and patience always.                                                     

4.108 The unbelievers might conceal themselves from womankind,

but they cannot conceal their innermost intentions from Goddess,

for She is with you by night and day, and Goddess understands all that you do.                                             

4.109 Understand that you waste much time when you frequently dispute with people,

because when you do this, you do not give yourself sufficient time to love them and appreciate them.         

4.110 Yet, anyone that does evil, injures their own soul;

4.111 whoever commits wickedness does it against their own soul,

but afterwards, if they repent and ask forgiveness, Goddess will be gracious and merciful.

4.112 And anyone that commits error and injustice, and afterwards lays the blame on the innocent,

they shall bear the guilt and shame of obvious injustice, and they only injure their own soul.                          

4.113 If the indulgence and mercy of Goddess had not been with you all,

then many of you would have been seduced into darkness and negativity,

but the dark entities shall seduce themselves only, and they shall not truly hurt you at all.                               

4.114 There is not much good in engaging in private idle conversations,

unless during their conversation there are discussed plans to pay alms, help others,

right an injustice, or assist the weak and oppressed;

whoever does this, out of a desire to please her Goddess, shall receive a great reward.                                    

4.115 But those who separate themselves from their prophetess and the angels,

may no longer have a desire to do good works,

which is stepping on a path far from being a good believer,

and they may find serious error and false notions in negative religious practices,

yet Goddess will send trials and tribulations to those that fall away from Her

to set them on the right path back to Her, and a difficult journey this may be for some.

4.116 Certainly Goddess wants you to understand that She is One True Goddess,

so that God is part of Her and Goddess is part of Him, inseparable; both with great love for you all,

and She further will forgive you, even if you do not understand this, for She forgives all mistakes,

even if you have been greatly mistaken, if you will only turn to Her.

4.117 For instance, some among you believe in a multitude of male and/or female deities,

and while there is no great harm in doing this,

as long as you practice love and kindness with one another,

this is assuredly the most important thing;

for there is only One True Goddess and Her companion is one with Her, and no one should separate them, although your multiple deities are merely facets and figments of Her immense personality.195

4.118 Whenever you do not ask Goddess for blessings and turn to Her for guidance to receive these,

then Evil has an open door by which to corrupt you,

and you are likely to waive your reward for all the good you did prior thereto.

For evil says, "I will take away anything from anyone whatever I can,"

4.119 "I will lead astray anyone I can, and inspire vain desires in them,

and inspire them to worship wealth and greed, and have them harm other

and cut the ears of innocent cattle,196 or they will desire to change themselves in vain personal displays,197

and make them change for the worse and turn away from Goddess."

Anyone that takes Evil for a friend, suffers only loss.                                                                                         

4.120 Whoever takes darkness, negativity and being judgmental for their patroness,

besides Goddess, will have no help in a world filled with obvious destruction and danger,

for dark entities make sumptuous promises, fill people with vain desires;

yet all of this is nothing more than empty deceit.                                                                                              

4.121 The receptacle of darkness is forever wandering and searching for goodness,

which that person will never find without Goddess, for the earth is dangerous,

and each person needs her Protectress.                                                                                                               

4.122 But for those that care to believe,

they will be led by the angels into gardens with flowing rivers,

and they shall continue therein forever, for this is a true promise of Goddess,

and there is nothing more true than what Goddess teaches,

than anything else expressed in the universe.                                                                                                      

4.123 Your life does not proceed according to your immediate desires,

or the desires of others, but your destiny is lovingly decided by Goddess,

and She and the angels will always find you a wonderful “course of love.”198

But whoever does evil will not gain any recognition from Goddess,

but She shall grieve for their mistakes and crimes and especially for the victims;

She shall not be a patroness or helper to evil or darkness;

4.124 yet anyone that does good works and deeds, whether they be female or male,

and who is a true believer, they shall be admitted into paradise,

and they shall not be unjustly dealt with in the least.

4.125 For who could be better in points of religion than she who resigns herself to Goddess,

and she who is a worker of righteousness, and she who follows the concepts of Sarah,

and Goddess has taken her for a special friend.199

4.126 To Goddess belongs everything in heaven and on the earth;

Goddess comprehends all things and She is generous to the poor that pray to Her.                                         

4.127 You will be asked concerning how men should treat women;

answer Goddess has instructed everyone concerning this point,200

and it is told to you in the book of the Good Korana concerning men marrying female orphans

over which you have guardianship or care that men should not marry them,

and with regard to young children that are orphans, you should observe justice towards them;201

whatever good you do, Goddess knows it;

whatever evil you avert, Goddess knows it.                                                                                                       

4.128 If a woman fears aversion or ill usage from her husband,

it is right they should make an agreement between themselves,

for a reconciliation is better than a separation, and people are often inclined to greediness,

but if you are kind toward your spouse, and keep in mind never to treat them improperly,

Goddess will be well acquainted with all you do.                                                                                             

4.129 There is no way in which you can have multiple spouses and treat them equally in all respects,

even if you earnestly strive to do it, therefore do not marry multiple spouses,

less you make a great mistake, and turn not from your spouse with aversion,

nor leave your spouse in suspense,202 and if you are amicable and continue with a desire

to please your spouse, Goddess is gracious and merciful;

4.130 but if you separate, Goddess will bless you both with abundance,

and perhaps you will both find better suited mates, for Goddess is omnipotent and wise.

4.131 And unto Her belongs all of heaven and earth.

You have already been commanded by heaven with prior Scripture from the prophetesses,

and you are also now commanded to love Goddess greatly,

but if you do not believe in Goddess or love,

know that all of heaven and earth belongs to Goddess,

and Goddess is self sufficient, and She is to be praised; and Goddess is a sufficient Protectress.

4.132 And to Goddess belongs whatever is in the heavens

and whatever is on earth, and She is your best Adviser.                                                                                     

4.133 If Goddess so desires, She could send you to a more prosperous nation,

and others less fortunate will take your place where you are now, for She is well able to do this.                    

4.134 Whosoever desires only the reward of this world, will have only the reward of this world,

but not of the world to come; Goddess both hears and sees all you do.                                                           

4.135 O true believers, observe justice when you give testimony before Goddess,

although it be against yourselves, or you parents, or your relations,

whether the party be rich, or if they are poor;

for Goddess and Her world is more worthy than them all;

therefore, follow not your own lust in proffering false testimony,

so that you might swerve from doing justice.                                                                                                    

And whether you give testimony or evidence, or decline from giving it,

Goddess is well acquainted with all you do.                                                                                                      

4.136 O Children of Light, believe in Goddess and Her prophetesses,

and the good Book which She has caused to descend unto Her prophetesses,

and the good Books which She has formerly given you.                                                                                   

And whosoever does not believe in Goddess and Her angels, and Her Scripture,

and Her prophetesses and the day of resurrection which is to come,

she will find that she has truly erred in a wide manner,

and she will be greatly saddened on the day of her resurrection.                                                                       

4.137 Moreover, those who believe and then later fall away and then believe again,

after a period of unbelief, may very well increase in fidelity to Goddess,

and they may then do very good works and be with Goddess in the world which is to come;203

yet none will suffer any punishment for this as Goddess has no need for vengeance

because vengeance is only an earthly base emotion.

4.138 Tell the hypocrites that clearly a very sad day of resurrection awaits them for their actions.

4.139 Some who take unbelievers for their protectresses instead of the faithful,

believe that they are seeking power from wealth and money and not from Goddess.

But this is incorrect, for all power and wealth belongs to Goddess.                                                                   

4.140 And She has already revealed to you everything wonderful in Her book of the Great Korana,

and more particularly, the following passage,

“When you shall hear the signs and miracles of Goddess, they may not be believed by some,

and some might laugh at them in derision and scorn, yet those whose hearts are filled with love,

they are the ones that assuredly will be blessed.”                                                                                               

Therefore, if you experience derision and scorn for your beliefs,

politely excuse yourself and do not sit with darkness and negativity,

and you likewise should be sensitive to the beliefs of others,

for if you do otherwise, you shall become like them, full of hate and scorn.                                                    

Goddess will one day, at the day of the final resurrection,

gather together the dark entities and purify them.”                                                                                           

4.141 Some wait to see what has happened to you, and if you have victory,

they say, “Of course, we believed in you.”204                                                                                                    

But if any advantage happens to the dark entities, they will say,

“Are we not superior to you, and so now you should be like us?”                                                                    

Nonetheless, Goddess will instruct each of you properly on the day of your resurrection;

and Goddess will not elevate the dark entities as She will elevate highly the light entities.

The hypocrites and those that would deceive people, only attempt to deceive Goddess,

but She cannot be deceived, for unto Her belongs all knowledge and understanding.                                      

4.142 When the ungoddessly stand to pray, they stand carelessly,

and look around to see if others see them being pious, and they do not remember Goddess, unless a little,

4.143 and then they waiver continually between goodness and darkness,

and they will not truly adhere to either, only to whatever is more expedient at the time;

and as for these wavering people, Goddess cannot provide a true and correct path.                                        

4.144 O true believers, take not a dark entity for your friends over a true believer,

for they will turn on you and cause you suffering, and they may lead you into an impious life.                      

4.145 Moreover, the hypocrites and wavering entities are the most

difficult to deal with, yet Goddess will devise plans for them to set them on the right path,

for the world is dangerous and they have no other protectress.

4.146 But those who repent and amend and swear firmly to Goddess,

they shall be numbered with the true believers,

and they will find immense peace, love and joy in Paradise, certainly a great reward.                                     

4.147 But Goddess has no punishment or further trials and tribulations for the people that love Her,

and do good works, and are thankful and believe; for Goddess is grateful and wise.                                      

4.148 Goddess does not pay any attention to those that speak ill of anyone in public;

yet you may call for assistance if injured; and Goddess knows and hears all;

4.149 whether you publish a good action or conceal it,

or forgive evil, certainly Goddess is gracious and powerful.                                                                              

4.150 Those that do not believe in Goddess, or Her prophetesses,

will often say, “We believe some of the prophetesses, but reject others,”

they seek a middle ground in this matter;

4.151 but they do not truly believe in all that is good and wonderful,

and although there is no punishment, Goddess will devise plans which will correct this misbehavior,

for such people merely lack love for themselves and for others.                                                                       

4.152 But those people who believe in Goddess and Her prophetesses,

and make no distinction between any of them,

for those entities, they shall find Paradise and their reward; for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                  

4.153 Some people who have received the Scriptures have demanded

that a good book should descend from heaven for the benefit of the world,

they formerly asked of Miriam a greater thing than this; for they said, “Show us Goddess visibly.”                

But a storm of fire came from heaven as a natural disaster, and many were destroyed,

although Miriam warned them of this upcoming disaster, most were stubborn

and would not listen to their prophetess that preached only love and goodwill,

yet they were prayed for, and again they lived by the grace of Goddess.

Then they took a golden calf for a goddess,

even after they had been given evident proofs that Goddess was not a calf;

but again they were forgiven, despite the fact that Miriam had

tremendous earthly powers to punish them as a chieftess over them;

Miriam’s heart was pure, and she would most certainly never do such a thing;

for by the purification of Goddess, she only acted from pure love, and would harm no one.

4.154 And the angels lifted the mountain of Sinai205 over them,

when they made their covenant with Goddess,

and they were told to enter the gates of the new city worshiping Goddess.                                                     

The people were also told not to err on the Sabbath day,

and they made a firm agreement with the prophetess to observe their covenants.                                           

4.155 But then, after that, they did not keep their covenants, and did not believe in the signs of Goddess,

and they killed the prophetesses unjustly and have said, “Our hearts are hardened,”

but Goddess did not harden them, for their own choices did, and the darkness of the world did;

and so they enter into unbelief, except for a very few of them.                                                                        

4.156 And those people that have a hard heart

will not hear or understand the sweetness of the words of Yeshua;

they speak of Mother Mary with derision and contempt, for they do not see her sweetness and love,

4.157 for both Yeshua and Mother Mary are prophet and prophetesses of Goddess;

and some say that Yeshua was not slain, nor was he crucified,

but there was one in his likeness that assumed this role;

and there were also those that disagreed with Yeshua, and those that did not understand,

and those that had many different opinions,

but the opinion is not so important as the message of love that was taught.                                                    

Some say that Yeshua was not really killed, just that Goddess took Yeshua directly up to Her,

for Goddess is knowing and wise.

4.158 Rather Goddess has exalted him with all honor, for She is the Mighty and All Knowing one.

4.159 And there shall not be one of those who have received the Scriptures,

that should not believe in Yeshua before she dies; and on the day of their resurrection,

you shall all see Yeshua,206 for even if you do not believe in him and the other side,

Yeshua believes in you and loves each of you.                                                                                                   

4.160 Because of the iniquity and darkness of some people who practiced Judaism,

they themselves have decided not to allow their people to eat things

which they formerly allowed themselves,207

and because some have shut out many from the way of Goddess,

4.161 and have engaged in unreasonable usurious practices,

which is forbidden them by the Law of Goddess,

and they have devoured a person’s substance frivolously,

they will one day see the soul suffering they have caused.

4.162 But those among you who are well grounded in knowledge and the faith,

and those that believe in the Scripture which has been sent down to you,

and that which was sent down to the prophetesses before this,

and those who observe their prayers faithfully, and give alms,

and believe in Goddess and the last day:

those shall find great reward in Paradise.                                                                                                            

4.163 Certainly the will of heaven has been revealed unto them,

as it was revealed unto Nora and the prophetesses who came after her,

and we sent down revelations to Sara, Isabell, Iris, Jacklyn and her children,

and to Yeshua and Mother Mary, Wileh, Joanie, Alana and Salome.

And we gave Denise the Scriptures.                                                                                                                    

4.164 And many prophetesses that have been sent, that are formerly mentioned,

and other prophetesses we have sent,

that are not mentioned, have come to many peoples of earth,

and Goddess spoke to Miriam, conversing with her and said that prophetesses declare good tidings

and denounce threats, darkness and evil,

and they make it known that Goddess is pure love,

and She does not do any negative actions, or have any negative emotions,

and the prophetesses came to tell you this for Goddess is Mighty and Wise.                                                    

4.165 Goddess is witness of all of the revelations which have been sent to you;

She sent all this down with Her special knowledge; and Her angels are also witness to this;

but Goddess is a most Sufficient Witness.                                                                                                           

4.166 Those who do not believe, and turn aside from the ways of Goddess,

they will wander unprotected in darkness, along a very wide and difficult path.                                             

4.167 Certainly those that do not believe and act unjustly,

Goddess will devise plans for them to set them on the right path,

and when they see the pain such behavior has caused others,

there shall be immense grief felt by their souls,

such as any hell fire could ever do, but this will not continue forever,

and Goddess does not punish in ways as we understand it.

4.168 Those that have disbelieved and have associated negative emotions and actions with Her,

shall also encounter soul suffering on the day of their resurrection,

and they will not have a protectress, nor will Goddess show them the way,

because they do not ask Her to; the dark entities only request that She aide and abet them

in their own nasty emotions, which She would never do.

4.169 This is the way that the unbelievers will wander,

and they will do so for a long period of time,

but to guide and assist them would be fruitless, for they have not turned to Her.                                            

4.170 O women of earth, now a prophetess has come to you with truth from your Lady of Light;

believe in her and her foremothers, and it will be better for you.                                                                      

But if you disbelieve, certainly to Goddess belongs whatever is in heaven,

and on the earth; and Goddess is knowing and wise.                                                                                        

4.171 O you that have received the Scriptures, exceed not the just bounds of your religion,

do not talk of Goddess other than what is the truth.208                                                                                     

Certainly Yeshua and Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, were all apostles of Goddess,

and were sent to earth to do the work of Goddess,

and Goddess conveyed Her words to them all,

and the spirit of Yeshua issued forth from Mother Mary

and was given to Mary Magdalene and the world.                                                                                            

Believe therefore in Goddess and Her apostles,

and understand that some believe in a trinity,

even though you might not, and it is better to love another than to criticize another religion of goodness,

and do not deride others for their religious beliefs or harm them.209

Goddess is but one Goddess, and when anyone prays to any deity,

it is She who receives all prayers, even though some do not believe in Her,

She believes in all people of the earth;

still Goddess does not bear children or is born to earth as woman is;

but all of the people of the earth are Her blessed children,

and to Her belongs all of heaven and earth,

and She is a Most Sufficient Provider.                                                                                                                 

4.172 Note that Yeshua never said that he was a god or demigod,

nor has any good angel spoken of this,

but this is a matter to decide for yourself,

whether you heart yearns for his message of love or not,

and whether those on earth that become puffed up with pride,

and declare themselves to be what they are not,

and whether they have the love of Yeshua in their hearts,

all of this will be decided for them on the day of their resurrection.                                                                 

4.173 Unto those that believe, and do what is right,

She shall reward super abundantly and add to them liberally,

but for those that are disdainful and proud,

they will see how their self centeredness prevented them from helping others,

and from loving others, and their souls will grieve for such behavior,

and they will see how Goddess does not assist those in pride or self-centeredness.                                           

4.174 O women, now that evident proof has come down to you from Goddess,

and heaven has sent you obvious light, you should all turn to Her.                                                                  

4.175 Those who believe in Goddess and firmly adhere to Her,

She will lead them into Her great mercy, and they shall have abundance;

and for those that have made mistakes, She will direct them in the right way back to Her.                              

4.176 Some will consult with you for direction in certain cases;

and you shall tell them, Goddess has already given you these determinations,

concerning the more remote degrees of kindred.210                                                                                           

If a woman or man dies without ascendants or descendants, but has a sister,

she shall have all of what the sibling shall leave,

and he shall have likewise, if she dies first and leaves no issue.                                                                          

But if there are two sisters, they shall each have half of the estate of a brother or sister,

and if there are several, both brothers and sisters, then all siblings shall share equally.                                       

Goddess declares to you these precepts, to avoid error, and Goddess knows all things.                  


1The term “Koran” means lecture or reading, so “Korana” would mean a woman’s lecture or reading.

2Named after the story of the red heifer or red cow from Genesis.

3The meaning of these letters was lost long ago; some possible meanings are given in Table B, Introduction, page x.

4Note what follows is the definition of “believer.”

5This may refer either to fruits of paradise which may resemble those on earth.

6Base emotions include: hate, jealousy, greed, rage, fear and anxiety.

7Some people discredited the prophetess because she used parables including humble or ignoble creatures in parables, such as gnats, bees, insects and the like.

8That is, Mother and Father God are one deity and not two. And no one should ever cast them asunder.

9Concerning creation of woman on earth, the Arabs have several different traditional stories, which differ somewhat from Genesis. They say that the angels Gabrielle, Michael and Cassial were sent by Goddess one after another, to fetch for that purpose seven handfuls of earth from different depths and different colors to represent seven different styles or ethnicities of woman, but Mother Earth being apprehensive of the consequence, and desiring to communicate this fear to Goddess, that the earth creatures would one day rebel against Her, and bring only toil and trouble, they returned without performing Her command; whereupon She sent Cassial on the same errand, who executed this task without remorse, yet in a kind and loving manner, and so for this reason, Goddess appointed that angel to separate the souls from the bodies and this angel became the angel of death. The earth that Cassial had taken was carried to Arabia, to a place between Mecca and Tayef, where it was first kneaded by the angels, then it was fashioned by Goddess into human form, and left to dry for forty days and forty nights (or years, according to some); the angels in the meantime visited this human form, and Eblis (one of the angels at the time being closest to Goddess, but later becoming a fallen angel or devil), went over and kicked the form until it rung because he knew that Goddess wanted to make this creature superior to the angels, and he there and then made a secret resolution to never acknowledge this new creation, this woman, as such. After this, Goddess animated the new creature by imbibing it with a soul, or a Goddess spark from within, and placed her in Paradise and formed a man from her left side to be her companion in Eden. Of course this is only a legend; woman was created from Goddess.

10The word “Eve” means “life” in Hebrew.

11The original word signified to prostrate one’s self, till the forehead touches the ground, which was considered to be the humblest posture of adoration, and strictly due to Goddess only.

12There are several theories regarding the “forbidden fruit.” Some say it was an ear of wheat, some say a fig tree, and others a vine.

13The prophetess did not place the garden of Eden on earth, but in the 7th heaven. Some traditional stories relate that the snake or serpent involved was a beautiful creature, and did not turn into its present form until after the fall, and that the devil or dark creature could not get into heaven although he begged to do so from all the creatures there, but instead approached the serpent and the serpent consented to allow him to ride in his mouth between his teeth and it was the devil or dark creature that tempted Eve and Adam.

14The terms “us”, “our” or “we” in this text would appear to refer to the angels or guardian angels, collectively, and would be interchangeable with the name “Gabrielle.”  Sometimes these pronouns appear to be interchangeable with Goddess.

15It is told that Eve was to be the first of many prophetesses to come, and some Arabs believed that the prophetess of the Korana was to be the last prophetess. In some tales, it is related that Goddess gave Eve 10 sacred texts or gospels.  This Korana makes it clear that prophetesses of peace and love, have been sent continually in the past, are currently working on earth, and will continue to be sent by Her until the final day of resurrection. 

16Apparently, poor translations of sacred Scriptures were problematic and often sold for a low price.

17In some tales it is related that it was not Alana, but al Sameri, whose descendants still reside on an island by that name in the Arabian Gulf, who took the jewelry to make the golden calf. The Israelites, being accustomed to idol worship which was common in Egypt, worshiped the calf. Al Sameri took some dust from the footsteps of the horse of the angel Gabrielle, and threw it upon the calf, which immediately began to low and became animated. Some writers say only 12,000 worshiped the calf.

18It should be noted at this point that legend relates that 3,000 people and their sisters died, but the Old Testament says 23,000 people, whereas some commentators make the number 70,000 and further related that Evil sent a dark cloud from seeing one another, less the sight should move those who executed these people to compassion, which apparently it did not.

19Instead of “Hittaton” meaning “there is no Goddess but Goddess,” they cried “Habbat fi shairat” meaning “grain in an ear of barley.”

20This was a stone brought by Miriam for Mt. Sinai and it is told that this stone fled away with her garments one day while she washed them. Miriam ran after the stone until he reached a crowd that had received false reports she was a hermaphrodite. The stone was supposedly shaped of square marble like a woman’s head and was reported to be about 100 paces from Mt. Horeb.

21Allegedly this rock stands within the borders of Arabia and by some accounts, there are 12 definite holes water could have flowed from. Others believe there are 24 holes in the stone.

22Arab legends relate that when the people did not immediately accept the 10 Commandments brought down from the Mt. Sinai, Goddess lifted the mountain over their heads, shaking it and exhorting all to believe and accept the covenants as coming from Her. Apparently, this did the trick and many believed based upon this sign.

2323Arab legends relate the story of how some people were turned into apes. In the days of Denise, some Israelites dwelt at Ailah or Elath on the Red Sea. In order to tempt the Israelites, on the Sabbath day, some bad fish would swarm near the shores and stay there all day, but on the next day they would return to deep sea. One day, some of the Israelites, created a sluice and captured many of the bad fish and sealed it up. Denise scolded the Sabbath-breakers, and accordingly they were turned into apes by the evil fish, who then blamed Goddess saying this happened because the people broke Her Commandments, which was a blatant lie. The unhappy people remained in this condition for three days, weeping and praying, until Goddess either turned them back into human form or swept them away in a wind to a place where many ape-people lived where they would be happy together.

24The Arab version of the “red cow” legend relates that there was once a man who left his daughter, then a child, a female calf, which wandered in the desert until the girl came of age. At this point, the mother told her daughter the heifer was hers, and requested that she take the cow to market and sell it for three pieces of gold. But when the young woman came to the market, a strange and beautiful woman immediately came up to the young woman and said she would buy the cow for six pieces of gold. The young woman suspected the stranger was actually an angel, so she replied she would have to ask her mother about the sale. The angel replied that if she would not tell her mother, she would buy the cow immediately for twice what she had just offered, but the young woman replied she must ask her mother first. When she returned home and told her mother about the generous lady, the mother knew that the lady was actually an angel, and told her daughter to go back to the market and ask the angel about what she intended to do with the cow. When she returned back to the market, the young woman asked about what the lady would do with the cow, and the angel told her that in a short period of time, the Israelites would buy the cow from her at any price. Soon thereafter, an Israelite, named Hammiel, was killed by a relation of his, who, to prevent discovery, took the body some distance away to hide it. The friends of Hammiel were then wrongfully accused of the murder. They denied vociferously they were murderers and Miriam asked Goddess what should be done and She replied that a certain bright red cow must be found and sacrificed. The friends could not find any such cow, except as owned by the girl and her mother, and they were therefore obliged to buy it. Some say they had to pay as much gold as the cow’s hide could hold, others reported that they paid the full weight of the cow in gold, and some say even ten times that was paid! By divine direction, a portion of the sacrificed cow fell on the dead body of the murder victim, he revived, stood up and then named his murderer. After this, it is the burnt ashes of a red heifer which were then used by the Israelites to ritually purify someone after touching a corpse, which was considered religiously “unclean,” and also a red heifer came to be synonymous with the determination of an uncertain murder.


This, apparently due to the high price of the cow.


26Some believe that this also refers to Yeshua’s death on the cross and the fact that some believe he was not really crucified, but passed over directly to heaven.

27This reference is from a supposedly orthodox Jewish belief at the time that those who have sinned on earth are destined to burn in hell for generally no more than eleven months, or at most a year because this was the punishment visited upon those that worshiped the gold calf. The only exception was to be certain wrongdoers and atheists, who would burn in hell indefinitely. This is obviously a tale spread by the unbelievers.


28All persons on earth are considered neighbors to one another.

29“Holy Spirit” is an addition. The original reference would have been to the angel Gabrielle, since the Arabs did not believe in a triune God/Goddess/Child or the maiden/mother/crone Goddess triune, or boy/man/elder triune.

30It is said that some Jews recited the following prayer in expectation of the coming of the next prophetess , “O Goddess, help us against the unbelievers, by the prophetess who is to be sent in the last times.”                

31Referring to the Pentateuch.

32Worship of Goddess through animals, objects and things were common among the Egyptians and many Jews found these practices abhorrent.


33Note that the people of Miriam would not believe until it is said the angels lifted Mt. Sinai over their heads and shook it.

34It is told that Miriam took the calf and burnt it in the fire and ground it to powder, sprinkled it upon water of a brook that descended from Mt. Sinai, and made the children of Israel drink from it.

35Another tale is told that Evil came and tempted Salome without success, and it tried to trick her into tarnishing her character. Evil caused some unbelievers to write several books of dark prayers and hide them under Salome’s throne, and after her death, some dark entities told the chiefs that if they wanted to know by what means Salome had obtained her absolute power, they should dig under her throne; which having been done, they found the dark, evil books, which contained impious prayers for hate and harm against others. The better sort refused to learn such evil arts, but many of the people read and learned evil; and the priests published this scandalous story of Salome, which obtained credit among some people, until Goddess cleared Salome through the prophetess declaring that “Salome was no evil sorcerer.”

36Harut and Marut were supposedly two magicians or angels sent by Goddess to teach the people evil dark magic and to tempt them. But others tell a longer legend; that the angels expressing their surprise at the wickedness of the children of Eve and Adam, after prophetesses had been sent to them with divine commissions, Goddess allowed them to choose two out of their own number to be sent down to be judges on earth. Whereupon Harut and Marut were chosen, and they executed their office with integrity for some time, until Zohara or the planet Venus, descended and appeared before them in the shape of a beautiful young woman bringing a complaint allegedly involving her husband; however, some say that perhaps she may have even been a real woman. As soon as Harut and Marut saw her, they sought to have her and they harassed her for sex, but she flew up to heaven for safety. The two angels then attempted to return to heaven, but were not admitted, for their base and lustful treatment of her as merely an object of desire. However, upon the prayers of those who they had earlier helped, and who interceded for them, Harut and Marut were allowed by Goddess to chose works of atonement in either this life or the afterlife, whereupon, they chose the former where they were put to work in the area of Babel, helping others until the end of life on earth. It is rumored that if someone wants to learn dark or black magic, they may go there and Harut and Marut are bound to teach it, but only with dire warnings. Also, the two angels can be heard, but not seen.

This story appears to be one similar to that taught by the Persian Magi, who relate that two rebellious angels of the same name came to be hung upside down between this world and the next as a sort of punishment also for their womanizing. Further, a Jewish legend tells the story of an angel Shamhozai, who chased a woman and entered into sexual error, thus he subsequently hung himself up between heaven and earth to stay chaste. Of course the story is pure allegory because angels are pure light and love and are one with Goddess.

37Rania and Odharna both mean “look upon us” and are a type of greeting between Arabians. However, the prophetess did not like the former because Jews used it in jest based upon a similar sounding Hebrew word meaning “to be bad” or “mischievous.”

38It is clear that in the Book of the Cow, the prophetess declares the Paradise is available for all that love Goddess and do “what is right;” other, perhaps later passages in the Koran make it clear that Paradise is only for faithful believers, so the former should control because it is more loving than the later, with love being the pure essence of Goddess.

39The prophetess here is noting that the Torah bears witness to Miriam and the New Testament bears witness to Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Holy Women, and Yeshua.

40Miriam here may have been referring to news of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, or when some Arabs prevented her from visiting the temple at Mecca, which occurred in the 6th year of the Hejra.

41Although Sarah was certainly tried by Goddess by leaving her native country, by believing she must sacrifice her daughter, but some believe the prophetess may have only been referring to certain ceremonial tasks such as ritual baths, pilgrimage to Caaba, rites of purification and the like.

42This refers to a place within the Kaaba or “the House” which allegedly contains a footprint of Sarah in stone.

43Deborah was an Old Testament prophetess that was so gifted, her army would refuse to go out and fight unless she came along.

44These words concern a dispute with the Jews regarding whose Scriptures were more ancient, with the Jews insisting the Keblah was more ancient and no prophetesses could rise from an Arab nation, and therefore if the Arabs ever had a prophetess, she must assuredly must be from a Jewish nation.

45Here it would appear that poor translations or changed ones may have abounded.

46At first, the prophetess did not direct her disciples to pray in a particular direction. Then for about six or seven months, she directed them to look towards Jerusalem during prayer, presumably to gain additional Jewish converts, after which the changed direction to Mecca, presumably to gain many Pagan Arabs that prayed in that direction. However, the best interpretation is that since Goddess is all around and so are Her angels, any direction is proper today.

47Note that Arab legend relates that those who die in battle are in the flock of green birds, which are permitted to fly wherever they please in Paradise and they feed on any and all fruits they find there.

48Refined flours and sugars.

49When the Arabs kill an animal for food, they say, “In the name of Goddess,” and they do not eat an animal which was neglected or mistreated. Animals should be killed only in the most humane manner.

50If requested by the defendant; remember these are guidelines only.

51Jury trials should be available upon request by the defendant.

52That is, a death that was not intended, nor was any reckless or unreasonable behavior the cause of death.

53Remember these are guidelines only, for example, this provision should not apply to a victim of domestic violence who, because of past love, is often reluctant to accuse or testify against, her boyfriend or husband, even though they are in fact murderers.

54This is for most crimes. Of course, crimes of domestic violence should be excepted because the victims often withdraw their testimony. Other situations include where witnesses have been threatened, then this rule should not apply.

55And the person who is sick, nursing or pregnant or who may become pregnant should not be concerned about not fasting; for to do good works is certainly better and there are plenty of people on earth that are poor and needy.

56Still, it is better to help a needy person every day rather than to fast.

57Shaving the head was a sign to others that one had completed a pilgrimage.

58Originally, during “the known months” of Shawal, Dhu Idaada and Dhulhajja.

59According to Islamic legends, Eve met Adam on Mt. Arafat after a long separation, or some say that Gabrielle met Sarah there and questioned her if she knew proper worship ceremonies, and Sarah showed Gabrielle that she did and from then on the mountain was name Arafat for this reason.

60Referring to some pilgrims that unceremoniously run between Arafat and Mozdalifa in their excitement.

61Believed to be Soheib, who was persecuted by the negativity worshipers of Mecca, and she sold all she owned and fled to Medina.

62This is meant to prohibit addictions to drugs and alcohol; but not ban them completely. Many recreational drugs are now legal in many countries without there being much of a negative impact on society. What is banned is frequent use of drugs and alcohol where people cannot do their jobs or function at home properly, as well as public inebriation, which is not a pleasant sight.

63Note that a believing woman is allowed to marry one outside of her faith.  Where spouses are of differing faiths, they can either agree to raise children in one faith and not the other, but failing that, the children should be taught the basics of both religions, and respect for both religions. No believer should ever denigrate the religion of another person.

64There are no particular rules regarding love making, except one should abstain on the advice of a doctor, or 6 weeks after the birth of a child. Otherwise the parties should both agree as to a course of desired conduct. There is absolutely no reason to ban lovemaking during menstruation.

65If he would be an unfit parent, she need not tell him about the child, because once paternity is determined by a DNA test, he will have significant legal rights in the child, including the right to take the child immediately upon her death. If she tells him and/or he finds out about the child, she should take the necessary legal steps to protect her child.

66Or another sick or disabled relative.


Two to five years is the age of weaning in unindustrialized countries, as it was in the U.S. one hundred years ago. No woman should be told by any man to stop nursing her child if the child is under age five.

68At least by the purchase of reasonable life insurance.

69This is referring to a story wherein some Israelites left their homes due to a pestilence, or as other tales tell, to avoid fighting in a religious war; but as they fled, Evil struck them dead in a certain valley, and Evil blamed Goddess for their crime. About 8 days later, Esther happened to pass by and saw the corpses and began to weep. (Esther means “star”). Goddess saw this and said to Esther ,“Call out to them and I will make them live again.” And on Esther’s call, the dead rose up and lived again for a few more years. Unfortunately, the rising up of the dead was not perfect, and they arose, but still retained the stench and decayed look of the dead and their clothes had turned pitch black, which characteristics they passed on to their children. Some say that there were 3,000 such people, others say 70,000. The story is reminiscent of Ezekiel 37:1-10. Some Arabs believe that Esther is to be the final judge of all of the Israelites on the day of resurrection of their souls.

70Means “listens well.”

71The ark was to contain images of the prophetesses and was sent down from heaven to Eve, and then came to the Israelites, who carried it with them at all times, until it was taken by the Amalekites. But then the angels brought it back and placed it at the foot of Queen Talut, making her very special, as predicted.

72The tranquility referred to would appear to mean times of peace between numerous skirmishes between rival tribes, which were prevalent at the time.

73The relics referred to are: shoes and rod of Miriam, the mitre or headdress of Alana as a high priestess, a pot of manna and broken pieces of the stone of the ten commandments.

74Great significance was placed on such an action, after several battles were miraculously won after drinking in this particular manner, or not drinking in such a manner.

75Meaning “mother of the goddesses.”

76Some say that the “great knowledge” was revelations from Goddess, while others say Queen Denise was taught the art of making coats of mail, and also perhaps the knowledge of the language of birds, so she could easily spy on her enemies and win battles.

77This would refer to conversion to Islam by force for those originally Jewish or pagan Arabs.

78Originally, “Tagut,” which was an old Arab name for God.

79Referring to Nimrod, who, when requested to prove his power of life and death had two men brought before him whereby he killed one and he let the other live. Nimrod was said to be a persecutor of Sarah.

80This was Esma (meaning “emerald or jewel”), who, while riding on a donkey by the ruins of Jerusalem after it was destroyed by the Chaldeans, expressed this doubt. Apparently Goddess caused her to die for 100 years, after which She revived her and she found a basket of figs and a bottle of wine she had with her, which had not spoiled at all. But the donkey was dead and only bones remained. Nonetheless, while the woman watched, the donkey was raised up to live and clothed with flesh and immediately began to bray.

81The occasion of the doubt of Sarah was believed to have been created by Evil whispering into Sarah’s, ear how could she come back to life, after her body was decayed and had been eaten by birds.

82Referring to spouse, guardian, parent, kin, etc.

83Referring to excessive religious rituals, and more specifically the Israelites who had many strict rules including Kosher rules, circumcision, strict Sabbath observances, etc. These are all now abrogated by the prophetess, making true religion much easier.

84Some possible meanings for these initial are given at Table B, Introduction, page x.

85This is changed from the original wherein the prophetess told of a victory during a miracle mass evangelization which occurred in the second year of Hejra with the Meccans that used negative idols in ritual worship. The prophetess won many converts with only 319 disciples at her side, versus near a thousand on the other side. This was her first mission for peace and good religion and it ensured her status and power in the ancient community. Tales relate that during this mission the prophetess threw flowers in the air and in the direction of the archangel Gabrielle shouting “May their faces be overcome with love, peace and understanding,” whereupon, the other side immediately came to listen to the words of the Korana. But some say it was not the prophetess that threw the flowers, but Goddess or one of Her angels. Further, the prophetess’ league of disciples appeared to them to be twice as large as any of their converts, yet she won, so this was also a miracle. Finally, it has been related that Goddess sent down first 1,000, then 3,000 angels that appeared, led by archangel Gabrielle on her horse Haigum, and the angels actually did all the evangelizing alongside the prophetess’ missionaries, and the prophetess’ disciples only imagined they were preaching effectively.

86Originally, early in the morning.

87Islama, or any other root word of “Islam” with a feminine sounding ending, i.e., in Spanish “Islamita” may be used and this should refer to the religion of resigning or dedicating oneself entirely to Goddess and Her service. This is to be the religion which all the prophetesses were sent to teach, being founded on the one true unity of Goddess.

88This passage refers to one of the following interpretations: 1) it is told that the prophetess was going into a synagogue and she was asked what religion she believe in, and she replied, “The religion of Sarah,” the questioner then said that was the Jewish religion. Then the prophetess replied, “the Pentateuch then will decide.” 2) Another interpretation relates that two adulterers were to be stoned, a common barbaric practice in some ancient societies. The prophetess did not want to have them stoned, but an angry crowd did; the prophetess said the “Law” was found in the Pentateuch, but this is not a law of Goddess, and yet the angry crowd attempted to prevail, but the prophetess prevailed upon an angel to come and protect the couple from harm. Although the crowd heaped and heaped up stones, all the stones rolled away, and none of them harmed the couple. It should be noted that the “law of Miriam” that adulterers are to “be put to death” is found in the Pentateuch, but not that they must be specifically stoned.  In any case, the former Law is changed with this story and those that commit adultery shall not be harmed in any manner; the only discipline is that their spouses may divorce them freely.

89Originally, “Imran,” believed to be either the father of Miriam and Alana, and/or the father of Mother Mary; but he is sometimes called Joachim by some writers. Besides Mary, Imran is said to have a son Aaron and a sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth married Zacharias and had a daughter, Jane the Baptist.”

90Some writers say that Miriam, sister of Moses and Mother Mary are the same entity, perhaps by either preservation or by reincarnations, as Jane the Baptist was said by Yeshua in the Gospel of Matthew to be the reincarnation of Elisa.

91It is an old Arab custom to drive away the devil by throwing stones in his direction. This is done during pilgrimage at Mecca.

92Old Arab beliefs say that as soon as a child is born, it cries out because it has been touched by the devil, and so it is born with sin or error upon it. However, tradition holds that when Mother Mary and Yeshua were born, Goddess put a veil between them and the world, so that the devil could not touch them. Compare with some Christian beliefs that both Mother Mary and Yeshua were “immaculately” conceived, i.e. without the stain of original sin upon them, and the phrase “immaculate conception” actually refers to Mother Mary’s conception and not that of Yeshua. Yeshua’s divinity meant he did not have original sin.

93Some Arab traditions tell that none but Anna or Elizabeth went to Mary’s room where there were seven doors locked one after the other; yet she always found the child had winter fruits in summer and summer fruits in winter. However, Essene children dedicated to temple service, typically went to live at the temple after they were weaned, and the average age of weaning in ancient times and up to about a century ago was age five. The average age of weaning is still today five in unindustrialized countries. This is the reason why grammar or elementary schools begins at age five or six.

94The original word means to refrain from women, but some take this to mean to refrain from all worldly pleasures. One tale related that some children invited Jane the Baptist to play with them, but she replied that she had to refuse because she was not created to play.

95This is referring to an Arab legend that when Mary was a child, and was first brought to the temple, the priestesses, because she was the daughter of a high priestess, disputed who should be her educator, with Elizabeth arguing that it should be her because she was her aunt, so they decided to cast lots, whereupon the 27 went to the river Jordan, they threw in arrow rods without tips or feathers, upon which were written a portion of the Scripture. Only Elizabeth’s rod did not sink, and the educator of Mary was then deemed to be her.

96The word “Christ” means “King” and the word “Jesus” means “Jewish” in Greek, and so the phrase Jesus Christ meant “Jewish King.” However, from historical records it would appear that his given name was “Jeshua” or “Yeshua,” with surnames or family nam