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A great deal of interest is being manifested in your city this morning (April 25, 1920), over the Aeronautical Show. You imagine the Flying machines wonderful mechanisms; but in their present state they will not lift you out of your atmosphere. You have yet to perfect a real airship.

Your Flying machines are cumbersome and awkward, and they consume lots of fuel and make a deal of noise. It can hardly be said they are harmonious with the music of the spheres, but then it is only a sample of your Earth's development.

You have seen the seagulls soar over the water seemingly without motion; and yet they go up and down, turning this way and that without effort. This is the best idea I can give you of our airships, which really soar. No sound, no discordant vibrations disturb the quiet of the Martian atmosphere, and the tranquility of the Mars people.

When you have learned the secret of how to tap the Universal Reservoir of Cosmic Power, then will you evolve a perfect Flying machine such as we have. A great deal of interest is also being centered on an attempt to signal Mars, and your apparatus is not fine enough to receive our waves. But success will come to you in another decade, and we will be able to get something through for your scientific world.

It is gratifying to know that a large portion of your population entertain the belief that Mars is inhabited: and also that the possibilities point to the fact that other planets are inhabited.

You have advanced a long way to come to that belief, but you are yet a long way from the truth. You are on the eve of an awakening and much will come through the discoveries of scientists who are devoting their lives to the study of Truth. It is true that only a few of that number are bold enough to proclaim all they discover. and they must bear the brunt of much harsh criticism. In the end, however, ignorance must give way to Light.

We look upon your inventions with much amusement, and yet with great interest, just as you would look upon your children's finest toys. We are much older than you and are doing all we can to help your scientists by impressing them with thoughts that will lead them to discover new truths, and our interest never flags. How could it if we are doing the Father's work? For it is the Father's great pleasure to give His children all they can receive.

If you could cut loose from your world conventions and could perceive new ideas; if you would but disregard man-made theories and open your minds and souls to the Father's Revelations, it would not be long before your sin-cursed and forsaken Earth would be changed into a Paradise.

But the tendency among you if to think as your forefathers thought rather than cut new paths. However, your children of this generation are of a different sort, and they must be taught the importance of DEVELOPING THE SPIRITUAL INTELLECT. There is MORE INDIVIDUALISM being born into the world today than ever before. THERE ARE FEWER CHILDREN, BUT THEY ARE STRONGER (the year 1920).

THESE CHILDREN, WITH THEIR ORIGINALITY AND ESOTERIC TENDENCIES WILL BRING ON A REVOLUTION ON YOUR PLANET THAT WILL END BY DESTROYING YOUR THREADBARE DOGMATISM. This tendency is evidenced by the recent failure of the Interchurch movement. It has been the habit on your planet that you cannot accomplish anything without raising immense sums of money,

It is not money that does the real work but rather PERSONAL SERVICE. People are inclined to give almost everything than personal service. If each person lived the Christ Life there would be no need of money. A close study of the Mars Economic system will demonstrate that truth.

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