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Heaven's Gate Cult

Hello Everyone,

As I read this message I noted the similarities of what Applewhite said and
what is being said by the Moderators to people in I_UFO which is carried by the
Fidonet backbone. Today they are placing a disclaimer so they (THINK) they can
not be held responsible for advertising a psychologist who has lost all
licenses to practice in CA as well as other actions by them in slandering


Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 03:11:10 -0600
From: Grant Robert Cameron 
Organization: University of Manitoba
Subject: [Fwd: Cult Was Armed??]

It has recently been reported that the Heaven's Gate had purchased 40
acres of land near Manzano, New Mexico where they lived prior to going
to Rancho Santa Fe. On the 40 acres the group built a compound. It is
reported that "the walls they constructed are made out of old tires
packed with dirt and stacked upon each other."

Combine that picture with the following fact. Even tho' the media has
made many claims about the Heaven's Gate group using the Internet to
recruit members, a simple search will find that other than the Heaven's
Gate Page, members of the cult seemed almost to be non-existent on the
net except for some members that were in computer groups asking computer
questions related to their business.

The group placed one cryptic message on the Usenet in 1996 which was
posted to 100 different groups. The Star-Trek group had the same message
placed three times.

However in 1995, Marshall Applewhite himself, went on Usenet looking for
recruits. The article is entitled " Undercover Jesus Surfaces Before
Departure " and is placed by Doe@Ti.Lah. The date of the posting is

It is at first evident from Applewhite's posting that the cheese has
slipped off the cracker, as he starts the posting by saying  " I,
Jesus--Son of God..." What, however, is most revealing is his
description of how  the " laying down of the bodies " is to occur.

In the 70s the original concept was that an actual craft would come and
transport the group away. In the end we can see the peaceful way they
chose to take there trip to the " Kingdom of Heaven. " In 1995 the
explanation of the exit was much different.

As most people know Waco was mentioned on the Heaven's Gate Web site.
Now check out the following quote from Applewhite's 1995 post

B. How is this " laying down of our bodies " to occur? If you DO
recognize me and choose to look to me for guidance, I would recommend
that you purchase firearms, get comfortable using them...In this day and
time the authorities make no bones about their "need" to protect the
public from " dangerous radicals like us." They will aggressively
attempt to require us to abide by their values and their rules ( which
are of this Luciferian world and its society -- as difficult as that
might be to believe). They won't hesitate to trump up charges or
suspicions in order to search us or to take us into custody so they can
" judge for themselves " whether or not we are some kind of threat.
There is no need for us to be submissive to their wishes ( such as their
search or custody questioning) when we know we have not broken any of
God's laws...Our choosing to not " be submissive " -- couple with
" being armed "--pretty much addresses the " laying down of our bodies"

Now the compound with walls made of dirt and tires makes sense.

Applewhite, however, places a maybe to this  saying in part ...If my
father does not require this " disposition " of us -- he will take us
up into his "cloud of light" (spacecraft) before such a confrontation
need occur.

It appears that something happened to change Applewhite's mind, as I
believe only one gun was found among their possessions.

If you search this article in DejaNews archives, be sure to check the
thread on Applewhite's original post to get the responses posted by
others. It is safe to say he was thrashed, and some of the responses are
actually quite funny.

In another paper Applewhite called the reaction to the posting as mixed,
which further proves the lights were on but no one was home. More
accurately, at this point Applewhite stated there  "were too many weeds
in the garden" to save it.


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