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p. 62


The world calls it the Great TAO, but there is nothing with which to compare it. Why? Simply because of its greatness. If there were anything with which to compare it, TAO would immediately become, and remain so for a long time, the most insignificant thing in all the world.

TAO has three treasures that are inherent in its very nature. The first is compassion; the second is economy; the third is humility. Because of his compassion, a man can become courageous. Because of his economy, a man may become generous. Because of his humility, a man can become a leader. Nowadays a man, because of discarding compassion, merely becomes bold; because of discarding economy, he only becomes extravagant; because of discarding humility, he becomes arrogant. Such men are already in the process of dying.

If a soldier is compassionate, in battle he will be a conqueror and in defense secure. If a man is compassionate, Heaven will protect him because of its compassion.

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