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He who realizes the foolishness of passionate action always keeps his mind concentrated and tranquil. Just as the valleys, because of their lowness, become the source of rivers, so the perfect Sage because of his characteristic humility returns to the simplicity of a little child.

He who realizes the true way of conserving his spirit will take good care of his body. Thereby he becomes an example to the world. His original vitality will never fail, and more, will return to its origin.

He who realizes the dignity of his personality, but retains his humility, is like the lowly valley. Being like a valley, he becomes filled with the original vitality and reverts to his original nature. But when he forsakes humility, he merely becomes cultivated and useful. The perfect Sage employs these cultivated and useful men to become his officials and chiefs. Therefore a good administrator makes no reforms that will destroy the natural simplicity of his people.

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