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p. xxiv


At the last moment of going to press I have chanced upon three remarkable variants of the swastika which the Count Goblet d’Alviella wishes me to reproduce here. The first is from a sepulchral stone at Meigle in Perthshire, and the second, which is a sinister swastika, from a Cross at St. Vigeans in Forfarshire.

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Both these are illustrated in Stuart's Sculptured Stones of Scotland. The third is from one of the old Mahometan buildings of the Mo(n)gol period at Lahore.

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This is also ignorantly rendered as the inauspicious suwastika; and twisted into a legend, which I read as, ya Fattah, "O Opener," "Beginner," "Leader," "Victorious," "Conqueror," and so forth.

Geo. B.

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