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Occult Science.

The secret or esoteric science of the ancients and the mediæval Rosicrucians; the science which deals with the invisible essence of things and explains their mysterious nature.


Pertaining to the stars, or a subtle and ordinarily invisible substance which surrounds the earth and stars and pervades all things; a vapor-like aether which pervades and holds together the molecules of all things.


The primordial, homogeneous and all-pervading substance or essence out of which the universe and all differentiated matter is evolved. The highest æther, but not the luminiferous æther of western science.


Invisible, but intelligent centres of force; atomic lives; the beings that live on the astral plane.


The eastern name for certain centres of force in the human organism.

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The eastern name for the universal and all-inclusive law of cause and effect, action and reaction; it includes all rewards or punishments that may be due us because of good or evil deeds we have done, either in this life or some or many past lives.


The power of adept will which can condense, control, and mould into forms the astral substance around the operator.


The warrior cast of the four into which the people of ancient India or Aryavarta, were divided.


An eastern chant of peculiarly intonated sounds which, when rightly uttered, awaken certain occult forces in the æther.


(1) The divine self or God in man.

(2) Those perfected men in whom the divine self is fully active and supreme ruler.


The name given to the mind concentrators of India, both high and low, but not necessarily a fakir.