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His Augustness Take-wo-hiro-kuni-oshi-tate dwelt in the Palace of Ihorinu at Hinokuma, and ruled the Empire.

p. 425

[paragraph continues] The august children born to this Heavenly Sovereign by his wife Her Augustness Tachi-bana-no-naka-tsu-hime, the august daughter of the Heavenly Sovereign Ohoke, were: Her Augustness Ishi-hime; next Her Augustness Wo-ishi-hime; next King Kura-no-waka-ye. The august children born to him by his next wife, Kafuchi-no-waku-go-hime, were: King Honoho; next King Weha. The august children of this Heavenly [340] Sovereign numbered altogether five (three Kings and two Queens). So King Honoho (was the ancestor of the Dukes Shihida.) Prince Weha (was the ancestor of the Dukes of Wina and of the Dukes of Tajihi.)

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