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p. 661


1. SO-TO-RAMUS sang next, and of her great plateau, Chik-ka-hoo-sa, over the regions of Guatama, wide as the earth, high-raised in the grades, with three thousand million angels, rejoicing in the heavenly mountains, Hosanattabah and O-de-chi-che and Hakabda, with seventy thousand high arches, and the delightful ocean, heavenly. Sociotes, with three million ship-builders, well trained in the elements created by the Creator.

2. Wailing in her song, O Jehovih! Would that I had earth-words for the glories of heaven! O that I could show my delightful places to mortals! O that I could make comparison for the knowledge of mortals! How can I make them comprehend the heavenly ocean, Sociotes, habitable within and without; with sparkling waters, colored like a rainbow, for the ships of angels.

3. How can I make them comprehend the wonderful mountain, O-de-chi-che, habitable within and without; with her thirty thousand high arches, spanning shining rivers! O that mortals could comprehend! O that mortals could see!

4. With sixteen million miles of heavenly roadways, and the great lake, Anapasivi, with its two million boats, teaching newborn angels how to master the elements, far reaching in the firmament of heaven.

5. With otevans to carry millions coursing along in the gardens of heaven, created by Thee, Jehovih, full of delight, strong, powerful! My most orderly heaven, teaching with song and high reverence to the Almighty!

6. O that I could reveal the glories of Farja, Thy Schliegashawaka, O Jehovih! And the great delight of her eight hundred millions, gleeful, rapturous in Thy praise; glorified by the love of the Almighty!

7. O the forests of my heavens, Sotoramus, created by the Almighty, delightful, awe-inspiring! O the fields of Tobosin and Suthagar and Chaimus, the creations of the Great Spirit.

8. After her, then sang the heaven, Chook-a-so-win, in the voice of three thousand million angels, in her two million cities, high in the grades, and well disciplined. Of her great cascades and whirl-pools, dangerous places in heaven for inexperienced angels. And lauding tunefully her great rivers and her colleges and factories.

9. Next sang Fiatonadis, a heaven with seventy divisions on the plateau Noyohertimus, with two thousand million angels, high in the grades; lauding highly her factories and colleges and her es'enaurs, a million musicians.

10. Next sang Heoparsi, a heaven with one million cities, high in the grades; with eight hundred thousand miles of roadways; with eight hundred million angels of delight, rejoicing in their lives and glorifying the Almighty.

11. After that sang these great heavens: Hiawasse, Ho Chong, Hriden, Sago Loo, Maison and Witcha-chaw-nowksin; lauding their thousands of millions of angels; their millions of cities and places of delight; their mountains and rivers; their lakes and valleys; their colleges and factories, where angels are taught to master the elements created by the Great Spirit, for the joy of His mighty heavens!

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