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Chapter II

1. WHEN the Diva were assembled, God propounded the duties of the Lord-dom. On which the members spake at length, and then God decreed:

2. First: The Lord God of Maitraias not having, from this time forth forever, force to enforce: Permission to use violent force, neither by fire nor water, save in hells or knots.

3. Second: By the ARC OF SPE-TA: By the decree of the Most High: The Lord God of Maitraias is bound by the same rule as the Lords of the lowest heavens; whose walls and pillars of fire are abolished, save on special occasions; p. 372 whose respective kingdoms are open and free for all spirits above the es'yan grade.

4. Third: The Lord God of Maitraias' times and successors shall be the same as the Diva: The stations of the hosts of the Lord God shall be according to the heavenly realms of the Lords, with Maitraias as the Lord-dom in chief.

5. Fourth: The hosts of the Lord God shall be distinguished from ashars and asaphs by the name MISHM, but of a single one the name shall be MISH-AH. And their leaders shall be called captains and generals.

6. Fifth: The labor of the Lord God shall be to prevent drujas returning to the earth to dwell with corporeans; to capture drujas on the earth and carry them off to the nearest Lord's heavenly place, and there deliver them. Force by violence or without consent being abolished, the mishm shall devise strategems, by games and tournaments, or otherwise persuasively.

7. Sixth: The mishm shall not arrest fetals, nor infants, nor the wards of ashars, nor spirits in chaos on battle-fields; for these labors belong to the Lords and their hosts.

8. Seventh: Where there are companies of millions of drujas, and the Lord God hath not a sufficient number of mishm, the Lord God shall summon the nearest Lord for help, and it shall be given unto him.

9. Eighth: In no case shall it be the labor of the Lord God to teach the captured drujas, nor to house them, nor to provide them with schools and factories, nor hospitals, nor nurseries, for these labors are the Lord's, to whom the Lord God of Maitraias shall deliver them.

10. Ninth: To prevent the establishing of heavenly kingdoms by self-constituted Lords and Gods, otherwise false Lords and false Gods; the Lord God of the Lord-dom of Maitraias shall be the central head, in conjunction with all the Lords of the lowest heavens; and his voice shall be the rule and guide as to the manner of such labor.

11. Tenth: The Lord God shall have one hundred thousand messengers; and he shall determine their stations and routes of travel.

12. This was the first section of DIVAN LAW in the heavens of the earth.

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