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How the tourney began at Winchester, and what knights
were at the jousts; and other things.

SO upon a day, on the morn, King Arthur and all his
knights departed, for their king had tarried three days to
abide his noble knights.  And so when the king was
ridden, Sir Launcelot and Sir Lavaine made them ready to
ride, and either of them had white shields, and the red
sleeve Sir Launcelot let carry with him.  And so they
took their leave at Sir Bernard, the old baron, and at his
daughter, the Fair Maiden of Astolat.  And then they rode
so long till that they came to Camelot, that time called
Winchester; and there was great press of kings, dukes
earls, and barons, and many noble knights.  But there Sir
Launcelot was lodged privily by the means of Sir Lavaine
with a rich burgess, that no man in that town was ware
what they were.  And so they reposed them there till our
Lady Day, Assumption, as the great feast should be.  So
then trumpets blew unto the field, and King Arthur was
set on high upon a scaffold to behold who did best.  But
as the French book saith, the king would not suffer Sir
Gawaine to go from him, for never had Sir Gawaine the
better an Sir Launcelot were in the field; and many times
was Sir Gawaine rebuked when Launcelot came into any
jousts disguised.

Then some of the kings, as King Anguish of Ireland
and the King of Scots, were that time turned upon the
side of King Arthur.  And then on the other party was
the King of Northgalis, and the King with the Hundred
Knights, and the King of Northumberland, and Sir
Galahad, the haut prince.  But these three kings and this
duke were passing weak to hold against King Arthur's
party, for with him were the noblest knights of the world.
So then they withdrew them either party from other, and
every man made him ready in his best manner to do what
he might.

Then Sir Launcelot made him ready, and put the red
sleeve upon his head, and fastened it fast; and so Sir
Launcelot and Sir Lavaine departed out of Winchester
privily, and rode until a little leaved wood behind the
party that held against King Arthur's party, and there
they held them still till the parties smote together.  And
then came in the King of Scots and the King of Ireland
on Arthur's party, and against them came the King of
Northumberland, and the King with the Hundred Knights
smote down the King of Northumberland, and the King
with the Hundred Knights smote down King Anguish of
Ireland.  Then Sir Palomides that was on Arthur's party
encountered with Sir Galahad, and either of them smote
down other, and either party halp their lords on horseback
again.  So there began a strong assail upon both parties.
And then came in Sir Brandiles, Sir Sagramore le Desirous,
Sir Dodinas le Savage, Sir Kay le Seneschal, Sir Griflet le
Fise de Dieu, Sir Mordred, Sir Meliot de Logris, Sir
Ozanna le Cure Hardy, Sir Safere, Sir Epinogris, Sir
Galleron of Galway.  All these fifteen knights were
knights of the Table Round.  So these with more other
came in together, and beat aback the King of Northumberland
and the King of Northgalis.  When Sir Launcelot
saw this, as he hoved in a little leaved wood, then he said
unto Sir Lavaine:  See yonder is a company of good
knights, and they hold them together as boars that were
chafed with dogs.  That is truth, said Sir Lavaine.