Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK V CHAPTER IX

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How Arthur, after he had achieved the battle against the
Romans, entered into Almaine, and so into Italy.

NOW turn we unto King Arthur and his noble knights, which, after
the great battle achieved against the Romans, entered into
Lorraine, Brabant and Flanders, and sithen returned into Haut
Almaine, and so over the mountains into Lombardy, and after, into
Tuscany wherein was a city which in no wise would yield themself
nor obey, wherefore King Arthur besieged it, and lay long about
it, and gave many assaults to the city; and they within defended
them valiantly.  Then, on a time, the king called Sir Florence, a
knight, and said to him they lacked victual, And not far from
hence be great forests and woods, wherein be many of mine enemies
with much bestial: I will that thou make thee ready and go
thither in foraying, and take with thee Sir Gawaine my nephew,
Sir Wisshard, Sir Clegis, Sir Cleremond, and the Captain of
Cardiff with other, and bring with you all the beasts that ye
there can get.

And anon these knights made them ready, and rode over holts and
hills, through forests and woods, till they came into a fair
meadow full of fair flowers and grass; and there they rested them
and their horses all that night.  And in the springing of the day
in the next morn, Sir Gawaine took his horse and stole away from
his fellowship, to seek some adventures.  And anon he was ware of
a man armed, walking his horse easily by a wood's side, and his
shield laced to his shoulder, sitting on a strong courser,
without any man saving a page bearing a mighty spear.  The knight
bare in his shield three griffins of gold, in sable carbuncle,
the chief of silver.  When Sir Gawaine espied this gay knight, he
feutred his spear, and rode straight to him, and demanded of him
from whence that he was.  That other answered and said he was of
Tuscany, <167>and demanded of Sir Gawaine, What, profferest thou,
proud knight, thee so boldly? here gettest thou no prey, thou
mayest prove what thou wilt, for thou shalt be my prisoner or
thou depart.  Then said Gawaine, thou avauntest thee greatly and
speakest proud words, I counsel thee for all thy boast that thou
make thee ready, and take thy gear to thee, to-fore greater grame
fall to thee.