Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK V CHAPTER III

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How King Arthur held a parliament at York, and how he
ordained the realm should be governed in his absence.

NOW leave we of Lucius the Emperor and speak we of King Arthur,
that commanded all them of his retinue to be ready at the utas of
Hilary for to hold a parliament at <154>York.  And at that
parliament was concluded to arrest all the navy of the land, and
to be ready within fifteen days at Sandwich, and there he showed
to his army how he purposed to conquer the empire which he ought
to have of right.  And there he ordained two governors of this
realm, that is to say, Sir Baudwin of Britain, for to counsel to
the best, and Sir Constantine, son to Sir Cador of Cornwall,
which after the death of Arthur was king of this realm.  And in
the presence of all his lords he resigned the rule of the realm
and Guenever his queen to them, wherefore Sir Launcelot was
wroth, for he left Sir Tristram with King Mark for the love of
Beale Isould.  Then the Queen Guenever made great sorrow for the
departing of her lord and other, and swooned in such wise that
the ladies bare her into her chamber.  Thus the king with his
great army departed, leaving the queen and realm in the
governance of Sir Baudwin and Constantine.  And when he was on
his horse he said with an high voice, If I die in this journey I
will that Sir Constantine be mine heir and king crowned of this
realm as next of my blood.  And after departed and entered into
the sea at Sandwich with all his army, with a great multitude of
ships, galleys, cogs, and dromounds, sailing on the sea.