Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK II CHAPTER XI

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Of the interment of twelve kings, and of the prophecy of
Merlin, and how Balin should give the dolorous stroke.

SO at the interment came King Lot's wife Margawse with her four
sons, Gawaine, Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth. Also there came
thither King Uriens, Sir Ewaine's father, and Morgan le Fay his
wife that was King Arthur's sister. All these came to the
interment.  But of all these twelve kings King Arthur let make
the tomb of King Lot passing richly, and made his tomb by his
own; and then Arthur let make twelve images of latten and copper,
and over-gilt it with gold, in the sign of twelve kings, and each
one of them held a taper of wax that burnt day and night; and
King Arthur was made in sign of a figure standing above them with
a sword drawn in his hand, and <65>all the twelve figures had
countenance like unto men that were overcome.  All this made
Merlin by his subtle craft, and there he told the king, When I am
dead these tapers shall burn no longer, and soon after the
adventures of the Sangreal shall come among you and be achieved. 
Also he told Arthur how Balin the worshipful knight shall give
the dolorous stroke, whereof shall fall great vengeance.  Oh,
where is Balin and Balan and Pellinore? said King Arthur.  As for
Pellinore, said Merlin, he will meet with you soon; and as for
Balin he will not be long from you; but the other brother will
depart, ye shall see him no more.  By my faith, said Arthur, they
are two marvellous knights, and namely Balin passeth of prowess
of any knight that ever I found, for much beholden am I unto him;
would God he would abide with me.  Sir, said Merlin, look ye keep
well the scabbard of Excalibur, for ye shall lose no blood while
ye have the scabbard upon you, though ye have as many wounds upon
you as ye may have.  So after, for great trust, Arthur betook the
scabbard to Morgan le Fay his sister, and she loved another
knight better than her husband King Uriens or King Arthur, and
she would have had Arthur her brother slain, and therefore she
let make another scabbard like it by enchantment, and gave the
scabbard Excalibur to her love; and the knight's name was called
Accolon, that after had near slain King Arthur.  After this
Merlin told unto King Arthur of the prophecy that there should be
a great battle beside Salisbury, and Mordred his own son should
be against him.  Also he told him that Bagdemegus was his cousin,
and germain unto King Uriens.