Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK II CHAPTER IV

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How Merlin told the adventure of this damosel.

AT that time there was a knight, the which was the king's son of
Ireland, and his name was Lanceor, the which was an orgulous
knight, and counted himself one of the best <55>of the court; and
he had great despite at Balin for the achieving of the sword,
that any should be accounted more hardy, or more of prowess; and
he asked King Arthur if he would give him leave to ride after
Balin and to revenge the despite that he had done.  Do your best,
said Arthur, I am right wroth with Balin; I would he were quit of
the despite that he hath done to me and to my court.  Then this
Lanceor went to his hostelry to make him ready.  In the meanwhile
came Merlin unto the court of King Arthur, and there was told him
the adventure of the sword, and the death of the Lady of the
Lake.  Now shall I say you, said Merlin; this same damosel that
here standeth, that brought the sword unto your court, I shall
tell you the cause of her coming: she was the falsest damosel
that liveth.  Say not so, said they.  She hath a brother, a
passing good knight of prowess and a full true man; and this
damosel loved another knight that held her to paramour, and this
good knight her brother met with the knight that held her to
paramour, and slew him by force of his hands.  When this false
damosel understood this, she went to the Lady Lile of Avelion,
and besought her of help, to be avenged on her own brother.