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How Griflet was made knight, and jousted with a knight

THOU art full young and tender of age, said Arthur, for to take
so high an order on thee.  Sir, said Griflet, I beseech you make
me knight.  Sir, said Merlin, it were great pity to lose Griflet,
for he will be a passing good man when he is of age, abiding with
you the term of his life.  And if he adventure his body with
yonder knight at the fountain, it is in great peril if ever he
come again, for he is one of the best knights of the world, and
the strongest man of arms.  Well, said Arthur.  So at the desire
of Griflet the king made him knight.  Now, said Arthur unto Sir
Griflet, sith I have made you knight thou must give me a gift. 
What ye will, said Griflet.  Thou shalt promise me by the faith
of thy body, when thou hast jousted with the knight at the
fountain, whether it fall ye be on foot or on horseback, that
right so ye shall come again unto me without making any more
debate.  I will promise you, said Griflet, as you desire.  Then
took Griflet his horse in great haste, and dressed his shield and
took a spear in his hand, and so he rode a great wallop till he
came to the fountain, and thereby he saw a rich pavilion, and
thereby under a cloth stood a fair horse well saddled and
bridled, and on a tree a shield of divers colours and a great
spear.  Then Griflet smote on the shield with the butt of his
spear, that the shield fell down to the ground.  With that the
knight came out of the pavilion, and said, Fair knight, why smote
ye down my shield?  For I will joust with you, said Griflet.  It
is better ye do not, said the knight, for ye are but young, and
late made knight, and your might is nothing to mine.  As for
that, said Griflet, I will joust with you.  That is me loath,
said the knight, but sith I must needs, I will dress me thereto. 
Of whence be ye? said the knight.  Sir, I am of Arthur's court. 
So the two knights ran <41>together that Griflet's spear all to-
shivered; and there withal he smote Griflet through the shield
and the left side, and brake the spear that the truncheon stuck
in his body, that horse and knight fell down.