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The Pink Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, [1889], at



The Cat's Elopement.

How the Dragon was Tricked

The Goblin and the Grocer

The House in the Wood

Uraschimataro and the Turtle

The Slaying of the Tanuki

The Flying Trunk

The Snow Man.

The Shirt-Collar

The Princess in the Chest

The Three Brothers

The Snow-queen

The Fir-Tree

Hans, the Mermaid's Son

Peter Bull

The Bird 'Grip'


I know what I have learned

The Cunning Shoemaker

The King who would have a Beautiful Wife

Catherine and her Destiny

How the Hermit helped to win the King's Daughter

The Water of Life

The Wounded Lion

The Man without a Heart

The Two Brothers

Master and Pupil

The Golden Lion

The Sprig of Rosemary

The White Dove

The Troll's Daughter

Esben and the Witch

Princess Minon-Minette

Maiden Bright-eye

The Merry Wives

King Lindorm

The Jackal, the Dove, and the Panther

The Little Hare

The Sparrow with the Slit Tongue

The Story of Ciccu

Don Giovanni de la Fortuna

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