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Aar'ni (Ar'ni). The guardian of hidden treasures.
A-ha'va. The West-wind; the father of the swift dogs.
Ah'ti. The same as Lemminkainen.
Ah'to. The great god of the waters.
Ah'to-la. The water-castle of Ahto and his people.
Ah'to-lai'set. The inhabitants of Ahtola.
Ai-nik'ki. A sister of Ahti.
Ai'no (i'no). Youkahainen's sister.
An'te-ro. A goddess of the waves.
Ai'ue-lake. The lake into which the Fire-child falls.
An-nik'ki. Ilmarinen's sister.
An'te-ro. Another name for Wipanen, or Antero Wipunen.
Dus'ter-land. The Northland; Pimentola.
Et'e-le'tar. A daugter of the South-wind.
Fire-Child. A synonym of Panu.
Frost. The English for Pakkanen.
Hal'lap-yo'ra. A lake in Finland.
Hal'ti-a (plural Haltiat). The Genius of Finnish mythology.
Het'e-wa'ne. The Finnish name of the Pleiades.
Hi'si (original Hiisi). The Evil Principle; also called Jutas, Lempo, and Piru.
Mon'ja-tar. The daughter of the Pine-tree.
Hor'na. A sacred rock in Finland.
I'ku-Tur'so. An evil giant of the sea.
Il'ma-ri'nem. The worker of the metals; a brother of Wainamoinen.
Il'ma-tar. Daughter of the Air, and mother of Wainamoinen.
Il'po-tar. Believed to be the daughter of the Snow flake; the same as Louhi.
Im-a'tra. A celebrated waterfall near Wiborg.
In'ger-land. The present St. Petersburg.
Ja'men (Ya'men). A river of Finland.
Jor'dan. Curiously, the river of Palestine.
Jou'ka-hai'nen (You-ka-hai'nen). A celebrated minstrel of Pohyola.
Jou-ko'la (You-ko'la). The home or dwelling of Youkahainen.
Ju-ma'la (You-ma'la). Originally the heavens, then the god of the heavens, and finally God.
Ju'tas (yu'tas). The Evil Principle; Hisi, Piru, and Lempo are synonyms,
Kai'to-lai'nen. A son of the god of metals; from his spear came the tongue of the serpent.
Ka-ler'vo. The father of Kullervo.
Ka-le'va (Kalewai'nen). The father of heroes; a hero in general.
Kal'e-va'la (kaleva, hero, and la, the place of). The land of heroes; the name of the epic poem of Finland.
Kal'e-va'tar (Kalewa'tar). Daughter of Kaleva.
Kal-e'vo. The same as Kaleva.
Ka'lew. Often used for Kaleva.
Kal'ma. The god of death.
Kam'mo. The father of Kimmo.
Kan'ka-hat'ta-ret. The goddesses of weaving.
Ka'pe. A synonym of Ilmatar, the mother of Wainamoinen.
Ka'po. A synonym of Osmotar.
Ka-re'len. A province of Finland.
Kar-ja'la, (karya'la). The seat of the waterfall, Kaatrakoski.
Kat'e-ja'tar (kataya'tar). The daughter of the Pine-tree.
Kat'ra-kos'ki (Kaatrakos'ki). A waterfall in Karjala.
Kau'ko. The same as Kaukomieli.
Kau'ko-miel'li. The same as Lemminkainen.
Kaup'pi. The Snowshoe-builder; Lylikki.
Ke'mi. A river of Finland.
Kim'mo. A name for the cow; the daughter of Kammo, the patron of the rocks.
Ki'pu-ki'vi. The name of the rock at Hell-river, beneath which the spirits of all diseases are imprisoned.
Kir'kon-Wœ'ki. Church dwarfs living under altars.
Knik'ka-no. Same as Knippana.
Knip'pa-no. Same as Tapio.
Koot'a-moi'nen. The Moon.
Kos'ken-nei'ti. The goddess of the cataract.
Kul-ler'vo. The vicious son of Kalervo.
Kul'ler-woi'nen. The same as Kullervo.
Kul'li. A beautiful daughter of Sahri.
Kun. The Moon, and the Moon-god.
Kun'tar. One of the daughters of the Moon.
Ku'ra (Kuura). The Hoar-frost; also called Tiera, a ball of ice.
Kul-lik'ki (also Kyl'li). The Sahri-maiden whom Lemminkainen kidnapped.
Lak'ka. Mother of Ilmarinen.
Lak-ko. The hostess of Kalevala.
Lem'min-kai'nen. One of the brothers of Wainamoinen; a son of Lempi.
Lem'pi-bay. A bay of Finland.
Lem'po. The Evil Principle; same as Hisi, Piru, and Jutas.
Lin'nun-ra'ta (Bird-way). The Milky-way.
Lou'hi. The hostess of Pohyola.
Low-ya'tar. Tuoni's blind daughter, and the originator of the Plagues.
Lu'on-no'tar. One of the mystic maidens, and the nurse of Wainamoinen.
Lu'o-to'la. A bay of Finland, named with Joukola.
Ly-lik'ki (Lyylik'ki). Maker of the snow-shoe.
Maan-e'mo (man-e'mo). The mother of the Earth.
Ma'hi-set (Maa'hi-set). The invisibly small deities of Finnish mythology.
Mam'me-lai'nen. The goddess of hidden treasures.
Ma'na. A synonym of Tuoni, the god of death.
Man'a-lai'nen. The same as Mana.
Masr'i-at'ta (marja, berry). The Virgin Mary of Finnish mythology.
Mat'ka-Tep'po The road-god.
Meh'i-lai'nen. The honey-bee.
Mel'a-tar. The goddess of the helm.
Met'so-la. The same as Tapiola, the abode of the god of the forest,
Mie-lik'ki. The hostess of the forest.
Mi-merk'ki. A synonym of Mielikki.
Mosk'va. A province of Suomi.
Mu-rik'ki (Muurik'ki). The name of the cow.
Ne'wa. A river of Finland.
Ny-rik'ki. A son of Tapio.
0s'mo. The same as Osmoinen.
Os-noi'nen. A synonym of Wainola's hero.
Os'mo-tar. The daughter of Osmo; she directs the brewing of the beer for Ilmarinen's wedding-feast.
O-ta'va. The Great Bear of the heavens.
Ot'so. The bear of Finland.
Pœ'ivœ. The Sun, and the Sun god.
Pai'va-tar. The goddess of the summer.
Pak'ka-nen. A synonym of Kura.
Pal-woi'nen A synonym of Turi, and also of Wirokannas.
Pa'nu. The Fire-Child, born from the sword of Ukko.
Pa'ra. A tripod-deity, presiding over milk and cheese.
Pel'ler-woi'nen. The sower of the forests.
Pen'i-tar. A blind witch of Pohyola; and the mother of the dog.
Pik'ku Mies. The water-pigmy that felled the over
spreading oak-tree for Wainamoinen.
Pil'a-ya'tar (Pilaja'tar). The daughter of the Aspen; and the goddess of the Mountain-ash.
Pilt'ti. The maid-servant of Mariatta.
Pi'men-to'la. A province of Finland; another name for Pohyola.
Pi'ru The same as Lempo, Jutas, and Hisi.
Pi'sa. A mountain of Finland.
Poh'ya (Poh'ja). An abbreviated form for Pohyola.
Poh-yo'la (Poh-jo'la). The Northland; Lapland.
Pok-ka'nen. The Frost, the son of Puhuri; a synonym of Tiera.
Puh-hu'ri. The North-wind; the father of Pokkanen.
Rem'men. The father of the hop-vine.
Re'mu. The same as Remmen.
Ru-o'tus. A persecutor of the Virgin Mariatta.
Rut'ya (Rut'ja). A waterfall of Northland.
Sah'ri (Saari). The home of Kyllikki.
Sam'po. The jewel that Ilmarinen forges from the magic metals; a talisman of success to the possessor; a continual source of strife between the tribes of the
Samp'sa. A synonym of Pellerwoinen.
Sa'ra. The same as Sariola.
Sar'i-o'la. The same as Pohyola.
Sat'ka. A goddess of the sea.
Sa'wa (Sa'wo). The eastern part of Finland.
Sim'a Pil'li (Honey-flute). The flute of Sima-suu.
Sim'a-Suu. One of the maidens of Tapio.
Sin'e-tar. The goddess of the blue sky.
Si-net'ta-ret. The goddesses of dyeing.
Suk'ka-mie'li. The goddess of love.
Suo'mi (swo'mi). The ancient abode of the Finns.
Suo'ne-tar (swone-tar). The goddess of the veins.
Suo-wak'ko. An old wizard of Pohyola.
Suo'ya-tar (Syo'jatar). The mother of the serpent.
Su've-tar (Suve, summer). Goddess of the South-wind
Su-wan'to-lai'nen. Another name for Wainamoinen.
Taeh'ti. The Polar Star.
Ta-he'tar. The daughter of the Stars.
Tai'vas. The firmament in general.
Ta-ni'ka. A magic mansion of Pohja.
Ta'pi-o. The god of the forest.
Tel-le'rvo. A daughter of Tapio.
Ter'he-ne'tar. Daughter of the Fog.
Tie'ra. Same as Kura; the Hoar-frost.
Tont'tu. A little house-spirit.
Tu'a-me'tar. Daughter of the Alder-tree.
Tu-le'tar (Tuule'tar). A goddess of the winds.
Tu-lik'ki (Tuullk'ki). One of the daughters of Tapio.
Tu'o-ne'la. The abode of Tuoni.
Tuo'nen Poi'ka. The son of Tuoni.
Tu'o-ne'tar. The hostess of Death-land; a daughter of Tuoni.
Tu-o'ni. The god of death.
Tu'ri (Tuuri). The god of the Honey-land.
Turja (tur'ya). Another name for Pohya.
Tur'ya-lan'der. An epithet for one of the tribe of Louhi.
Tur'ya (Tyrja). A name for the waterfall of Rutya.
Uk'ko. The Great Spirit of Finnish mythology; his abode is in Jumala.
Uk'on-koi'va (Ukko's dog). The messenger of Ukko; the butterfly.
U'lap-pa'la. Another term for the abode of Tuoni.
Un'du-tar. Goddess of the fog.
U'ni. The god of sleep.
Un'ta-ma'la. A synonym for "the dismal Sariola."
Un-ta'mo. The god of dreams; the dreamer; a brother of Kalervo, and his enemy.
Un'tar. The same as Undutar.
Un'to. The same as Untamo.
Utu-tyt'to. The same as Undutar.
Wai'nam-oi'nen (Vainamoinen). The chief hero of the Kalevala; the hero of Wainola, whose mother, Ilmatar, fell from the air into the ocean.
Wai'no (Vai'no). The same as Wainamoinen.
Wai-no'la. The home of Wainamoinen and his people; a synonym of Kalevala.
Wel-la'mo. The hostess of the waters.
Wet'e-hi'nen, An evil god of the sea.
Wi-pu'nen (Vipu'nen). An old song-giant that swallowed Wainamoinen searching for the "lost words."
Wi'ro-kan'nas (Virokan'nas). Ruler of the wilderness; the slayer of the huge bull of Suomi; the priest that baptizes the son of Mariatta.
Wo'ya-lan'der (Vuojalan'der). An epithet for Laplander.
Wuok'sen (Vuo'ksen). A river in the east of Finland.
Wuok'si. The same as Wuoksen.