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In a work of mine, addressed in a series of letters to the late lamented poet Laureate, Robert Southey, entitled "The Borders of the Tamar and the Tary," I gave an account of many of our local superstitions, and related several legends and traditions, peculiar to this delightful county: among them were a few Pixy stories. These had the good fortune to meet with favor both from critic and reader; and confirmed the opinion I had previously formed concerning the general interest attached to pixy lore.

The following tales were written for the entertainment of a family circle of children and young persons. Finding they afforded some amusement in the quarter for which they were originally designed, I am induced to commit them to the press, in the hope that they may not be altogether unacceptable to a more extended circle in their hours of harmless recreation from more serious pursuits.


A. E. B.


August 5, 1853

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