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28: Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane

 28.1	BURD ELLEN sits in her bower windowe,
       Refrain:	With a double laddy double, and for the double dow
 	Twisting the red silk and the blue.
       Refrain:	With the double rose and the May-hay
 28.2	And whiles she twisted, and whiles she twan,
 	And whiles the tears fell down amang.
 28.3	Till once there by cam Young Tamlane:
 	‘Come light, oh light, and rock your young son.’
 28.4	‘If you winna rock him, you may let him rair,
 	For I hae rockit my share and mair.’
 	* * * * *
 28.5	Young Tamlane to the seas he’s gane,
 	And a’ women’s curse in his company’s gane.

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