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3A: The Fause Knight on the Road

 3A.1	‘O WHARE are ye gaun?’
       Refrain:	Quo the fause knicht upon the road:
 	‘I’m gaun to the scule,’
       Refrain:	Quo the wee boy, and still he stude.
 3A.2	‘What is that upon your back?’
       Refrain:	quo etc.
 3A.2	‘Atweel it is my bukes,’
       Refrain:	quo etc.
 3A.3	‘What’s that ye’ve got in your arm?’
 	‘Atweel it is my peit.’
 3A.4	‘Wha’s aucht they sheep?’
 	‘They are mine and my mither’s.’
 3A.5	‘How monie o them are mine?’
 	‘A’ they that hae blue tails.’
 3A.6	‘I wiss ye were on yon tree:’
 	‘And a gude ladder under me.’
 3A.7	‘And the ladder for to break:’
 	‘And you for to fa down.’
 3A.8	‘I wiss ye were in yon sie:’
 	And a gude bottom under me.’
 3A.9	‘And the bottom for to break:’
 	‘And ye to be drowned.’

3B: The Fause Knight on the Road

 3B.1	‘O WHARE are ye gaun?’ quo the false knight,
 	And false, false was his rede:
 	‘I’m gaun to the scule,’ says the pretty little boy,
 	And still, still he stude.

3[C]: The Fause Knight on the Road

 3[C.1]	‘O whare are ye gaun?’
       Refrain:	Says the false knight upon the road:
 3[C.1]	‘I am gaun to the schule,’
       Refrain:	Says the wee boy, and still he stood.
 3[C.2]	‘Wha’s aught the sheep on yonder hill?’
 	‘They are my papa’s and mine.’
 3[C.3]	‘How many of them’s mine?’
 	‘A’ them that has blue tails.’
 3[C.4]	‘I wish you were in yonder well:’
 	‘And you were down in hell.’

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