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   (NOTE.—The following list of publications is not presented as a complete bibliography, but as indicating those authors to whom, directly or indirectly, I find myself indebted. The titles of works from which excerpts have been taken are initialed. As most of these publications are in foreign languages, the excerpts, here given in English, are necessarily translations, many of them being paraphrased to some extent in order that they may be best adjusted with the context.

   Throughout the memoir authorities are cited by the initials used below, respectively; in connection with these, roman numerals indicate the volume numbers and arabic figures the page numbers.—W. E. R.)

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― On the religious traditions of the Macusi Indians who inhabit the upper Mahu and a portion of the Mocaraima Mountains. Read before the Society of Antiquaries Nov. 17th, 1836. [Thus far I have be unable to trace the publication of this address.—W. E. R.]
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