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(Told by Little-wound.)

When Wohpe came to stay with Tate he gave a feast to Taku Wakan. He consulted with his sons as to whom he should invite. They first chose the Wakan Tanka. Wi was the first chosen because be was Wakan Tanka. Hanwi, his wife, was the second chosen because she was Wakan Tanks. Wakan-skan was the third chosen because he was Wakan Tanks. Inyan was the fourth because he was Wakan Tanks. These four were chosen because they were Wakan Tanka.

These four, with Tate, were the chiefs of Taku Wakan and formed the council. They made the rules by which all things should be governed. Then others were invited: the Unktehi who are the Wakan of the waters, the Unkhcegila who are the Wakan of the lands, the Wakinyan who are the Wakan of the air; the Tunkan who is the Wakan of the rocks, the Tatanka who is the Wakan of the buffalo; the Can Oti who are the Wakan of the forests; the Hohnogica who are the Wakans of the tipis; the Nagi because they are the Wakan of the shadows. These Tate told his sons to invite.

Okaga made the invitation wands. They were twice as long as his foot, meaning, to travel with both feet; decorated with bright colors, meaning a joyous festival; and tipped with a red plume, meaning that Wakan business was to be discussed. The west wind was to deliver them.

Old Tate gave a feast because Wakan Wohpe came to live with him. Wohpe made invitation sticks and ornamented them beautifully. Tate sent them out by his sons. They took the sticks to Iktomi, Ikcegeli, Inyan, Wasicun, Wakinyan, Taku Skan-skan, Tunkan, Hoya, and many others.

On the day they met, both the sun and the moon shone. The brothers each brought his own kind of food, which Wohpe prepared. They feasted. Then they held a council in which Tate held the place of honor and told stories. Iktomi asked each for his story. Tate told of his origin. He told of the birth of his sons, of their characteristics, of the coming of the Wohpe, and of his hopes for grandchildren.

Ikchegila told of his origin and his powers. Inyan told of his origin. Wasicunpi told of their origin, their home, their pleasures and powers. Wakinyan told of their origin, their kinds, powers, hates, and likes. Taku Skan-skan told of his origin and powers. Tunkan and Hoya related their origin and powers. Iktomi tricked them and lied.

Then the guests said to Tate, "You have given presents to each of us as we desired. What can we give to you?" He said, "It is because of my daughter, Wohpe, that you have feasted. Give your presents to her." So they asked her what she would have. She sang her reply:--

"The sun is my father.
The moon Is my mother.
Let no one have power over them.

The sun is all wise.
The sun Is all powerful.
No one has power over them."

p. 180

They all agreed that no one would have power over the sun or the moon. But Iktomi played a trick on the Wankinyan and often hid the face of the sun and the moon while Hoya was so greedy that he would bite away a portion of the moon. They then asked Wohpe if she did not want something for herself. She arose and stood by Okaga who folded his robe about her. She said, "I want a tipi for Okaga and myself. A place for him and his brothers."

They made the world and all there is in it for them. Iktomi made the unpleasant things. Old Tate came and dwelt with them, but he left his power at the old tipi. Then they all found that it was good and came to dwell on the earth. Iktomi stirred up strife between the brothers, so they agreed to dwell in different places but each would visit the other.

Yata dwells in the regions of the pines. Eya dwells in the mountains where the sun retires to rest. Yanpa dwells where the great waters are, where the sun begins his daily journey to view the whole world. Okaga and Wohpe have their tipi in the center of the world where the sun is highest and little Yumni lives with them. Each year they come and bring life and warmth, but as soon as they turn their backs, Yata comes bringing cold and death. Then the birds fly to Okaga and beg him to come to their help. When they come to his tipi, they find him and Wohpe so contented and happy, that they return rejoicing, and mate and raise their young.

Tate gives presents to all the guests.

Then they all dance. Yumni dances better than all and is the favorite. But Yata hates him for this. Then the Wasicun dance and Wohpe dances with them and her hair shines in flashes. Since then when the Wasicun dance there are flashes of light (the aurora borealis).

Waziya joins with Yata.. Waziya is the Man from the North (the region of the pines). They do many things that are strange in order to amuse the company. Iktomi gives the choice of a color. They choose white. Then Yanpa does things to amuse the company. Iktomi gives him a choice of colors. He chooses blue. Then Eya does things and Iktomi gives him a choice of colors and he chooses yellow. Then Okaga does things so wonderful that the company never tires of watching him. Iktomi gives him a choice of colors and he chooses red. Then Wohpe asks Okaga to do some favor for each one of the guests and he promises to do so. Okaga asked Ikcegila what he most desired and he said he wanted to have power over everything. Okaga asked where he wanted his power. He answered that he wanted this power in his horns and his tail. So he received this power. But Iktomi made his horns very soft and his tail very brittle. His women lived on the earth and his home was in the waters.

Then Okaga asked Inyan what he most desired and he said he wished to be able to resist anything. Okaga made him very hard and very large so that nothing could give him pain; but Iktomi made him very brittle so that he would break into pieces but remain undestroyed. Then the Wasicun were asked what they most desired and they said they wished to be invisible. They were made invisible, but Iktomi deprived them of form or shape so that when they wished to communicate with others they had to steal the form of something else. Then the Wakinyan were asked what they most desired. They said they wished loud voices and bright eyes. Their wishes were granted, but Iktomi made their voices terrible and the glance of their eyes destructive.

Then Takuskanskan was asked what he most desired and he asked to have power over everything moving in order to protect it and do it good. He was given this

p. 181

power, but Iktomi made him a very sleepy one. Then Tunkan was asked what he most desired and he said he wanted many children, so that he would be revered and cared for. They were promised him, but Iktomi promised that his children should strive among themselves, and forget him save when in trouble. Then Iya was asked what he most desired. He said he wanted to have plenty to eat at all times, so he was promised this, but Iktomi declared that he would always be hungry and his food would give him pain. Other gifts were given to the other guests.

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