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The directions moved from place to place over the world so the Wind told the Four Winds to mark the directions so that each of them would know where be belonged. He told them that the North Wind, as the oldest, ought to have the

p. 172

first direction, which must be farthest from the Sun. He told them to put a great pile of stones at each direction so that it would be forever marked. When they were going to the edge of the world to mark the directions, the wizard met them. Because the North Wind was surly and a coward he took from him the birthright of the oldest and gave it to the West wind. Then he made it cloudy so that the Sun could not be seen, and guided them to the edge of the world. A little bird told them to set up a pile of stones there. They did so. When the Sun was leaving the world He passed very near them. Then they knew that that was the direction of the West Wind and that it would always be considered the first. Then the Four Winds traveled together until they came to the place where the Sun was furthest from them. There they saw the tipi of the wizard and he invited them inside. They all went inside except the North Wind who said that his tipi should be where the tipi of the wizard stood and that he was afraid of the wizard. Then he told a magpie to sit on the poles of the tipi and befoul the wizard when he came through the door. When magpie did this the wizard said that because of this it should befoul. its nest forever. So to this time magpies befoul their nests. Then he told the North Wind that because he had told the magpie to do a nasty thing, he should be his messenger forever and that the wizard would take the first place in the name of the direction of the North Wind. This is why the direction of the North Wind is called Waziyata.

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