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During any period anyone who has danced the Sun Dance to its completion may cause blood to flow from a wound on his person, lay a suitable offering to the Sun on the altar and join the dancers, dancing the first form for as many periods as he wishes. Anyone may join the singing of the songs by the musicians. During the intermission the Superior may permit haranguing, or the performance of anything not inconsistent with the Sun Dance. During the fourth intermission the Scalp-Staff dance should be given in the following manner:--Only tried warriors should dance this dance and it should be conducted by one who carries a scalp-staff. The dancers should form side by side in line from near the entrance of the Dance Lodge, across the left side of the uncovered space toward the place of honor, with the conductor nearest the entrance. The musicians should sing a scalp song, sounding the drum and rattles in time to it, and the warriors should dance without moving from the place where they stand, except that the conductor should dance from his position and along in front of the line, waving the scalp on his staff down and up in front of each warrior and then

p. 120

dance behind the line back to his position, waving the scalp up and down behind each warrior. Then each warrior who carries a scalp-staff should dance along the line in a like manner. While dancing, the warriors may utter the cry of "U-hu-hu-hu," as it is uttered to express intense satisfaction. They may utter it repeatedly. When all who carry scalp-staffs have danced along the line this dance is completed.

During an intermission the woman's dance ought to be danced in the following manner:--The women who wish to dance should form side by side in a line or lines where the warriors formed and the musicians should sing a woman's dance song, sounding the drum and rattles in unison with it. The women should dance the woman's step without moving from the place where they stand. While dancing they may sing, or utter the cry of "U-wu-wu-wu," as it is uttered by women to express pleasure. When the song is sung four times this dance is finished.

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