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When they arrive at the Sacred Lodge they should go around it four times, enter, and array the Candidates for the dance. Each Mentor should paint his candidate's feet and hands red: Then he should place the symbolic color of the Sky on him so as to indicate the form of the dance lie is to do. If lie is to dance the second form, a stripe of blue should be painted across his shoulders; if the third form, across his shoulders and chest; if the fourth form, across his chest and forehead. Then he should paint on the person of the Candidate the design he devised to be the Candidate's totem. Then he should fasten about the Candidate's waist the red skirt, place around his shoulders the otterskin cape, oil his arms the buffalo hair armlets, around his ankles the rabbitskin anklets, and then place such insignia as the Candidate is entitled to wear. He should then place on the Candidate's head, a wreathe of sage and in his, right hand a wisp of sage.

When all the Candidates are arrayed, the leader should lift the ornamented buffalo head and carry it as if it were looking in the direction he moves. Then the Candidates and Mentors should come out of the Sacred Lodge, the leader first. They should form for a procession, the Superior in front, next after him the leader, and then the other Candidates and Mentors, side by side. When they come out of the Sacred Lodge, the attendants should immediately take it down, and carrying the robes of the Candidates, follow ill the procession. The procession should move on the trail of the Sun, on the south side of the stakes. As they approach a stake anyone wishing to make an offering to the Sun may place it on the stake and anyone who wishes to do so may take the offering, when it becomes the property of the one who takes it. When the arrives at a stake he should pause a moment and after the Candidates pass a stake the attendants

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should immediately pull it from the ground. Thus, the Sacred Lodge and the Sun trail are demolished as soon as the Candidates have used them, so that no one can profane them. While marching on the Sun Trail the Candidates should wail as if mourning, and the Mentors should intone prayers to their Fetishes.

When the procession arrives at the Dance Lodge it should pause at the entrance and the Candidates should face the Sun and wail. Then the procession should pass four times around the Dance Lodge, pausing each time it comes to the entrance, and each time the Candidates should wail as before. Then the procession should enter the Dance Lodge and go on the left side to the place of honor. The leader should make three feints at placing the ornamented buffalo head on the altar, and at the fourth, should place it there so that it will face the Sacred Pole. The attendants should place the robes of the Candidates, that of the leader beside the place of honor, and the others toward the entrance on the left covered space.

Then the Candidates with the Mentor beside each, should recline on his robe and the Superior should seat himself at the place of honor. When the Mentors and Candidates are placed, the others who are entitled to occupy the Dance Lodge should enter and take their places; the musicians grouped about the drum; the female attendants near them; the women who chopped the Sacred Tree between them and the entrance; the mothers whose babes' ears are to be pierced beside the sage beds they have prepared.

Then such people as wish to occupy the Dance Lodge may enter and take places in the right covered space; these usually are those who have previously danced the Sun Dance; those who are to dance the first form; and men prominent in the various bands. A woman seldom occupies a place on the right covered space. If a stranger, or a very old person is seen in the Dance Lodge at any time, the red marshals should investigate him, and if he cannot satisfactorily explain his presence they should expel him from the lodge, for Waziya, the wizard, may thus attempt to be present. A strange young man should be treated in like manner, so that Iktomi may not play his tricks during the ceremony.

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