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When the second holy day dawns the red herald should proclaim that Anp, the forerunner of the Sun announces that it will be a blue day, or if the dawn indicates that clouds will hide the face of the Sun when He begins His daily journey, then the herald should proclaim that the forerunner, Anp, tells that the Sun will hide His face because of some offense in the camp. Then the escort, and such others as wish to join them, should immediately do battle on the area and about the tipis against the Can Oti, Ungla, and Gica, and other malevolent beings that may chance to lurk in or about the camp. While they are doing so the Superior and Mentors, each carrying his Fetish in his hand, should march in procession, accompanied by the red herald and red marshals, around inside the camp circle, and each should invoke his Fetish to remove from the camp all causes of offense to the Sun. The herald should proclaim that if anyone knows himself to be unworthy to appear before the Sun, he must withdraw from the camp. If the marshals know of one whose reputation is such as to be offensive to the Sun they should expel him from the camp. These things should be done each morning of the holy days. When they are done all should await the pleasure of the Sun which He will manifest by showing His face. If on any day He should not show His face then that day is not counted as a holy day, but enough days are so counted as to make four. Each holy day when the Sun first shows His face the Superior and Mentors should formally greet Him and beg His favor for that day.

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