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As soon as the tipis are set up to form the ceremonial camp circle, the bands should detail a number of men as workmen who should immediately begin the erection of the Dance Lodge and work at it continuously until it is completed, which should be not later than midday of the third holy day. The people should bring the material provided for the erection of the Dance Lodge and help the workmen. The red marshals should supervise the erection of the lodge and have it made large enough to accommodate all who may participate in the ceremonies to be performed in it. It should be circular in form with the Sacred Spot as its center. It should enclose a covered space that surrounds an uncovered space with an uncovered entrance toward the south.

The covered space should be made by placing two rows of forked posts upright in the ground, the rows four arms' length apart and the posts so placed that poles can be laid from the fork of one to the fork of another and so that the poles on the outer row of posts will be as high as a short man can reach and the poles on the inner row as high as a tall man can reach. Poles should be laid from post to post and other poles on these, so as to form a support for leafy branches that should be placed so as to form a sheltering cover. Poles should be tied from post to post of the outer row, so as to make a support for leafy branches that should be attached so as to form an outer wall for the lodge.

While the workmen erect the Dance Lodge, the digger should dig the Sacred Spot with his wooden digging implement and there make a hole in which the Sacred Pole should be erected. Then he should make a large altar near this hole, between it and the place of honor in the Dance Lodge.

During the time of the erection and preparation of the Dance Lodge, no one should loiter in or about it.

The various societies represented in the ceremonial camp may erect their lodges anywhere on the area, except at the entrance, the chief place, or the places for the Sacred and Dance Lodges.

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