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The next four days, when the final ceremonial camp should be maintained, are the four holy days of midsummer, when it is meet to perform ceremonies that pertain to the Gods. Then the Earth has caused the ground to bring forth the grass to fatten the buffalo and the fruits for the benefit of mankind and all things that grow from the ground. The Winged God has caused these things to grow and ripen. Skan, Tate, and Okaga pervade all above the world, and Wi smiles upon all. Therefore, the Oglala should rejoice and show happiness by having ceremonies in honor of the Gods.

When the first holy day dawns, the red herald should proclaim through the preliminary camp that the Superior has authority over all, and that one who will not submit to his authority should take no further part in the Sun Dance ceremony. He should also proclaim that one knowing himself to be unworthy to appear before the face of the Sun should not enter the ceremonial camp circle, because if such a one appears in the ceremonial camp the Sun will hide His face with a veil of clouds until the offending one withdraws, or until the Winged God sweeps or washes away the offense.

When the red herald has made these proclamations the people should quickly prepare for the rites to be performed on this day and the Superior, Mentors, and Candidates should go in procession so as to be on top of a nearby hill when the Sun begins His daily journey. If His face is hidden they should return to the people and the red herald should proclaim the command of the Superior that the unworthy withdraw from the camp. The red marshals should seek the cause of offense and if they find it, they should expel it from the camp. Then the Superior should offer the lighted pipe to the Four Winds and pray Him to give a blue day, that is, a day of sunshine that is neither too cold nor too hot for comfort. When this is done all should wait until the Sun shows His face. When He does so, the Superior in the presence of the Mentors and the Candidates; should extend the mouthpiece of a lighted pipe toward Him, and pray the Wakan Tanka

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through Their chief, the Sun, to be gracious and grant the people Their favor, and an effectual performance of the Sun Dance to the Candidates.

When this rite is over the Superior should command the escort to fight the Malevolent Gods and beings and drive them from the site of the ceremonial camp. Then the escort and such others as wish to aid them should charge upon the site as if against an enemy, and shouting war cries, strike, thrust, and shoot arrows as if fighting a visible foe. This they should do back and forth, all about the site, and the evil ones will be driven from it. When this rite is completed, the red herald should proclaim the site freed from harmful things and that the Superior will then locate the Sacred Spot. Then the Superior, Mentors, and Candidates should form a procession, accompanied by the escort, and followed by the people. This procession should circle the site, spirally approaching the center, and as they near it, the Superior with his Fetish in band should scan the ground for an indication of the Sacred Spot, and when he sees it he should extend his Fetish which will draw his hands to the spot. The digger should drive a stake in the ground at the Sacred Spot to mark its location. The Superior should make a great smoke from buffalo chips, as an incense to propitiate the Buffalo God. When this is done the red herald should proclaim that the Sacred Spot is located and the site made ready to be occupied. Then the people should shout and sing joyfully, the women ululate, and all should hasten to erect their tipis in the ceremonial camp circle that should have the Sacred Spot for its, center, and its entrance toward the east. The tipi of the Superior should be placed at the chief place of the circle and the council lodge on the area near it.

While the people are establishing the ceremonial camp circle the Superior should locate the Sacred Lodge in the following manner. He should begin at the Sacred Spot and walk four paces toward the entrance of the camp circle and there pause. The digger should drive into the ground where the Superior paused one of the stakes provided with the equipment. Then the Superior should go four paces in the same direction, and again pause. There the digger should drive another stake. This should be repeated until the digger has driven all sixteen of the stakes provided with the equipment, so that they will be on a straight line from the Sacred Spot to the entrance. These stakes mark the Sun Trail of the camp. When the trail is so marked no one should walk on or across it, except when necessary in the performance of duties. The last stake driven locates the door of the Sacred Lodge which should open toward the south.

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