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In the meantime, the people should do their part of the first condition for the ceremony. In addition to providing for the feasts, offerings, and presents, they should provide the necessary equipment. Thus, there should

p. 94

be provided for each Candidate who is to dance the second, third, or fourth form of the dance:--

A robe.
A dried buffalo tail attached to a long wooden handle.
Two or four strong thongs.
Two or four sharp-pointed sticks made of ash.

The thongs and sticks should be such as will sustain the weight of the Candidate. There should also be provided:

A new tipi and new poles.
A dried untanned buffalo skin with the hair on.
A portion of dried untanned buffalo skin with the hair removed.
A dried buffalo penis.
A sufficient supply of buffalo chips.
A sufficient supply of red, blue, green, and yellow paints.
A sufficient supply of fat from the loins and heart of a buffalo.
A chopper.
A wooden digging implement.
A red banner.
A drum and drumsticks.
Two or more rattles.
Sixteen stakes of peeled ash.
A head of a buffalo recently taken from the carcass.
As many heads of buffalo recently taken from the carcasses as there are candidates to dance the second form.
The material necessary for the erection of the Sun Dance lodge

The articles of the equipment may be provided at any time before they are required for use. When they are provided they may be consecrated by Shamans with such ceremony as they deem proper. An article thus consecrated is thereby made taboo to the one who provides it and becomes the property of the first who takes it.

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