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The Mentor should instruct until he is satisfied that the Candidate understands what the authority, powers, functions, and emoluments of a Shaman are and then he should make sure that the Candidate is provided with the required regalia, which are:--

A red skirt made of soft tanned deerskin.
A cape made of otterskin tanned with the fur on.
Two armlets made of hair shed from a buffalo.
Two anklets made of rabbitskin tanned with the fur on.
A whistle made from the ulnar bone of in eagle wing.
A hoop made of a willow withe

The Candidate should not be permitted to enter the Sacred Lodge in the ceremonial camp without these regalia, which may be ornamented in any manner the Mentor may permit. The Candidate may also provide himself with such insignia as he is entitled to wear, take them with him into the Sacred Lodge, and wear them while dancing the Sun Dance. He should also be provided with a pipe and sufficient tobacco to last through four days, from the time he enters the Sacred Lodge until the completion of the dance.

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