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P. xix (also the description of Fig. 25 facing p. 184 and the footnotes on pp. 189 and 225).

For Blinckenberg

read Blinkenberg.

P. 77.

„ Yung

„ Jung.

P. 82.

„ Tristam

„ Tristram.

P. 137.

„ Pl. VI.

„ Fig. 17.

„ PI. VII.

„ Fig. 16.

P. 158.

„ Hadramant

„ Hadramaut.

P. 131.

„ Fig. 24, h and 1

„ Fig. 24, k and l.

P. 223.

„ purchaes

„ purchase.

„ Proceedings and Memoirs

„ Memoirs and Proceedings.


a. The publication of the memoir to which reference is made in the footnote on p. 99 and of Major Munn's paper mentioned in footnote 1 on p. 225 has been unavoidably delayed.

b. Since the book has been printed I have obtained further corroboration of the explanation proposed (on pp. 199 and 200) for the special meaning acquired by the Hebrew word for "pots" (dūdā’īm). The use of the plural form of this word for the mandrake-avatar of the Great Mother is due to the fact that in Western Asia and elsewhere the goddess was usually identified not with a single pot (dūd) but with several (most commonly seven) pots (dūdā’īm).

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