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p. vi

This is the Errata page from the original book--JBH


Page 66, note 8. Instead ‏הקב״ת‎ read ‏הקב״ה‎.

Page 67, note 10. Insert the word ‏יקר‎ before "should have been translated."

Page 113, note 66. Read ‏מהימנתא‎ instead of ‏מהימנת‎

Page 142, line 11 from top. Insert the word "the" between "than" and "events."

Page 161, note 46, line 6. Read ‏וחכמתא‎ instead of ‏וחמתא‎

Page 163, line 5 from bottom. Insert after "type" the word ‏דפום‎

Page 171, note a Instead of "here shown," read "shown at the beginning of the book."

Page 175, note 78. Insert "I" after "ch."

Page 183, note 19. Read ‏אדם‎ instead of ‏אדש‎

Page 184, note a. Read ‏חיילין‎ instead of ‏היילין‎

Page 190, note 4. Read ‏ותולעה‎ instead of ‏ותולעת‎.

Page 202, note 28. Insert the word ‏ירא‎ after the words "comes from the root."

Page 234, line 20 from top. Insert (νοῦς) after "Intelligence."

Page 265, note 93. Insert ἀόρατος καὶ ἀκατασκεύαστος.

Page 291, note 23. Insert ‏נשא‎ after "sect."

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