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For the general history of the Hebrew race during the Middle Ages, the fullest and most satisfactory work is the six-volume work:

HEINRICH GRAETZ, "History of the Jews" (Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, 1891-1898).

H. H. MILMAN, "History of the Jews" (new edition, New York, 1909).

Shorter treatises of value include:

I. ABRAHAMS, "Chapters on Jewish Literature" (Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, 1899).

1. ABRAHAMS, "Short History of Jewish Literature" (London, 1906).

J. ABELSON, "Jewish Mysticism" (London, 1913).

W. OESTERLEY and G. BOX, "Religion and Worship of the Synagogue" (London, 1907).

LADY MAGNUS "Outlines of Jewish History" (Philadelphia, 1890).

I. ABRAHAMS, "Jewish Life in the Middle Ages" (London, 1896).

For the Kabbalah, the reader is recommended to:

A. E. WAITE, "Doctrine and Literature of the Kabalah" (London, 1902).

B. PICK, "The Cabala, Its Influence on Judaism and Christianity" (Chicago, 1913).

F. HARTMANN, "Life of Paracelsus" (London).

A. E. WAITE, "History of the Rosicrucians" (London).

For the texts themselves, the most interesting and valuable translations we have are:

S. RAPAPORT, "Tales and Maxims from the Midrash " (New York 1907).

T. WRIGHT, "Early Travels in Palestine" (London, 1848).

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S. S. Wise (translator), IBN GABIROL'S "Improvement of the Moral Qualities" (Columbia University, 1901).

H. GOLLANCZ, "The Ethical Treatises of Berachya" (London, 1902).

S. L. MATHERS, "The Kabbalah Unveiled" (Boston, 1887).

W. W. WESTCOTT, "The Sepher Yetzirah" (Bath, 1887).

See also:

The Publications of the Society of Hebrew Literature.

The Jewish Quarterly Review.

The Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society.