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Sūra XXIII.: Mu-minūn, or The Believers. Index
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Sūra XXIII.: Mu-minūn, or The Believers.

Section 4

51. Ya ayyuha alrrusulu kuloo mina alttayyibati waiAAmaloo salihan innee bima taAAmaloona AAaleemun

51. O ye apostles! enjoy
(All) things good and pure,
And work righteousness:
For I am well-acquainted
With (all) that ye do.

52. Wa-inna hathihi ommatukum ommatan wahidatan waana rabbukum faittaqooni

52. And verily this Brotherhood
Of yours is a single Brotherhood,
And I am your Lord
And Cherisher: therefore
Fear Me (and no other).

53. FataqattaAAoo amrahum baynahum zuburan kullu hizbin bima ladayhim farihoona

53. But people have cut off
Their affair (of unity),
Between them, into sects:
Each party rejoices in that
Which is with itself.

54. Fatharhum fee ghamratihim hatta heenin

54. But leave them
In their confused ignorance
For a time.

55. Ayahsaboona annama numidduhum bihi min malin wabaneena

55. Do they think that because
We have granted them abundance
Of wealth and sons,

56. NusariAAu lahum fee alkhayrati bal la yashAAuroona

56. We would hasten them
On in every good? Nay,
They do not understand.

57. Inna allatheena hum min khashyati rabbihim mushfiqoona

57. Verily those who live
In awe for fear of their Lord;

58. Waallatheena hum bi-ayati rabbihim yu/minoona

58. Those who believe
In the Signs of their Lord;

59. Waallatheena hum birabbihim la yushrikoona

59. Those who join not (in worship)
Partners with their Lord;

60. Waallatheena yu/toona ma ataw waquloobuhum wajilatun annahum ila rabbihim rajiAAoona

60. And those who dispense
Their charity with their hearts
Full of fear, because
They will return to their Lord;—

61. Ola-ika yusariAAoona fee alkhayrati wahum laha sabiqoona

61. It is these who hasten
In every good work,
And these who are
Foremost in them.

62. Wala nukallifu nafsan illa wusAAaha waladayna kitabun yantiqu bialhaqqi wahum la yuthlamoona

62. On no soul do We
Place a burden greater
Than it can bear:
Before Us is a record
Which clearly shows the truth:
They will never be wronged.

63. Bal quloobuhum fee ghamratin min hatha walahum aAAmalun min dooni thalika hum laha AAamiloona

63. But their hearts are
In confused ignorance
Of this; and there are,
Besides that, deeds of theirs,
Which they will (continue)
To do,—

64. Hatta itha akhathna mutrafeehim bialAAathabi itha hum yaj-aroona

64. Until, when We seize
In Punishment those of them
Who received the good things
Of this world, behold,
They will groan in supplication!

65. La taj-aroo alyawma innakum minna la tunsaroona

65. (It will be said):
"Groan not in supplication
This day; for ye shall
Certainly not be helped by Us.

66. Qad kanat ayatee tutla AAalaykum fakuntum AAala aAAqabikum tankisoona

66. "My Signs used to be
Rehearsed to you, but ye
Used to turn back
On your heels—

67. Mustakbireena bihi samiran tahjuroona

67. "In arrogance: talking nonsense
About the (Qur-ān), like one
Telling fables by night."

68. Afalam yaddabbaroo alqawla am jaahum ma lam ya/ti abaahumu al-awwaleena

68. Do they not ponder over
The Word (of God), or
Has anything (new) come
To them that did not
Come to their fathers of old?

69. Am lam yaAArifoo rasoolahum fahum lahu munkiroona

69. Or do they not recognise
Their Apostle, that they
Deny him?

70. Am yaqooloona bihi jinnatun bal jaahum bialhaqqi waaktharuhum lilhaqqi karihoona

70. Or do they say, "he is
Possessed"? Nay, he has
Brought them the Truth,
But most of them
Hate the Truth.

71. Walawi ittabaAAa alhaqqu ahwaahum lafasadati alssamawatu waal-ardu waman feehinna bal ataynahum bithikrihim fahum AAan thikrihim muAAridoona

71. If the Truth had been
In accord with their desires,
Truly the heavens and the earth,
And all beings therein
Would have been in confusion
And corruption! Nay, We
Have sent them their admonition,
But they turn away
From their admonition.

72. Am tas-aluhum kharjan fakharaju rabbika khayrun wahuwa khayru alrraziqeena

72. Or is it that thou
Askest them for some
Recompense? But the recompense
Of thy Lord is best:
He is the Best of those
Who give sustenance.

73. Wa-innaka latadAAoohum ila siratin mustaqeemin

73. But verily thou callest them
To the Straight Way;

74. Wa-inna allatheena la yu/minoona bial-akhirati AAani alssirati lanakiboona

74. And verily those who
Believe not in the Hereafter
Are deviating from that Way.

75. Walaw rahimnahum wakashafna ma bihim min durrin lalajjoo fee tughyanihim yaAAmahoona

75. If We had mercy on them
And removed the distress
Which is on them, they
Would obstinately persist
In their transgression,
Wandering in distraction
To and fro.

76. Walaqad akhathnahum bialAAathabi fama istakanoo lirabbihim wama yatadarraAAoona

76. We inflicted Punishment
On them, but they
Humbled not themselves
To their Lord, nor do they
Submissively entreat (Him)!—

77. Hatta itha fatahna AAalayhim baban tha AAathabin shadeedin itha hum feehi mublisoona

77. Until We open on them
A gate leading to
A severe Punishment: then
Lo! they will be plunged
In despair therein!

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