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Sūra XI.: Hūd (The Prophet Hūd).

Section 10

110. Walaqad atayna moosa alkitaba faikhtulifa feehi walawla kalimatun sabaqat min rabbika laqudiya baynahum wa-innahum lafee shakkin minhu mureebun

110. We certainly gave the Book
To Moses, but differences
Arose therein: had it not been
That a Word had gone forth
Before from thy Lord, the matter
Would have been decided
Between them: but they
Are in suspicious doubt
Concerning it.

111. Wa-inna kullan lamma layuwaffiyannahum rabbuka aAAmalahum innahu bima yaAAmaloona khabeerun

111. And, of a surety, to all
Will your Lord pay back
(In full the recompense)
Of their deeds: for He
Knoweth well all that they do.

112. Faistaqim kama omirta waman taba maAAaka wala tatghaw innahu bima taAAmaloona baseerun

112. Therefore stand firm (in the straight
Path) as thou art commanded,—
Thou and those who with thee
Turn (unto God); and transgress not
(From the Path): for He seeth
Well all that ye do.

113. Wala tarkanoo ila allatheena thalamoo fatamassakumu alnnaru wama lakum min dooni Allahi min awliyaa thumma la tunsaroona

113. And incline not to those
Who do wrong, or the Fire
Will seize you; and ye have
No protectors other than God,
Nor shall ye be helped.

114. Waaqimi alssalata tarafayi alnnahari wazulafan mina allayli inna alhasanati yuthhibna alssayyi-ati thalika thikra lilththakireena

114. And establish regular prayers
At the two ends of the day
And at the approaches of the night:
For those things that are good
Remove those that are evil:
Be that the word of remembrance
To those who remember (their Lord):

115. Waisbir fa-inna Allaha la yudeeAAu ajra almuhsineena

115. And be steadfast in patience;
For verily God will not suffer
The reward of the righteous
To perish.

116. Falawla kana mina alqurooni min qablikum oloo baqiyyatin yanhawna AAani alfasadi fee al-ardi illa qaleelan mimman anjayna minhum waittabaAAa allatheena thalamoo ma otrifoo feehi wakanoo mujrimeena

116. Why were there not,
Among the generations before you,
Persons possessed of balanced
Good sense, prohibiting (men)
From mischief in the earth—
Except a few among them
Whom We saved (from harm)?
But the wrong-doers pursued
The enjoyment of the good things
Of life which were given them,
And persisted in sin.

117. Wama kana rabbuka liyuhlika alqura bithulmin waahluha muslihoona

117. Nor would thy Lord be
The One to destroy
Communities for a single wrong-doing,
If its members were likely
To mend.

118. Walaw shaa rabbuka lajaAAala alnnasa ommatan wahidatan wala yazaloona mukhtalifeena

118. If thy Lord had so willed,
He could have made mankind
One People: but they
Will not cease to dispute,

119. Illa man rahima rabbuka walithalika khalaqahum watammat kalimatu rabbika laamlaanna jahannama mina aljinnati waalnnasi ajmaAAeena

119. Except those on whom thy Lord
Hath bestowed His Mercy:
And for this did He create
Them: and the Word
Of thy Lord shall be fulfilled:
"I will fill Hell with jinns
And men all together."

120. Wakullan naqussu AAalayka min anba-i alrrusuli ma nuthabbitu bihi fu-adaka wajaaka fee hathihi alhaqqu wamawAAithatun wathikra lilmu/mineena

120. All that we relate to thee
Of the stories of the apostles,—
With it We make firm
Thy heart: in them there cometh
To thee the Truth, as well as
An exhortation and a message
Of remembrance to those who believe.

121. Waqul lillatheena la yu/minoona iAAmaloo AAala makanatikum inna AAamiloona

121. Say to those who do not
Believe: "Do whatever ye can:
We shall do our part;

122. Waintathiroo inna muntathiroona

122. "And wait ye!
We too shall wait."

123. Walillahi ghaybu alssamawati waal-ardi wa-ilayhi yurjaAAu al-amru kulluhu faoAAbudhu watawakkal AAalayhi wama rabbuka bighafilin AAamma taAAmaloona

123. To God do belong
The unseen (secrets)
Of the heavens and the earth,
And to Him goeth back
Every affair (for decision)
Then worship Him,
And put thy trust in Him .
And thy Lord is not
Unmindful of aught
That ye do.

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