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The Death of Moses and Aaron (PUT)
It is absolutely believed that Aaron died before Moses, and it is said that God ordered Moses to go with Aaron to a mountain called Hur, so they went along and there Aaron died and Moses buried him and went back to the Israelites and he told them about the death of his brother Aaron, but they denied that and charged him for killing Aaron and they did not believe him until God showed them Aaron in a position and a situation that made them believe the words of Moses, and as for Moses, God ordered him to go to a mountain called Nabu, and then to look at the holy lands without going into them, and there he died and buried on the red dune, this is as mentioned by Abdul Wahâb Al-Najjâr.
And in Muruj Al-Ðahab: and God took the soul of Aaron during the Wandering so he was buried in the mountain of Mirân in the direction of the mountain of Al-Shirâ' that lies after the mountain of Sinai, and his tomb is famous in a normal cave that some noises are heard from it at some nights that would make everyone scared, and they say that he is not buried but he is exposed in that cave. Then he (the narrator) said: and he who reached that position knew what we are describing, and that was before Moses' death by seven months, and God took the soul of Aaron while he was one hundred and twenty three years old, and also said he died when he was one hundred and twenty years old, and they say that Moses was dead after the death of his brother Aaron by three years..etc, and that was pointed out a while ago with some details. It is mentioned about the interpretation of the holy phrase: O ye who believe! Be not as those who slandered Moses, but Allah proved his innocence of that which they alleged(Al-Ahzâb:69), they said some sayings about it, one of them is that Moses and Aaron went up the mountain and Aaron died there and then the Israelites said to Moses: you killed him, but God then made them know His command and that he dead naturally, so God made him (Moses) innocent of that charge, and the same meaning is mentioned in narrations by `Ali (ben Abi Tâlib) (PUH) and Ibn `Abbâs.
They say that Al-Sâdiq (PUH) was asked once about who did die the first, was it Moses or Aaron? He answered: Aaron died before Moses, and asked then: who was older? He said: Aaron. The sons of Aaron were called Shubbar and Shubair, meaning Al-Hasan and Al-Husain. It is mentioned by Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that Moses said to Aaron: let us go to the mountain of Sinai, and they went out and they then reached a house with a tree at its door and on the tree there were two garments, so then Moses said to Aaron: take of your clothes and go into the house and wear these two garments and then sleep on the bed, so Aaron did so and when he slept over the bed God did take his soul. As attributed to Al-Kâfi from `Amârah he said: I asked Al-Sâdiq (PUH): tell me about the death of Moses ben Amram, he (PUH) then said: when the angel of death arrived at him he said to him: O peace upon you one who talked to God, then Moses answered: and peace upon you, who are you? He said: I am the angel of death and I came to take up your soul, so then Moses asked: and from which side you will take my soul? He answered: from your mouth, Moses then said to him: how come and I talked by it with God the Exalted? He said: then from your hands, Moses said then: how come and I carried the Torah with them? He then said: then from your legs, Moses then said: how come and I stepped with them the mountain of Sinai? He said then: then from your eyes, Moses answered then: how come and they are looking to God with hope still? He said then: then from your ears, Moses answered then: how come and I listened by them to the words of God the Exalted? Then God inspired to him (the angel of death): do not take his soul until he desired so, and so the angel of death went away, and he stayed alive then after as much as God wanted, then after a while he called for Joshua ben Nun and advised him with his advices and told him to keep his situation as a secret and to give the leadership after himself (Joshua) to someone else, and then Moses disappeared from his people and he found then a man that was digging a grave and he said to him: should not I help you to dig this grave? The man said then: oh yes, so he helped him to dig the grave and fixed it and then Moses lied inside it to see how it was and then the veil was taken away from his eyes and he saw his place in paradise and then he said: O Lord take me to You, so the angel of death took his soul in his place and he buried him, and the one was that was digging the grave was an angel in the shape of a human, and it is apparent that this angel is the one who buried him, and that was at the time of the Wandering, and after Moses' death a caller called in heavens: Moses the man who talked to God died, so what soul does not die, so sanctification be to Him He who does not die and no strength except by Him.

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