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Going Out of Egypt to Midian
When Moses turned to be a suspect in the matter of killing the Egyptian and the pharaoh was informed about it, he (the pharaoh) sent a group of me that he prepared for such matter, but the faithful man of the household of the pharaoh was faster than them and told Moses that they want him and advised him to rescue himself and leave the lands of Egypt to be in safe, and Moses checked that and found it was true, so then he went out of Egypt while he was afraid and watching, and he said: My Lord! Deliver me from the wrongdoing folk(Al-Qasas:21), so he went to Midian after that he knew that the people want to slay him, so God said in the chapter of Al-Qasas: And he entered the city at a time of carelessness of its folk, and he found therein two men fighting, one of his own caste, and the other of his enemies; and he who was of his caste asked him for help against him who was of his enemies. So Moses struck him with his fist and killed him..etc(Al-Qasas:15), the holy phrases contain what we've mentioned before, so check them. In some speeches it is mentioned that Moses stayed in the house of the pharaoh in luxury until he turned to a man, so then he went out of his house and went to a city and found there two men fighting, some of them speak as Moses do and the other as the pharaoh does, so then Moses came and poked their enemy and killed him, then he hided in the city and disappeared, and on the next day another man came and took hold of the man that speaks as Moses does and he asked Moses to help him, and then the Egyptian man took a look at Moses and said to him "Wouldst thou kill me as thou didst kill a person yesterday," so he (Moses) just released him and escaped, and then the treasurer of the pharaoh was a faithful man who believed in Moses and he kept his faith in secret for six hundred years, and he is the one that God said about: And a believing man of Pharaoh's family, who hid his faith..etc(Ghâfir:28).
As attributed to the prince of believers (PUH) that he reported to the prophet (PUH) that he said: when Joseph was about to die he gathered his followers and his household, then he praised God and then he spoke to them about some adversities that will happen to them which will cause men to be killed and the abdomens of pregnant women to be ripped open and children to be killed until truth is to be shown later by a descendant of Levi ben Jacob, and he is a tan long man and he told them his name and they kept it with them, and then the age of disappearance began and the adversities took over the Israelites and they kept on waiting for the man for four hundred years, and then they asked for the scholar that they used to take refuge in his speeches and feel comfortable with him but he hid for the great adversities and wrong-doing and they did write to him and said to him: at the time of adversities we used to feel comfortable to your speeches, so he came to them and took them out to some deserts and sat there talking to them about the man that will appear and save them and telling them about his name and his characters and telling them that his time is near and it was a night of full moon, and while they were sitting like that, Moses went out for them and at that time he was only a kid and went out from the house of the pharaoh as for picnic but in reality he was meaning to go to them and he walked on the side of the march, then he left the march and went to them on his mule and wearing a green robe, so when the scholar saw him he knew him by his name and his characters so he went to him and prostrated over his feet kissing them, and then he said: thank be to God to see you before I die, and when the followers saw that they knew that he is the man so they fell on the ground prostrating to thank God, and then he (Moses) did not say anything more than: hope that God will relief you soon, and then he disappeared, and then later on he went to Midian where Jethro was and he lived there for some time and so the second disappearance of him made greater adversities than the first, and it lasted for something around fifty years, and the adversities became even harder and his representative man, the scholar, also disappeared for he was also afraid of being killed, but then they sent a message to him saying that they have no patience for his disappearance, so he went out to some deserts and called them, so when they came he talked to them and calmed them down and told them that God had inspired to him that He will relief them after forty years, so they all said: thanks be to God for He gives every gift, everything good is from Him and only He can cast away evil, and then God started their relief and while they were waiting, Moses appeared to them riding his ass and he stood before them and greeted them, and the scholar came to him and said to him: what is your name? He said: Moses ben Amram ben Waheeb ben Levi ben Jacob, so then the scholar said: with what did you come? He answered: with the message from God, so he (the scholar) went to him and kissed his hand and then Moses sat among them and calmed them down and commanded them with his command and forbade them and advised for them and guided them, then he commanded them to get separated and wait for the relief by the destruction of their enemy, so the time period between this meeting and the relief by the death of the pharaoh was forty years.
It is attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he said that when the pharaoh knew that his kingdom would be destroyed by the hands of Moses and he is one of the Israelites, he worked on seeking him so he ordered his authorities to rip open the abdomens of the pregnant women of the Israelites until he killed something around twenty thousand babies, but he could not kill Moses because God had saved him.
As attributed to Ibn-`Abbâs that he said that the Israelites when they got large in numbers in Egypt they turned to be aggressive and their good went along with their bad people so God got the Egyptians to torture them, so it is said that to get Moses, seventy thousand child was killed, and when the mother of Moses was to give birth of him and the midwife was someone that she trusted, and when the pain began she called her and she came, and when Moses fell down (from the womb) she was amazed by the light that were between his eyes and his love got into her.
And as reported from Al-Þa`labi in his book `Arâ'is Al-Majâlis, he mentioned a long story that he mentioned in it: when Al-Rayyân ben Al-Waleed died and he was the king of the Egypt at the time of Joseph (PUH) and he was the one to let Joseph hold the granaries and storage houses and believed in God, so when he died, Qâbus ben Mos`ab became the second king at the time of Joseph, so then Joseph called him to believe in God but he refused and became a tyrant, and God took over the soul of Joseph at his time, and his age became longer and his kingdom expanded, then after him, his brother, Abul-`Abbâs Al-Waleed ben Mos`ab ben Al-Rayyân, became the king and he was even more tyrant than his brother Qâbus.
Then the Israelites after the time of Joseph (PUH) got multiplied and spread all over Egypt and they were under the hands of the giants, and they did not change their religion and whatever their fathers, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, used to believe in even at the time of the pharaoh of Moses, and he was one of the most tyrant of the pharaohs and he had the longest of age and he was also the worst in his treatment for the Israelites, and he used to torture them and enslave them, and he divided them into types, one type of them is to build, and another is to work with agriculture and another type is to take care of dirty jobs, and he got married with a woman from them called Âsiyyah bent Muzâhim [bent = daughter of] and she was the best of women and she believed in God by the help of Moses, and none believed in God in Egypt save but three people. So the pharaoh lived and they were under his control for four hundred years, and when God desired to relief them He sent Moses (PUH), that is because the pharaoh saw in his dreams that a fire came from Jerusalem and it got into the houses of the Egyptians and burnt them all but it did not reach the Israelites, so the pharaoh called the magicians and astrologers and asked them about his dream so they said to him that there will be a child that will be born among the Israelites and he will get you with your people of your lands and change things and the time of his birth will be in your time, so then the pharaoh ordered to kill every child born among the Israelites, and we've mentioned that before.
And from the speech of Al-Þa`labi he mentioned that the pharaoh used to kill the children that were born already among the Israelites and those who were born later on, and he used to torture the pregnant women to miscarriage the babies, and death also went so fast among the elders of the Israelites, so fear spread all over everyone and the people of Egypt got scared that such thing will be applied to them soon, so the tribes masters of the coptic people went to the pharaoh and said to him: death is over taking the Israelites and you are killing their children and their elders are dying and it is almost reaching us as well, so then the pharaoh ordered that their children shall be killed for one year and leave them the next year, so Aaron was born in the year that no children shall be killed, and Moses were born in the year after when children should be killed. So, Aaron was born obviously but for Moses he was kept in secret, and it was as we mentioned before, and God is the One that cares of everything and He knows everything.

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