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Building The Holy House
When God ordered Abraham to build the House, he did not know where to make it, so then God sent Gabriel (PUH) and he planned the position of the House, then God revealed the basis from paradise, and the stone that God revealed on Adam was whiter than snow but turned to be black when disbelievers touched it, so then Abraham built the House and Ishmael moved the stones for building from Ði-Tiwâ [seems a place name] (and in some other tales from the mount of Abi-Qobays) so he made it as high as nine cubits, then Gabriel (PUH) guided Abraham to the position of the Stone and so he got it out and placed it in his current position as today, and he made two doors for it, one to the east and another to the west, and the door to the west is called Al-Mostajâr. When he built it and finished it all, Abraham and Ishmael made a pilgrimage, and Gabriel (PUH) came down for them at the day of Al-Tarwiyah [meaning: day of giving water] and ordered them to give water and they carried it to `Arafât and Minâ [a place name] because there were no waters in those spots, then Abraham said what was mentioned in quran: And when Abraham prayed: My Lord! Make this a region of security and bestow upon its people fruits, such of them as believe in Allah and the Last Day, He answered: As for him who disbelieveth, I shall leave him in contentment for a while, then I shall compel him to the doom of Fire - a hapless journey's end!(Al-Baqarah:126).
In some tidings,  the stone that have to be thrown in pilgrimage season are counted as seven for that when Gabriel (PUH) showed Abraham how to do the pilgrimage, the Satan appeared or him and then Gabriel (PUH) commanded Abraham to throw at him, and so he did with seven stones (bebbles), and so he (Satan) went under the ground and so Abraham stopped. Then the Damned appeared again and Abraham threw at him another seven stones and he went back again under the ground. Then the Damned appeared for the third time and Abraham threw at him seven stones and the Damned went again under the ground. Other tidings say that after the commandments of God for Abraham and Ishmael about building the Holy House, and after they had finished it, God ordered him (Abraham) to get on one corner and call on people: O come to pilgrimage. If he had said: O people come to pilgrimage, then only human beings that were created at that time would answer his calls, but he said "O come to pilgrimage" and so people in the core of men [meaning: people that are yet not born] answered the call, and whoever answered ten times he made pilgrimages for ten times and whoever answered five times then he made pilgrimage for five times and so on. Scholars differ about the exact meaning of the previous tale and about the difference in calling in singular form and plural form, and that the calling in a singular form is more general and includes the already existant with the ones that will be existant, but plural form would include only the existant beings only. [Some lines come here with a heavy philosophical concepts that I couldn't follow or translate, but it emphasizes that Abraham called not only existant people at that time but also beings that will be founded later on]. In other tidings, when God ordered Abraham (PUH) to call on the people for pilgrimage, he stood upon the place and he became as high as Abi-Qubays [mount#s name] and so then he called on for pilgrimage and for that people in the cores of men and womns of women heard him until the doomsday arrival. Another tale says that at the day of `Arafah and after the sunset, Gabriel went out with Abraham and said to him: O Abraham coness your wrongdoings  and know your rituals, and for this it was called `Arafât, because of Gbariel's saying "confess" and "know" [Arabic: confess: E`tarif (imp.), know: E`raf (imp.)], and there stayed Gabriel until the sunset (again) and then he went to Al-Mozdalifah [another spot's name].
Some historians said that when Abraham left Ishmael and his mother Hagar in the valley where Mecca lies now, Abraham used to visit them from time to time and at the end God commanded them to build the House, and so they did and built the House and when they were finished God commanded Abraham to tell people that he built a House for worshipping God and they have to visit it to do their rituals, and Abraham with Ishmael asked God then to show them how to do the rituals and so He sent Gabriel (PUH) and he taught them what to do. They say that after building the Holy House in Mecca, no buildings were built except before Islam by one hundred and fifty years in the second century before Islam and then the action of building took place and that was at the time of Qosay ben Kilâb, the fourth grandfather for the prophet (PUH), and the first thing he built was Dâr Al-Nadwâ for Quraysh [Quraysh is the main tribe that lived in Mecca and for which the prophet (PUH) belongs, the buildings name suggests that it was like a parliament place], and then they started building houses around the Holy House and before it was an empty space with no plants or buildings, and they said that nothing is planted there except for the desert plants that have no fruit

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